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Working on playing a little more frequently, both here and on paper using Mythic. Here's the start of a Lovecraftian adventure that I'm fiddling with. Not sure if I'll finish it, but already it's introduced so many new and interesting plot elements I wouldn't have expected.

Hope to hear what you all think! If any of you have more experience, let me know if there's anything I'm doing that's slowing the game down. When I play on paper, I've found that I really need to record less--it simply takes too long to write it all down.

This is a new solo RPG set in a Lovecraftian universe using the Freeform Universal roleplaying system. Character:

Gideon Chase, a private investigator.
Body: Lithe
Mind: Intuitive
Edge: Quick thinking

Gear: Pistol (1911)

I'll generate his background using Mythic variations. Many events?

94 = 94[d100]

So, six background events. That's a lot. Gideon has seen more than his share of the action, and is probably a little older--maybe just passing middle age.

Background event 1:

36 = 36[d100]

New PC Character:

Break / Anger

Gideon grew up poor, on the hard streets of Boston, and he was as much a victim as we was the aggressor. He had to be. It wasn't until he met Sonny DeAngelo, a young scion of the DeAngelo crime family, that he was able to focus his anger into something productive (if dangerous). (NEW NPC: DeAngelo crime family)

8 = 8[d100]

New PC character:

Extravagance / Death

His good looks and competence meant that he rose quickly within the mob, and it was not long before he drew the kind of attention that he did not want. The Black Ace, a mysterious enforcer for a rival family, tried to take his life. Gideon survived, but he knew that if he continued to make waves he would not survive forever. (NEW NPC: The Black Ace, assassin)


42 = 42[d100]

New PC Character

Truce / The intellectual

He eventually enrolled in school, where his quick mind drew the attention of Professor Donald Amberson, who saw in him a mind capable of more than it was doing. Professor Amberson spoke with Gideon and eventually convinced him to approach the DeAngelos and ask to peaceably leave the business. (NEW NPC: Professor Amberson, mentor)


30 = 30[d100]


Dominate / Technology

During his time at the university, Gideon caught the eye of a local newspaperman, Howard Dutchins, who recognized Gideon's skill with a camera. He hired him as a photographer, and Gideon soon realized that he could make an honest living with his camera work. He used this idea to approach his previous bosses, who agreed that he could use his talents for them in other, less dangerous ways. Gideon got a job and the escape he was hoping for.

(NEW NPC: Howard Dutchins, newspaperman)
(NEW Gear: Camera equipment)


49 = 49[d100]

New thread:

Decrease / Messages

Now that he has honest employment as a photographer (and secret employment for the mob), Gideon has been trying to slowly extricate himself from his underworld workings. He owes them a debt, though, and removing himself entirely from their employ without causing bad blood will be difficult.

(NEW THREAD: leave mob)


62 = 62[d100]

New thread:

Work hard / Elements

A few weeks ago, the perfect opportunity to get out of Boston arrived. A massive storm was reported to be blowing in from the Atlantic onto the Massachusetts coast, touching down around the town of Arkham. Dutchins' newspaper needed a reporter on scene, and Gideon volunteered. He would be out of Boston for weeks, covering the effects of the storm of the century.

(NEW THREAD: Report on storm)

This has been my first Mythic character creation, and it was actually much more interesting than I thought. After completing in, I'm modifying my view of Gideon somewhat. He's really a REPORTER rather than an INVESTIGATOR. I think his flaw might change, but for now it's his DIRTY PAST--he owes favors to bad men and is wont to solve problems in ways that may cause more trouble in the end.


NPC negative

Which NPC?

4 = 4[d4]

Adversity / Love

NPC Negative: Dutchins, Adversity of Love

Concept: Dutchins' ex-wife runs a small newspaper in Arkham and she is upset that Howard sent a reporter to cover what should be her paper's scoop.

