Mythic Helmy the Mage
[I used Risus for the basic stats, and generated the quests, rolls and events with RPG Solo (Mythic) and several tools from Sorry it's rather lengthy, it's fun to write]. 

Quest: Deliver a message to the vast barracks.

Character: Boastful Halfling seer.

Mage (4) Witty (3) Proud (2) Short (1)

Reputable lake.

Fiercely / Magnificent.

There is a storm brewing, and the halfling scrambles from the ferry with the crowd.

Is there a town nearby?


Catun: Population 50, primarily human, some halfling. The village is a tangle of alleys and row buildings. It is governed by a council of elders, whose weekly meetings often turn into drunken brawls. Catun was devastated by a divine curse long ago, and many buildings are empty or in ruins.

Is there an inn in the town?


There is no inn in the town, is there market?


Helmy scouted his way carefuly to the market. The town was a mess of alleys and dilapidated buildings. He could smell roasted meats and the bustle of a busy market.

Sympathetic trapper.

Healthy guide.

Sloppy prisoner.

The market was filled with curious folks and a rag-tag of wares. Customers drifted among the stalls, while merchants loudly hocked their goods (keeping a careful eye on the crowds). Helmy caught the eye of a friendly looking clothes-merchant.

Debase / Fears.

'Any rumors about the war?' He asked the merchant?

Fortunately / Simple.

'For now, I've heard nothing new'

Kindly / Lean.

Rumors are that the negotiations have somewhat stalled, but for now it seems we have some peace?

Pursue / Illness.

Do you know if there is an herbalist nearby?


You'll find him toward the southern end of the market. I find him an odd fellow, but he's harmless enough.

Helmy thanked the merchant and made his way to the far end of the market. Did anyone attempt to pickpocket him?


A thief slyly approached Helmy, noticing the stranger in the market. What was the thief's skill?

3 = 3[d6]

The thief carefully reached for Helmy's pursestrings with

15 = 4[d6]+5[d6]+6[d6]

Did Helmy notice?

10 = 1[d6]+4[d6]+5[d6]

Helmy failed to notice!

Did the thief undo the purse?

9 = 2[d6]+6[d6]+1[d6]


9 = 5[d6]+4[d6]


6 = 3[d6]+2[d6]+1[d6]


11 = 5[d6]+6[d6]

2 = 1[d6]+1[d6]

9 = 3[d6]+6[d6]

4 = 4[d6]

8 = 2[d6]+6[d6]

Helmy swung and snatched the wrist of the young thief, who yelped in pain. 'Thief!' he bellowed!

A guard shoved through the crowd, and Helmy held the young man high, barely balancing on his toes.

'You again!' shouted the guard who was joined by another guard. They twisted the boys arms roughly and bound his wrists with a rough cord. The boy yelped in pain. Did the mage feel sympathy?

No. +Event: Imprison / Vehicle

The mage tightened his brow, 'See to it he is punished fairly.' The boy was dragged to a sidestreet and shoved into the prison cart. A crack of the whip and it shuddered away.

Helmy turned and moved back toward the herbalist.

What did the herbalist look like?

Generously / Magnificent.

The herbalist was a rotund man, glowing red with a beaming smile. He greeted Helmy warmly. Could I find something for you?

Helmy. I think I may have been striken with a disease. What is the disease?

Cheerfully / Tranquil.

Perhaps a laughing flu?

A laughing flu? Let me see your eyes. The herbalist stepped closer to Helmy, gently turning his face into the fading light.

Did he see evidence for a laughing flu?


I see no evidence of a laughing flu. Did he detect another ailment?


I'm afraid I can find nothing wrong with you. Perhaps some rest?

Helmy was unsatisfied. He asked for a potion of vigor, to aid him on his journey. Did the merchant have such a potion?

Yes. +Event: Imprison / Legal matters

The merchant opened a trunk, stacked with bottles and exilirs. Helmy paid for the potion, and emptied the draught. As he turned, to leave he was approached by the guards from earlier.

You there, please come with us!

Helmy, looked concerned. 'I have no business with you. For what reason?'

Hopelessly / Mundane.

Our town council has need of the services of a mage.

'And what if choose to go on my way?'

'The council will make it worth your while, please come with us'

The light was falling, and Helmy knew that traveling by night would be risky anyway. Perhaps it was best to see what the council had in mind.

The guards led Helmy to Nete Stronghold: This large hall has crystalline walls and a wooden palisade. It is in disrepair, and totally deserted. The lower levels of the tower are filled with rubble and debris.

Inside, the council sat at a large table, arguing with each other, as was their custom.

The guard, announced the arrival of the mage.

