More Custom Lists?
Will there ever be an option to have more than 4 custom lists at one time?  Or maybe an option to save lists for future use and change them out as needed through a drop-down menu similar to Genre Selection?  Or would this cause too much bloat on your end?  If this were to happen, would they be able to be saved locally by the user and re-uploaded or some such thing?

Right now, I'm using the Dungeon Crawl rule set you've stickied up top but there are times in there I just want to click more buttons than are left available! I've supplemented it quite a bit with some rules from the Zweihander RPG as I found the "Roll Fudge" bits a tad confusing for myself.

I really love that I found RPG Solo months back.  I've enjoyed every moment using it so far!  It was quite intimidating at first but after scouring the documentation and giving it a whirl way back, it's become routine and a way of life!  I'll continue to lurk in order to see where this lovely project of yours heads!  I'm really looking forward to progress updates on the multi-story saves!

Keep up the amazing work!
I had not thought of having more than 4 custom lists that could be swapped out. I can see how that would be convenient. I will add it to my to-do list.

Thank you for the compliment and I am glad you are enjoying the site.

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