Mythic Principia Magicka; Year One at Magic Highschool
"Good morning, students and welcome to the Duchy of Grand Helmswirth's Royal Magi Academy of the Esoteric and Unseen Arts, the foremost leader in practical, thaumaturgical education for the inquiring mind. My name is Felonius Fellcrest. I am the Archministrator here at RMAEUA and I would like to take this moment to welcome you all to your new home. You will be spending the next 7 years of your academic life here, learning fantastic, strange, and yes, even at times dangerous things. However, rest assured, for here we have the very best facilities and instructors who will ensure both your safety and success, as you embark on this incredible and worthwhile adventure into the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"This next chapter of your life will not be an easy one. Your instructors will demand much of you and your studies will devour most of your time. You will learn many important skills including but not limited to the foundational framework you will need in order to embark on a lifelong journey of uncovering the mysteries of magic. If you are diligent, you may one day become a true magician. However, I must warn you now. There are many dangers on along this road. Dangers you will have to face even before you graduate, and most regrettably, there may be dangers you will have to face alone. All of you will be tested but not all of you will succeed. Those who find the willingness within themselves to commit taboos of magic will be sent home, forever stained by such acts. And there is the possibility that one or two of you may even find the powers of darkness more alluring still. Remember this well, for it will serve you when temptation tests your hearts. It is the case for these students, these… dark magicians and warlocks… there is only one fate. 

"One more thing. The Tribunal of the High Office of the Greater Magi would like to remind you that other dimensions do not exist, and you are expressly forbidden from interacting with them should you find one.

"And now, before anything else, it is time for your housing assignments. You will then meet with your new Hall Supervisor as well as the other students whom you will live among for the foreseeable future. And once more, from all of us faculty and staff, we welcome you to The Royal Magi Academy of the Esoteric and Unseen Arts!"


Game System: A mashup between Adventurers! Solo system, Brightmore Academy of Magic Solo System, Harry Potter: The Role Playing Game, and the Apocalypse World engine (Powered-by-the-Apocalypse games have some more detailed mechanics having to do with 2d6 rolls). It sounds like a huge mess, but it'll work, I promise.
Tools: solo engine;; solo engine; other random generators as needed


This will be an adventure of a burgeoning magus and their adventure through a wondrous academy of secrets and power. It will mostly be about describing the world around them, as they undergo rigorous magical education, using the randomization tools to keep everything fun and unpredictable. It will draw HEAVILY from the Harry Potter series, insofar as the magic itself (Same spells and whatnot. Whatever. Copyright only applies if I'm making it for profit anyway.)! My main inspiration for this was the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality novel-length Fanfiction that goes deep into the inner workings and limits of magic itself, which is what I hope to accomplish in my own sort of way by RPing through a young mages' time at magic school. This is my second attempt at a solo play, (My first being Subito Prudens;Slime Genesis) and I'm going to try and utilize the randomizers much more now that I have a better grasp on this site.

Character Creation

If you are not interested in the Frankenstein of a system I'm cobbling together, go ahead and skip down to the "Character Summary" section where I'll display the end results~ Or go ahead to the next post for the story proper.

Characters in Adventurers! normally have 7 total stats. The first three assigned stats will be (Vigor [VIG], Agility [AGI] and Mind [MND]) and the three derived will be (Accuracy [ACC], Evasion [EVA], Endurance [END], and Volition [VOL])*. You are given 6 points to distribute any way you want between VIG, AGI and MND. 

*This is to reflect that spells simply need to hit for their full effect to occur, as opposed to Attack/Defense structures that imply blocking and shaking off blows done by weapons. I also don't feel the need for Adventurers! Heroism mechanic, though I may change my mind in the future, who knows.