[New NPC: Ann Dutchins, Howard's ex-wife]

The train steams into Arkham station with a squeal. Is it daytime?

(50/50) Yes, and...

The sun is shining and the sky is clear. If the storm is coming, it's not coming today. I step off onto the platform. Is anyone there to meet me?

(50/50) Yes, but...

A hard looking woman is standing by the tracks. A few people get off before me, but she waits until she sees me before coming up. Is it Ann?

(Likely) Yes

"So, you're Howard's gopher," she states more than asks. Did Howard tell me about her?

(Likely) Yes

"You must be Ann," I say. I stick out a hand. Does she shake?

(Somewhat Unlikely) No

She refuses my hand. "I'm not here to make friends--I'm here to tell you how Arkham works. We're a small town. A one-paper town. I can't stop you from lurking, but I don't want to see you getting in the way of my reporters."

I try to convince her that there is room enough for both of us to report; that maybe even her man and I can work together. Unfortunately, it's not easy for me to ignore the obvious hostility. It's the kind of behavior that wouldn't go unpunished where I grew up.


5 = 5[d6]

She doesn't take the bait.

"You'll stay well clear of any of my men, and I don't want to hear that you're following them around any, either." But she doesn't say any more than that, and she turns on her heel and walks out of the station.

I look at the clock. Is it getting late?

(50/50) Yes, and...

Nearly six o'clock, and I see clouds gathering over the eastern horizon. It's time to find a place to stay.

[NEW THREAD: Find hotel room.]

SCENE 2: Arrive at the hotel

Chaos roll (Target 5)

5 = 5[d10]

Altered scene

Abandon / Bureaucracy

The hotel is condemned upon my arrival; a policeman is hanging a notice on the door.

Does the building look like it's falling down?

(50/50) No, and...

But the building is fine. When I look carefully, I think I see lights burning in the windows upstairs.

I ask the policeman why the building is condemned. What does he say?

Desert / Danger

He tells me the building was abandoned, and that it was becoming a blight--worried about kids getting stuck inside. I tell him that I had a reservation, bu he says that I must have been confused.

And what action do decide on?

I ask--are there any other hotels in the area?

(Somewhat Likely) No, and...

Only a boarding house some way up the road, and that's closed up on account of the proprietor's death a few weeks ago.

[NEW THREAD: Hotel closed mysteriously.]

Can I get any other answers out of the policeman?

(Somewhat Unlikely) No

He wanders away in a huff, mentioning something about being busy.

Now it's getting really dark and the cold ocean breeze is coming in.

I look around to see if there is anyone else to ask directions.

(Somewhat Likely) Yes +Event: Trust / Benefits

Introduce a new NPC

Unseemly and friendly artisan who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to discourage religion and is focused on your current story.

A nearby shop is open later than the others; I enter and tell the shopkeeper that I'm a reporter looking for a place to stay the night.

Is he surprised to see me?

(50/50) No

The man nods; he'd just seen the sign going up on the hotel. Does he know why it was condemned?

(50/50) No

No idea. Was it a working hotel just a few days prior?

(50/50) Yes

Yup, with folks in and out, mostly working folks like myself. Does he know who issued the condemnation order?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes

Was it the City?

(50/50) Yes, but...

The City Council ordered the closure, he tells me, but as far as he's aware the city inspector had nothing to do with it. I ask if he can help me find another place to stay.

(50/50) Yes

Another hotel?

(Likely) No, but...

Not a hotel, but he lets a room upstairs that's currently vacant. I'm welcome to use it for the night, given that there's a storm coming.

So at this point what is your next move?

I gratefully accept and take my things upstairs. Is the room nice enough?

(Very Likely) Yes

It's sparsely furnished, but clean. There's a single bed. Is there a window facing the street?

(Somewhat Likely) No +Event: Betray / Stalemate

Move towards goal

[An event that will break my difficulty in moving toward a thread.]

