Mythic "Play As You Go" Campaign
I decided that I would try a game where I would "surprise myself" from the very start, even when it came to campaign setting, theme, etc.

Using a random generator found in the files on the Mythic RPG Yahoo Group, I chose a random Wikipedia article to establish my setting. It turned out to be the "Côtes du Rhône Villages AOC", wine country in southern France.

I then asked a series of questions about my character:

Am I wearing modern clothing? (50/50) No.

Medieval clothing? (Likely) Yes.

Peasant clothing? (Unlikely) Yes.

OK, so I'm a medieval French peasant.

Let's bring a complex question into the mix to orient myself a little bit.

What am I doing in wine country? Punish Evil

OK, evil would have been something church-related back then...

Am I in a mob? (Likely) Yes.

Is it a witch (sorcerer)-burning? (Likely) Exceptional yes- it's a famous case! So I'm not in the countryside at all, but rather in Avignon, at an ecclesiastical court- I've probably traveled from my village around the environs of Avignon to see the burning.

Looking on the Internet, I've found a famous case of a series of trials in Avignon 1317-1320 for the two assassination attempts on Pope John XXII's life. This is the first such attempt (1317) made supposedly by the Bishop of Cahors Hugues Geraud. Here is an Internet source describing the event:

"That same morning, Hugues Géraud’s head was shaved. Dressed in a rough blanket, he was attached to a horse and dragged on foot across the center of the city. He was tied to the stake that stood tall above the firewood that would ensure that his remains burned completely. The fire was lit."

My character is present at this burning.

Is he satisfied by the spectacle? (50/50) a 51: Barely no- he came to see the spectacle but is somewhat dissatisfied. He is beginning to wonder if there's not more to life than this. It's the contorted faces of the other commoners in the crowd that really get him down, his father and brother included. Somehow, going back home doesn't seem like a great thing to do- his father will be wanting him to finish milking the cows and go to bed early to wake up and do it again.

I've decided he's about 15 yrs. old. This is young enough that he'll be able to live through some interesting events in 14th century Europe, like the Black Plague and Hundred Years War.

Are members of his family with him? (Likely) Yes.

Father? (Likely) Yes.

Any brothers? (50/50) Yes.
One? (Likely) Yes.

OK, so with his father and one brother. He'll have to try to lose himself in the crowd if he wants to escape them.

My peasant's name (using random name generator): Narcisse
Father's name: Rodolphe
Brother's name: Julien

Names are interesting- why in the world would he be named after the Greek mythological figure? His mother, after the flower and ignorant of it's origin? We don't have to figure this out now.

OK, so it looks like he's going to have to try an Agility roll (Below Average) versus their Intuition (Below Average, but since there's two of them, this raises the chances to Above Average) to not be noticed. He fails his roll at a 63- his family is watching him like a hawk.

If he can somehow create a distraction, his odds might be a bit higher...he's panicking, the press of people is suffocating him, he suddenly stops moving in the press of crowd that streams back to the gates of Avignon (where his father's cart is kept...well, if he can get to that cart or take one of the horses from it, then, just then, maybe...) he suddenly begins pushing and shoving to try to create a break in the crowd...

Does anybody get angry at him pushing his way through the crowd? (Somewhat likely, but the crowd is sated and isn't offering a whole lot of resistance...) Yes.

Angry enough to fight him? Yes!

Suddenly Narcisse finds himself being pushed a (using UNE to generate a character) "tactless entertainer as strong as me" who proclaims force and overthrows modesty"...a shameless bard or rogue who can also fight?

Does he knock me down? (Unlikely) Exceptional no- his attempt to push me back misses and he ends up stumbling himself.

I attempt to escape. Do I succeed? (Below Average vs. Low) since he's off-balance: Yes.

Ah, but do I get away from my father and brother as well? (50/50, since they're surprised). Yes. I've lost them in the crowd.

I manage to get back to the cart, but they could arrive at any minute.

Am I armed? (50/50) No.

Untying one of the horses might take more time than I need...are there any weapons in the cart that could be used to cut loose the horses? (50/50)

Exceptional yes: a sharp axe that my father keeps in the cart in case of would-be brigands.

But I've suddenly reached a moral quandary. I don't want to steal from my family. Life may be boring and uninspiring, but in their rough peasants' way they've been good to me. As the shadows lengthen and dusk approaches, I slip off into the countryside around Avignon, with just the few coins in my peasant's purse jingling hollowly...and an emptiness in my soul.