More in the spirit of a Powered by the Apocalypse system, usually characters have stats that all add up to 1 to begin with. So to assign stats, I'll start with the most important. I'll roll a d3: 1=VIG  2=AGI  3=MND

3 = 2[d3]

Agility. What remains is: 1 = VIG 2 = MND

The next most important one is:

2 = 2[d2]

Okay... That's 2 to Agility. A -1 will have to go in either VIG or MND. 1 = VIG 2 = MND

2 = 1[d2]

Final Stats: VIG -1, AGI 2, MND 0

Not bad so far! Derived stats are as follows:

Accuracy (ACC) depends on just skills since there's no weapons, and there will probably be wand-play as a skill later or something. 

Evasion (EVA) depends on AGI and is modified by armor (which there might not be any?). So for now it's 3. A squirrely one for sure!

Endurance (END) your standard Hit Points. This will be calculated by VIG + AGI + 3, leaving us with 4 END.

Volition (VOL) a limited point pool that can add a modifier to or reroll any check when spent. It starts at the lowest stat +1. Since the lowest stat is -1, it defaults to a minimum of 1 Volition to start with. It also can be spent by skills to create specific effects or goodies! 

Speaking of skills, Adventurers! says to choose between two Basic Skills or one Advanced Skill. Focus (F) means that the skill can be taken multiple times, choosing a different sphere of knowledge each time. Ex. Learning (Monstrology) and Learning (Herbology). The skills for this game will be as follows (Subject to change): 1.Athletics, 2.Charisma, 3.Connections, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, 4.First Aid, Learning (F), 5.Legerdemain, Legilimancy, 6.Luck, 7.Minion/Relic (F), 8.Mobility (F), Occlumency, Potionmaking, Ritual, 9.Stealth, 10.Survival, Transfiguration

I did not number all of the skills, because the magical ones are the ones that will be learned at school! So given this character is a kid, I'm going to go with two basic skills decided by a d10.

2 = 2[d10]

5 = 5[d10]

Charisma and Legerdemain. Oh boy. This one is going to get in some trouble...

All that's left is a name and concept. Brightmore: Academy of Magic has an easy concept generator. 

Absent-minded Weirdo with a Dark Secret. 

As for the name, take us away Emily on

Kiran Ibex

Character Summary

Kiran Ibex (Absent-minded Weirdo with a Dark Secret)
Stats: VIG: -1 AGI: 2 MND: 0 ACC: 2 (Wand) EVA: 2 END: 4 VOL: 1
Skills: Basic Charisma, Basic Legerdemain, Minion/Relic (Hummingbird) <= Free
Gear: Wand, Robes, Flower Hairpin, School Supplies

One final note, when I use a random generator to fill in details such as the names of places or people, I will denote it with an [RG] for 'randomly generated'. 

And thanks to Teviko604: for the guideline and structure of this setup, and for showing us all the usefullness of the Adventurers! system. I love reading your stuff. 

That seems to be all I need for now, let's get to it then.
Part 1: Introductions

Kiran was excited. It can be said that this is the most excited they've ever been in their entire life. The sudden last-minute rush of gathering school supplies, getting a wand, being fitted for the school uniform, being dropped off by carriage at the front steps of a prestigious Academy, saying goodbye to their dad, being herded in with almost a hundred or so other aspirants the same approximate age and size, being addressed by the one and only Felonius Fellcrest, and to top it all off, it wasn't even yet noon? If they died today, the only regret their ghost would have was that one time at summer camp when the girls' cabin became infested with pollywicket toads and they alone resorted to the necessary drastic measures. 

But we don't talk about that.

"If other dimensions don't exist... why are they forbidden?" A voice that indicated it asked far too many questions piped up next to Kiran. They turned and saw a face full of freckles one gets from being out in the sun for too long, looking inquiringly at the ceiling with a finger touching the chin. 

"Tch" Kiran turned her head and saw another face, this one stuck in a book with a sardonic sneer. "Obviously in case someone finds one and tries to touch it." She looks up rolling her eyes. "Duh." 

