Mobile version
There are two mobile versions:

1) The Play screen:

This is not a mobile app but a web page designed to fit in a hand held device's small screen.

It contains a subset of the features found in the full Play tool.

There is no text describing the button groups so it is recommended that you are familiar with the buttons on the full version.

The buttons that belong to the "Genre" group will use the genre that you selected in the website's full version.

2) Mark's Adventure Glyphs: 

This is a real mobile app that runs on Android devices:

Google Play:  Mark's Adventure Glyphs.

Amazon Appstore: Mark's Adventure Glyphs.

Good start! Just so you are aware, I tested this on iOS (iphone 4 and ipad 2) and while the buttons work, you cannot type any text anywhere. The normal site works fine on my ipad, so I use that, but just letting you know.
I did not add the text box on purpose. The mobile version is just a subset of functionality. This is just for people to be able to, for example, sit at their doctor's office and play a quick/light game in their head.

In fact here is the mobile request.

(04-10-2013, 03:15 PM)Shedoshi Wrote: A feature request list could go on forever, I'm sure, but one thing I would love to see is an option for a mobile web site view that has the control panel on the bottom and only the output panel above in a variable size to accommodate various sized screens. No need to enter text for questions or notes on a mobile device, I just want the results.
Well, it works perfectly then! Blush
I have been using this quite a bit and it fits the bill perfectly. Thank you this is great.
So, I just discovered this website and I'm loving it.

However, I have one little problem when trying to use it on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) - on both the mobile and desktop interfaces, the bottom row of buttons gets cut off. Only the top 5 or 10 pixels of the buttons show, and the rest goes off the bottom of the screen or frame. They're still clickable and functional if I zoom in enough to hit those few pixels, but I obviously can't read the text on them. This happens in both landscape and portrait views as well.

Any chance this is just a simple screen size issue that you might be able to fix? I'd really like to be able to use this on my phone, both when away from home and at the game table to help me get inspiration.
Hello EdgeOfDreams,

I don't have access to an Android device but it looks OK on an iPhone. It's strange that both the mobile and desktop interfaces have the same issue for you. I'd say it has something to do with your device. Can you try a different browser on an Android?
Thanks for the suggestion Mark. I downloaded Firefox for Android, and both the desktop and mobile versions of the site work perfectly. Guess that means there's some compatibility issue with the built-in browser on my phone. So, Firefox for Android will be an acceptable work-around.
Any chance of this gem coming to Windows Phone?
(10-28-2014, 01:35 PM)TimeKiller Wrote: Any chance of this gem coming to Windows Phone?

Probably not unless there is a large enough request for it.  I don't know if it costs anything and it takes a lot of time to learn all the ins-and-outs of a company's rules and methods for uploading a mobile app.

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