Apathetic agent of the crown.

A drunk looking councilman strode over to Helmy. 'So this is our mage?'

'I'm not anyone's mage. Why did you call me here?'

Another councilman stood, 'Our town is looking for your help.

Return the above average cloak to the well-known great hall.

We require a mage to transport a magical relic to

Silent hideout.

our ancient shrine, due east of here. We have long lost the magic arts, and those who have tried to handle the relic have been badly hurt. Do you have the skill to safely transport the relic?

Yes, and... +Event: Imitate / Military

'But I expect compensation for my efforts!'

You will be rewarded.

80 = 80[d100]

80 gold pieces. Helmy was curious. This was a large amount for such a seemly simple mission. What is the nature of this relic?

Violently / Messy.

The cloak belongs to our patron divine 'Srath.' He will look favorably on our city if we return it to his shrine.

Helmy didn't much care about this town, or whether this diety even existed. But, he decided to take the cloak east.

Helmy was led to the large door, and a guard turned a large stone lock, allowed it to grind open.

He motioned toward an ornate box. Helmy slowly opened the box, which hummed as he opened the lid. Could Helmy handle contain the magic of the clock?

Yes, but...

How do you proceed?

NPC positive.



As Helmy thoughtlessly reached for the cloak, he felt it burst forth with energy. He was knocked down to the ground as the cloak enveloped his body. The councilman at the door shouted with surprise, half expecting Helmy to be dead. Others arrived in the corridor as Helmy rose to his feet, surrounded by the dark whisps of the cloak.

Fully / Dry.

The councilmen stood quietly, and parted as he turned and moved on his way. 'I'm fine, thanks for asking.'

The door opened to the outside. Was it morning?


Was it afternoon?


Was the weather fair?


It was a fair, warm afternoon. Checking the sun, he moved east. The ruins of Ravenloft were approximately two days hike. He had been given several days of supplies for his trip, and the weather was expected to be fair. Could he sense anything about the odd cloak that he now wore?


Helmy felt a new sense of power about the cloak. Was it a neutral force?


He senses the force of the cloak was benign. Did he know any lore about such an item for his years study the arcane arts?

Yes. +Event: Care / Wishes

Helmy studied the garment more carefully, moving the fine fibers between his fingers. He held the carefully embroidered seam to the light, examining the tiny, carefully knotted borders. This cloak appeared to be a cloak of protection or healing. He knew one way to test its power.

He drew a small blade from his belt and carefully cleaned it on his jacket. He slid the razor edge carefully along his forearm, revealing a minute bead of blood. Lifting the blade, he watched the bead fall across his wrist. Before his eyes, the small cut slowly closed, leaving the blood without a source. He sheathed his knife and smiled: 'a cloak of healing indeed.'

He knew he could abandon the quest and keep the far more powerful relic. The besotted elders of the town would not likely pursue him, and he was unlikely to return to the decrepit town. However, returning the relic would be very meaningful to the town, and might help restore some of the previous order if their divine again showed his grace. Helmy also had an immediate task to the south. Did he decide to return the cloak to the shrine?


Helmy turned south. He felt some sympathy for the council, but reasoned that he could always return the relic after his journey. He explained this thought carefully to himself, although he was becoming more comfortable with having a powerful item like this with him at all times.

He turned south, and began to follow the edge of a large lake west. Did he encounter anything interesting in the next hour?

Yes, and...

PC negative.



The shore of the lake began to show signs of corruption. He smelled a foul odor on the air, and drew the cloak over his face to block the stench.

Was Helmy in any danger?

Yes, and...

Over time, any sound of wildlife had gradually faded. The lake very quietly lapped the shore, and the wind had fallen to a calm pulse. Helmy carefully surveyed his surroundings.

Did he notice any presence approaching?

No, but...


Helmy did not notice the skeleton slowly rise from the shallow marsh.

However, its feet were lodged firmly in the packed mud. Were there other skeletons in the nearby marsh?


How many

2 = 2[d4]

Two other skeletons rattled into life, and Helmy spun to view the marsh. The first skeleton lurched toward him, its joints creaked and clacking.

Helmy began to utter a spell, what kind?

Loudly / Cute.

Helmy uttered a powerful force spell, hoping to whip the skeletons apart.

Did he successfully utter the spell?

Yes, but...

Majestically / Petite.

The spell split the skeleton apart, but a corrupted rat wedged between its ribs was forced out onto the shore. It hissed, and edged toward the mage.

It lunged for his leg

2 = 2[d2]

4 = 4[d4]

1 = 1[d1]

1 = 1[d4]

1 = 1[d1]

4 = 4[d4]

The mage drew back his staff and crushed the plague rat. The other two skeletons were upon him.