"But why is that bad?" The freckles to Kiran's left insisted. 

The book shut and the girl to Kiran's right adjusted herself to face the two of them. "My mother says there are monsters in them! And touching it will make them come and get you." She punctuated her very factual account by making a clawing gesture with her hands. 

"But what do the monsters want?" 

"To eat you! Don't you know the stories? Didn't your mother tell you any?" 

"MY mother was too busy at her job to tell me stories." Freckles said in a listless yet proud manner, indicating she wasn't too ecstatic about the arrangement.

Does Kiran interject?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...

"My mom's dead." Kiran said almost entirely too loudly. The two girls sitting next to them, as well as the three kids in front all turned around. Kiran's posture sank as they looked at their knees, their cheeks becoming flush with embarrassment. 

The worst part is that it wasn't even true, not completely anyway. The silence had already gone on far too long to correct her statement.

The NPC gives: a joyful response

Can they rescue this situation?

(Somewhat Unlikely) Yes

"M-my name's Kiran, what are yours?" They addressed the two girls on either side, hoping to just move on. 

"O-oh. Uh, I.. I'm Juneberry, it's nice to meet you." The freckled girl introduced herself behind a worried smile, her eyes darting to the girl across from her.

"Harmony. Harmony Buttons, of the most Ancient and Noble House Buttons." She had put her book down to her side and held out a hand for a shake. Her composure was not waivered by Kiran's awkwardness, which is something they found immediately appealing. 

Does Juneberry laugh?

(50/50) No, but...

Juneberry stifles a giggle, shaking Harmony's hand. "It's nice to meet you Ms. Buttons." Her voice was dripping with restrained laughter. Harmony's eyes narrowed. 

Kiran pushed themself in front of Juneberry, not wanting more conflict. "It's nice to meet you, Ms Buttons!" They said in a practiced tone of sincerity.

She pouted at Juneberry but soon wore a smile when Kiran intervened. "It's very nice to meet you too, Ms..." 

"Uh.. Ibex." 

Does either recognize that name?

(50/50) No, and...

"Ms. Ibex. I look forward to working with you." Harmony concluded with an air professionalism uncharacteristic for their age.

"What about me?" Juneberry slyly chimed in over Kiran's shoulder.

Harmony stuck out her chin looking away from her. "Oh I'm already too well familiar with you and your families' station. I don't forsee a beneficial relationship in our future." 

Kiran nervously furrowed her brow. "I'm getting the impression these two have somewhat of a history together." They mumbled to themself. 


"Uh-! I said, I asked if you two already knew each other from somewhere?" Kiran spoke audibly this time.

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...

Juneberry smirked. "She hates my family cuz we're poor, and I still got into the same school she did~" She iterated mockingly. "Did you know she's never once had to do any work? Her dad just pays people to do it for her."

"That's not true and you know it!" Harmony scoffs. "Ms. Jacksaw and I were in the same advanced preparatory school, and SHE spent the whole time goofing off! And now she somehow still got into here? Obviously the bar was not set high enough." She huffs, crossing her arms.

Juneberry leaned in and whispered to Kiran, "Harmony once kissed me as a dare from a boy she liked~" She bore a sly expression, saying it just loud enough for Harmony to hear. 

"JUNEBERRY JACKSAW! Do NOT start spreading illicit rumors and slander about me again or I will speak to the administration about having you rightfully expelled!" Once more people were turning to stare at the trio, only this time Kiran was thankful it wasn't they who was drawing the attention.

Juneberry's teasing was briefly interrupted by someone older clapping, and instructing their section to start filing out to the dormitories. Harmony continued to expound on her family's importance while Juneberry kept turning around to give Kiran bemused looks, which infuriated Harmony even more until eventually they all arrived to get settled in.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Using the randomizers to add a certain unpredictability to one's own characters turned out pretty fun! Especially using them for character knowledge and reactions, it helps me step outside the comfort zone of how I think people normally behave. I've also confirmed that it's simply my writing style to engage in long character dialogues, so if that doesn't suit your fancy just bear with me until we get to the action. >< Next post probably, once classes start!

