How does Yes, but etc work with Mythic?
I would like to reproduce the results of the no, and, but etc in my own analog Mythic Game- how does the play screen come to these results?
I created a proprietary algorithm.
Informative, but the search continues.
(01-07-2022, 01:03 PM)Valdus Wrote: Informative, but the search continues.

When I play on paper or for my blog I use 2d6. The first one is the yes or no depending on the odds (so I only have odds set in 16% increments--50/50 is if I need a 4+). I then I have '___, but...' if I roll a 1 on the second die and a '___, and...' if I roll a 2 on the second die. The odds for this die never change--I basically have a flat 1/3 chance of a and/but modifier.

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