4 = 4[d4]

Helmy stepped back

1 = 1[d4]

3 = 3[d4]

2 = 2[d3]

3 = 3[d4]

2 = 2[d2]

The skeletons overcame Helmy. Did the cloak regenerate his damage?

No, but...

The cloak could not prevent his damage it covered his body, glowing brightly, it appeared to be preventing the skeletons from further attacking him. Did it drive them away?


The skeletons continued their attack. Did he have the energy for a transport spell?


In a flash, he was gone. The skeletons wandered about and eventually slowed into motionless. Helmy flashed into being several miles away, he lay on the ground, panting.

Insignificant graveyard.

He gathered his wits, and stood up. The air was damp, and he inferred that had not shifted far. He held his breath, listening for the skeletons. He heard nothing.

He felt the energy of the cloak warming his cold flesh. Was there anything interesting about the graveyard?


He continued south, determined to travel through the night.

Had the evening set in yet?


The stars began appear, but it was not safe to be in the waste once the daylight had faded. The mage had to decide, would he continue?


Helmy continued south. Was the evening cold?

Yes, but... +Event: Usurp / Extravagance

The wind was chilled that night and it cut through his robes like a blade. He shuddered, and his pace slowed.

Unrecognizable outpost.

Ahead, he spotted the dim outline of a settlement. A few dim lights fluttered around the periphery. Helmy cut wide and passed around the settlement. Did anyone spot him?


He waited for a few minutes, and heard nothing. He continued on. After a few hours, we began to feel a presence nearby.


He knelt low to the ground and heard nearby clatter. They seemed to be moving in his direction.

What do you decide to do?

NPC Action.



Helmy raised his arms and his eyes rolled back into his head. He uttered a gutteral spell as the group bore down on him. Did he cast the spell?


The ice spell rushed down from the empty darkness and the damp ground was crusted with thick, dry ice. He heard several cries and then silence. He moved forward, seeing several kobolds gripped in ice, their blood slowly running cold. Within a minute, no hint of life remained.

Had this commotion alerted other nearby creatures?


And what are you going to do?

Helmy continued south for several hours. As the sun rose, he felt the ground beneath him soften, and begin to squelch underfoot. These forsaken marshes!

He knew his destination was several hours southwest. Were there any creatures lurking nearby?


The marshes teemed with insects and small critters, but nothing seemed amiss. The continued on, his cloak long stained and crusted with earthy grime. At least, he spotted the outpost. It was a large military camp, flanked by tall, wooden towers. The walls comprised of rough, thick rows of timber driven into the ground. He picked up the road cut into the mud, and followed it to the gate.

Detached female royal advisor.

'Ho there, what business have you here stranger' called a stern female guard.

'I have order to deliver this message to the commander' he said, as he produced the crumpled, but intact letter.

'I'll see to it that this message is delivered' she said carefully.

'I'm afraid my orders are to hand-deliver this message'

The guard looked at him skeptically. 'A bit odd to send a mage as a courier.' She turned and spoke briefly (and quietly) with a nearby guard. 'Alright, but you must surrender your belongings at the gate.'

Helmy consented to be deprived of his purse and belt, though he felt comforted by his enchanted cloak. He was led

Judgementally / Lavish.

through several rows of clean, well organized wooden barracks to a rather ornate wooden building that overlooked the yard. 'Wait here.' A guard entered the room, and several minutes later

Quietly / Macabre.

A rather stern man, with tight features stepped into the light. 'To whom to do I address?' He spoke in a calm, but commanding tone. 'My name is Helmy sir, I have been tasked to hand-deliver this message to you' He passed the document to a guard, who climbed several steps and handed it to the captain. 'My name is Hethos, I am the commander of this detachment.'

The captain read the document, and seemed relieved. 'Thank you for this information, it will prove most valuable to us here.' As a reward for your efforts, I can offer you

Cheap mug.

This ornate chalice from our treasury. Do you accept?

Helmy, graciously took the chalice from the captain, holding it at his waist.

Expose / Balance.

'We continue to fight for order in this region. Would you be interested in perhaps assisting us in our efforts?'


Helmy nodded, the last few days had given him a deeper thirst for adventure.

Guard the human navigator at the famous apothecary.

Excellent, we have an important shipment of supplies and reinforcements arriving in Manfech in a week. The city is unstable and unsafe. We could use support to ensure the shipment arrives and is transported here safely.

Helmy was pleased to be asked to assist. He decided not to press about payment yet.

The captain continued 'you will rewarded finely for your efforts when the shipment arrives.' This was enough to convince Helmy.

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