End of Scene 1
Chaos Factor: remains at 5.
NPCs: Father, Brother, Flashy Entertainer from Crowd
Threads: Origin of name (Narcisse)

So that's it for my "play as you go" adventure. Let me know what you think! I'd welcome any suggestions for the next scene as well!
This is good. Thank you for sharing. The way you generated the scenario was very clever.

For the next scene I say just use the "Complex Question" button.
I liked it too! Smile

Could you tell me what's the name of that program you mentioned you use to find random wikipedia entries, please?
(08-17-2013, 11:27 AM)nialios Wrote: I liked it too! Smile

Could you tell me what's the name of that program you mentioned you use to find random wikipedia entries, please?

Sure! I'll just post the link here:

...if it doesn't work, sign up for the Mythic Yahoo group here:

Also, I think Wikipedia itself allows you to click onto a "random page"...

Hope this helps!
Narcisse has decided to head in the direction of the ocean, as it might be the quickest way for him to escape life as a peasant in France/Provence.

In particular, he'd like to find a wagon or coach that would transport him quickly and allow him to hide from would-be pursuers.

Speaking of which, a quick question to see if Narcisse's family are free peasants or indentured serfs:

Is Narcisse's family free (Somewhat likely)? No, meaning that the lord of the area (might be the Pope himself, since his village is so close to Avignon) will send men out to look for him once they realize he is missing. This makes it all the more imperative that he escape France.

Does Narcisse manage to find transportation from Avignon? (50/50) No. He mingles with the crowd streaming out of the gates, but is not able to near any of the wagons or coaches.

What happens to him now (CQ)? Disrupt a representative

I need to ask some more questions about this.

What kind of "representative"?
Of the pope? (50/50)? Yes. A priest or bishop loyal to the pope is accosted... a company of men? (Likely) Yes. Either Spiritual Franciscans or Gascons (both enemies of Pope John XXII at this time).

Franciscans (Likely) Yes. A 33 on this roll triggers a random event, an NPC action with the context of Vengeance Evil.

A group of Franciscan friars, poor, humble, dirty, wearing simple brown cassocks with rope belts has thrown themselves into the path of a bishop's retinue, contingent of guards. They are yelling something about the Antichrist and that the blood that Pope John has spilled will be on his head. The friar in the lead is yelling, "You spit on the cross of Christ and dishonor His holy name! Return to the flock, Your Excellence, before it is too late!" The bishop, on a white horse, looks nervously at his men, who are fingering their weapons and seeming ready to attack the poor men.

Narcisse watches in astonishment as the scene unfolds. The crowd of people he finds himself in has given the area a wide berth and is watching the spectacle.

Suddenly, the lead friar rips his cassock apart, baring his chest and says he will not get out of the way and welcomes the guards to kill him as well.

Does one of the guards attack him to put an end to his intervention? (Very likely) Yes.

Kill him? (Likely) Yes. One of the guards rides forward and impales the friar, who crumples to the ground choking up blood. The crowd erupts into a flurry of voices...

Does the crowd take violent action against the guards? (Unlikely) No.

..but no-one seems willing to take action?

The friars do not make any motion to get out of the guards' way, but begin praying fervently almost in unison.

Do the other guards take their cue and begin attacking? (Likely) Yes- they spur their horses forward to attack the friars.

Narcisse cannot bear to watch any more violence. He races out of the crowd and leaps at the guard closest to him, attempting to grab his weapon.

Does he succeed? (Below Average vs. High (15% chance) of actually connecting with the guard. And a 14! He actually manages to jump behind the guard into the saddle!

He then makes a grab for the sword. Does he succeed? (Above Average str vs. Guards Above Average....) Yes! He now has hold of the guard's sword.

He and the Guard make a contest of Strength now to see who gets the sword...Does Narcisse grab the sword? Yes!

He strikes. Does he hit? No.

The guard now attempts to elbow him in the face. Does he hit? Yes.
Does it hurt Narcisse? No.

At this point, a crowd reaction check might be needed as they see this spirited display.

Does Narcisse's action incite more of the crowd to action? (Unlikely) No.
The crowd is still stunned. One of the Franciscans is yelling at Narcisse that "this is not the way! Violence begets violence!"

Have the other guards stopped trying to mow down the Franciscans with this new attack? (50/50). No

The horse rears. Does Narcisse stay on? (50/50) No. He falls. Is he hurt? (Very likely) Yes, and a Random Event occurs with a 55 with the result "Inform Trials."

