Improve programming skills
I'm a newbie in programming but I'm motivated to get better. If only someone could show me the right way
I'm not sure if you're about to spam the site or you are serious. Share some details.
(08-06-2020, 10:12 AM)mark Wrote: I'm not sure if you're about to spam the site or you are serious.  Share some details.
No spam, I'm looking for interesting and effective programming courses and expect people to help me do it.
Have you tried YouTube?
(08-06-2020, 05:27 PM)mark Wrote: Have you tried YouTube?

Do you have a particular language that you are interested in or a particular job fields?
My bro is a network engineer. He started from Java and Python. There are a lot of different webinars and courses in these two languages. I suggest you start from learning these. The endpoint - Cisco certification. I'm about to take one. My bro told me a lot of stuff about it. And I'm thinking about "plan B". If my knowledge won't be enough, I will take 2020 Cisco Certification help from a service I've found not so long ago. Just in case. I think I will handle it on my own.

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