Mercenary Mishaps
Utilizing Dark Dungeons, 9 Questions and the Labyrinth Lord solo play I created a male Amazon on the lam from his clan and working as a mercenary for a Greek warlord in Qadesh (southern Syria).
After fighting off some bandits who attacked a caravan within sight of the city I offered to go investigate where these bandits were organized.
I discovered their slave camp but was dispatched by the teen bandits and leader, only to wake up in a slave pen as giants attacked.
I barely got out and lost my weapons and armor in the deal. Borrowing a pike and horse from the armory I set off after them. It took me a week of wandering the hills and badlands of Syria but I managed tip take them out in a hard fight and capture their captain.
Unfortunately for me my late return saw a series of Qadesh where I was slain...

Overall I found it a bit difficult to use 9Qs, particularly because my characters wasn't a hero so much as a slightly dopey guy with an expensive sword.
I'd use this combination again but I think I might pick a thief or magic user for versatility. My character was a fighter with mediocre stats, which is fine except that a low Int and Cha really limited my effectiveness outside of punch ups (where I did well, but not amazingly).
Hi d10000,

I moved your post here since it's not really an RPG Solo game play-through. If you want to add an actual RPG Solo Actual Play Report to this thread then I'll move it back.

Also, regarding the 9Qs, you may want to check out Mark's Adventure Questions:


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