In Adventurer's, every character usually gets experience after a session, but I don't think this counts yet so I'll hold off on that for now.

Oh, also, here are Harmony's and Juneberry's statblocks that I generated off camera:

Harmony Buttons (Studious Loner from a Noble Magical Heritage)
Stats: VIG: -1 AGI: 1 MND: 1 ACC: 1 (Wand) EVA: 1 END: 3 VOL: 1
Skills: Basic Athletics, Minion/Relic (TBD), Minion/Relic (Great Blue Heron) <= Free
Gear: Wand, Robes, Broach of the most Ancient and Noble House Buttons

Juneberry Jacksaw (Struggling Troublemaker who hopes to be school captain one day)
Stats: VIG: 1 AGI: 0 MND: 0 ACC: 0 (Wand) EVA: 0 END: 4 VOL: 1
Skills: Basic Luck, Basic Connections, Minion/Relic (Otter) <= Free
Gear: Wand, Robes, Writing Utensils, School Supplies

Their RG names threw me through a loop but now I really like them. I had to look up what a Jacksaw was and apparently it's like...some sort of duck? Anyway.

Thanks for reading~
Part 1: Introductions (cont)

The 1st year Dormitory Tower was the closest dorm to the Academy Proper. Each floor of the tower was separated into 4 quarters, each quarter holding 5 students. There were 5 floors in total, and each were Co-ed, with 2 girls and 2 boys quarters across from each other separated by a large common room filled with tables and comfortable-looking couches. The second year Dormitory Tower was similar to this one, while later years got more private accommodations for reasons Kiran couldn't yet think of. 

Were any of the three in the same room?

(Somewhat Unlikely) Yes, and...

The three of them wound up in the same quarter somehow, much to Juneberry's and Harmony's surprise, along with 2 other girls they hadn't met yet. 

"W-wait, Kiran, your a girl?" Juneberry looked them up and down as they unpacked their belongings into the trunk and drawers besides each their own bed. 

Kiran's eyes widened and their body froze. "No. Not exactly...I mean, I was born one, yeah, but like... I'm not one now."

"Oh, okay. Sorry, I didn't know. It's just.. cuz you were wearing the boy's uniform and looked like a boy is all, and Does that mean you're a boy instead?"

Kiran shook her head. "No, definitely not! Gross!" 

Harmony snorted at Kiran's indignant response. "Juneberry! Rude! /Just/ because Ms. Ibex said she wasn't a girl, means you'd make her room with boys." She said mockingly.

"Th- They." Kiran piped up. "Not 'her'. 'They'." 

Red color filled Harmony's cheeks. "O-of course, uh.. Mr Ibex?" 

"Mx Ibex!" Kiran smiled. "Like, the word 'mixing'! But just 'mix'." 

"Very well Mx Ibex" Harmony walked over and once more stuck her hand out. "A pleasure to meet you." 

Their hands grasped and Kiran cracked a smile.

"H-hh.. Hello, Mx Ibex." A fourth voice peeped from nowhere, startling the three of them. A waifish, pale girl sat in the bed most shaded from the sun light. Her hair was a dusty silver, her skin was wrinkled as though she'd already lived a full life. She had eyes Too Big, and arms Too Long clutched tightly around a pillow she was hugging to her chest. Despite her looks, she was unmistakably around their age. She was a Changeling. A fairy child raised by humans. 

Everyone gulped.

The NPC gives: a joyful response

Does the trio return it in kind?

(Somewhat Likely) No, but...

The changeling smiled a smile Too Wide, baring teeth Too Sharp. "I-t's nice.. to meet you." 

The three exchanged some glances, but their expressions soften. 

"It's.. nice to meet you too." 

