How to ask complex questions
Throughout most of the game you will ask yes/no question. In fact you could go a whole game with asking nothing more than yes/no questions. However, there are times when you would like something more; some further information. Here is where the Mythic system's complex question button comes into play. In the interface the button is in the Mythic section and is named "C.Q." for Complex Question. To the right of that is "C.D" for Complex Description.

I recommend reading Mythic's great ebook Variations to better understand asking and using complex questions. But here are some examples they give:

Sample complex questions:

"The figure, looming out of the mist, what does it look like?"
INTERPRETATION: "Lumbering from the mists is the emaciated form of a man, a peasant from the look of him. However, his flesh and limbs are completely wasted, his eyes white, vacant and undead."

"I pick a random book off the wizard’s shelf. What is it about?"
EVENT MEANING RESULTS: "Return of travel."
INTERPRETATION: "It seems to be nothing more than a travel guide to getting around various parts of the kingdom."

"We step through the portal and into another world. What does it look like?"
EVENT MEANING RESULTS: "Judge of leadership."
INTERPRETATION: "You seem to be standing in the street of a great city, the tall spires of buildings as far as you can see. It all seems very orderly and uniform."

"I take the mysterious envelope lying on the table and open it. What is inside?"
INTERPRETATION: "It's a letter from Baron Zemeko. You know, that supervillain you thought you had killed last month."

Here is one of my own:

"I threaten the prisoner and command him to tell me the location of the rebel base."
INTERPRETATION: "That fancy restaurant downtown was just a front. The rebels have been using it to launch their operations."

Fun, huh? Big Grin

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