Modifiers with Fudge Dice?
Would it be possible to allow me to just enter something like "+3" in the dice box, then hit the "Roll Fudge" button and have that added as a modifier?

I'm currently running a Fate game solo, and this would be super useful!

(One other thing that would be nice would be able to differentiate two different dice of the same type. So if I were to do "3d6+4+1d6" it's be cool to show the result of the 3d6+4 and then show the 1d6 separately. This would primarily be useful in the Open D6 rulesets where you have a wild die of a different color that is rolled with every single roll, but needs to be able to be read separately).

Thank you so much for creating such an awesome tool btw!
Hi Mr. Pilot,

You can now add a value to the Modifier field and the Roll Fudge button will add that to the calculation.

I'm not sure what you mean about the other dice. Maybe see if using MAD (Mark's Adventure Dice) helps.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Wow, that was really quick! Thanks!!

Also I realized that when using a set of dice (say 3d6), I could just always use the last one as the magic die, so don't worry about my other suggestion Smile

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