The shopkeeper, Thomas, says that I'm welcome to use the room for a night or two, until I can find another place to stay. "Until this storm's blown over, though, I'm thinking you're not likely to see too many places--folks as can be leaving are leaving, and that means closing up shop. Not many brave--or crazy--enough to come to Arkham this week."

[THREAD RESOLVED: Find hotel room.]

Does anything expected happen overnight?

(Unlikely) Yes


Block / Weapons

The night passes quietly, but when I wake up in the morning to leave the house I notice that police roadblocks have been set up across town, blocking many of the major roads in and out of town and the city center.

[NEW THREAD: Roadblocks]

[NEW NPC: Thomas the Shopkeeper]
[CHAOS: -1, found room to stay despite trouble]

SCENE 3: Interviewing Meteorologist
SETUP: I need to meet with a meteorologist at Miskatonic University to discuss the storm

Chaos roll:

2 = 2[d10]


Ambiguous event

Create / A plan

As I walk toward Miskatonic, I come across a large city park currently occupied by artists frantically working on a project.

Fearfully / Magnificent

It's difficult to see until I stand nearly on top of the tiles, but the shape of a scowling king is slowly becoming clear. Is the mosaic almost done?

(50/50) No, and...

Oddly, it seems as though the work is covering up another mosaic directly. Parts of it are still visible, and it's clear from the pace that they are working that the project has only just started. It's odd that they are choosing to start right before a large storm.

Are there many artists?

(50/50) Yes, and...

In fact, dozens of people are working frantically to put the pieces into place. Is there a clear leader?

(Likely) Yes

Does he look like an artist?

(50/50) No

A man?

(50/50) No

An established looking woman in her late fifties is standing on a short platform, directing the artists as they place their quarter-sized tiles around the square. I get out my notebook and approach.

I introduce myself and ask who she is. Does she answer?

(Somewhat Likely) No

"We're working--there's no time to talk," she says. She then turns and proceeds to ignore me completely. I decide to try to take a picture of the developing mosaic, since I have a decent view from the platform. Do they let me?

(Unlikely) Yes, but...

They don't stop me, but neither do they move aside. I try to take a photo, but it's oddly difficult to get a clear picture of the developing mosaic through the crowd. I take a picture, but don't know how it will develop.

[NEW INVENTORY: Photo of mosaic]

I leave and resume my trip to Miskatonic.

[NEW THREAD: Mysterious mosaic]

SCENE 4: Interviewing Meteorologist
SETUP: I need to meet with a meteorologist at Miskatonic University to discuss the storm

Chaos Roll:

1 = 1[d10]


Move towards goal

Desert / Art

[Interpretation: I will learn something about the mosaic (art) and one of my threads]

I arrive at Miskatonic University's campus. Is it busy?

(50/50) No

The place is nearly abandoned; windows are shuttered against the coming storm and the common areas are empty.

I see a poster plastered to one wall, already half-peeled off by the wind.

Heal / Energy

It says "Let the storm wash away the filth--bring healing to Arkham!" Below that is information about the mosaic building, and the address of the square where the art installation was taking place. Is there contact info?

(Somewhat Unlikely) No

Unfortunately, there isn't any info about who put the posters up. I peel it off the wall and put it into a pocket.

[ADD GEAR: Mosaic poster]

[End scene. Chaos -1: 3]


NEW SCENE: Meet with meteorologist
Chaos roll:

4 = 4[d10]

Is he in his office?

(Likely) Yes

[ADD NPC: Dr. Phillip Walsh, Meteorologist]
I like it! Keep it up.

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(05-16-2018, 08:09 PM)Jingo Wrote: I like it! Keep it up.

Thanks. It's pretty interesting. oddly, I keep planning to use game mechanics but the straight roleplaying and loose odds-setting is really enough to keep me satisfied, mechanics wise. I wonder if it's different with a group.
Will the thread be continued? I'm actually really enjoying it!

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