I'll take this opportunity to say that the fall from the horse knocks Narcisse unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in the dungeon of the Pope's chateau. In the cell with him is the Franciscan who was yelling for him to stop fighting, bruised and his cassock torn.

End of Scene
Chaos Factor: 6 (went up 1).
NPCs: Pope, Father, Brother, Flashy Entertainer from crowd, Franciscan, Bishop, Bishop's Guards
Threads: Narcisse moving beyond his peasant life, Pope vs. Franciscans/Gascons (which one is "evil"?), Origin of Narcisse's name, Family looking for Narcisse
Like how it's going on! Smile

Thanks for the link!! And you were right: You can get random Wikipedia entries right from their site! I love the Brewster entries too though.
Play As You Go Campaign Scene 3

Narcisse awakens in a dingy cell, with a bench and stone floor with some scattered dirty straw on it. His head throbs as if someone is taking knives and stabbing the back of his eyes. Seated on the bench is the Franciscan ("Enthusiastically Soft"), a pudgy man with round checks and infectious childlike stare. His face is swollen and bruised, as if he has been cuffed several times with a gauntleted fist.

"Where am I"? Narcisse asks. As soon as he asks, he realizes the question was pointless. He's in the Avignon castle dungeons, of course. He doesn't know what possessed him to attack the guards, but remembers a red mist clouding his vision as he saw the defenseless monks slaughtered.

"Awaiting trial", the friar replies. "But all is well." As Narcisse scrambles to his knees, the friar makes the sign of the cross in the air to bless him. Narcisse receives the blessing and kisses the friar's hand.

"I'm Father Luc", the friar says.

Chaos Factor is 6, I roll a 7 and the scene goes as planned (a conversation between Narcisse and Father Luc).

"So why did you try to single-handedly prevent the guards from mowing us down"? Luc asks, with a slight smile.

"I'm not sure," Narcisse replies. "" He's not sure what time it is.

The friar nods. "It's probably early morning of the next day by now, actually. You were out for about 8 hrs. after they brought us here."

"Yesterday, then...I saw the trial and burning of Monsieur Geraud, and I...just wanted to get away. It felt..." Narcisse shakes his head, unable to find the words he needs.

"Wrong?" The friar nodded again. "Well, yes, I believe the Lord does not sanction torture and physical punishment to bring a man to repentance. Even if he did make use of sorcery, as they claim. There are other ways- would that the Holy Father might see this."

Narcisse goes on, as if he has not heard or cannot understand the friar's words. "I left my father, brother, just wanted to get away for a while. Then I saw the guards strike your brother down, and..." he shakes his head, lost for words again. "Again, it seemed wrong."

"You saw true. Violence is not the answer. It only begets further violence. Now, there will be retaliation for what you did, and what have you gained? But I am here. And I will help you to make things right before the end."

Narcisse swallowed hard. "Why...why are you here? And where are your other brothers?"

"I'm not sure. I came forward to see if you were gravely injured from your fall. I could not let you lie there in the dust with the crowd gawping at and practically trampling you. That's when the guards took me. And so I will die as well, to serve as an example to the other Spirituals."


"The flock of our founder Francis. Those who practice the way of poverty, of non-violence." Fr. Luc folds his hands under his chin, contemplating.

A distant clanking could be heard, as of footsteps approaching. "And so, my son," Luc says, kneeling down in the dirt and straw with Narcisse. "Are you ready to confess your sins before God and be shriven before we are led out of here?"

Narcisse considers. He of course has been a regular congregant at the village church where he grew up. But it has been several months since his last confession.

Is he a devout peasant? (Likely) A 12, exceptional yes (Chaos Factor 6). He is in fact extremely devout, and it is this piety that has caused him to question the proceedings of the trial and the authority of Pope John XXII. He is a prime candidate for the Extreme Spiritual Franciscan order, whether he knows it or not.

For now, he enthusiastically accepts Luc's offer, confesses his sins and now feels cleansed before God and ready to meet his Maker. The scene ends.

Chaos Factor: Back down to 5, as the scene was uneventful.

NPCs: Pope, Father, Brother, Flashy Entertainer from crowd, Father Luc, Prison Guards

Threads: Narcisse moving beyond his peasant life, Narcisse possibly becoming a Franciscan Spiritual, Pope vs. Franciscans/Gascons (which one is "evil"?), Origin of Narcisse's name, Family looking for Narcisse

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