"It's um... a pleasure." 

"How d'ya do? My name's Juneb-!" She stepped forward, and the others immediately Shush her. Juneberry looks between the two and realizes what she'd almost done. Telling your name to Fey, especially from your own lips, is never a good idea. 

The changeling raised her hands and faced her palms forward, her forearms still pressing the pillow to her chest. "O-ooh... Nno, d-don't be um... scared.." A brief flash of sadness danced across her face. "I-I... I'm a good girl... father says so." Even though it was slightly more forced, a smile took hold on her cracked lips all the way to her ears.

The NPC gives: an awed response

It was hard to look past her needle-like teeth, but the three of them exchanged several glances before turning back. "What's your name?" Kiran stepped forward, their arms behind their back in a curtsy. Good girl or not, one must always be polite to the Fey.

"Sorrel Wolpers [RG]... It's what... father calls me.." Her voice trailed off with her gaze, as though staring at something passing unseen through the air between them.

"Well. Then Ms. Wolpers, would you like to accompany us for the afternoon tour of the grounds to see our classes?" Harmony stepped forward in the same motion as Kiran. Sorrel's face lit up, the wrinkles of age being pulled back into a taut youthful complexion. She stood up, her body disproportionately small given the length of her limbs, towering at least a full head above the rest of them. The smile she had shown through her eyes, and this time wasn't just for show. 

"Yess! I want to!" She bounced from the bed, still holding her pillow. She closed her eyes and dipped her head beneath the rest of theirs. "Thank you for inviting me it's good to meet you I am Sorrel." The words spilled out in one long breath with no particular inflections. 

"Thank you for coming along we're glad to meet you I am Kiran." Kiran bowed and vomited the spiel back to Sorrel in the same fashion Sorrel had delivered it. With a small cackle, Juneberry followed suit.

"Thank you for being with us we're happy to see you come along I like food and I am Juneberry!" 

They all looked expectantly at Harmony. 

"Oh. No no, that's quite alright, I'm good, I don't need to uh.. do that. I'm just glad we're erm... getting along. Harmony." With a nod to Sorrel she then gestured to the door.

"Yes. I am glad we can be harmonious." Sorrel's tongue slithered around her teeth, which somehow didn't detract from her smile. Harmony's face made a smacking sound as her palm hit her forehead. The four of them exited to see several groups already heading down the stairs. 

The 5th girl never came.
I'm really enjoying this so far! I hope you continue it, good job
"Good afternoon, my class. And do not be alarmed. My name is Calkulous Algebroff. And welcome to your very special first day of Fundamentals of the Arte. From this day forward, you will learn how to reliably, and more importantly Safely, learn all you'll need to know to make the magic happen." A smooth, hypnotically paternal voice emanated from the front of the class room where everyone stared breathlessly. "As by now I'm sure you have noticed, my appearance is something of an oddity, but! I assure you from the depths of my experience and good nature that in time, you will come to know me simply as your teacher, and I you as my students. I ask you to hold any questions you may have until the end of class, as there is much we've to cover before my time with you is up!"

Afternoon classes had started later the same day after the welcome speech. For Kiran, Harmony, Juneberry, and Sorrel, that meant their very first class at Royal would be Fundamentals of the Arte, taught by the one-and-only Calkulous Algebroff; the first year general practice instructor who happened to be a skeleton. Mr. Algebroff is an unmoving skeleton hanging by a wooden stand attached to a dolly that somehow moves around unassisted. When the stand moves, the skeleton is swung carelessly around but always faces outwards. The voice of Calkulous Algebroff is unmistakeably coming from the skull, though there is nothing the skeleton does to produce the noise. The words are simply spoken by the air, and heard by the students.

Thinking back, Kiran recalled seeing Mr. Algebroff at the commencement, but had mistaken him for a decoration. Kiran was among the students who thought this was absolutely fantastical and amazing. Juneberry was not.

"If any of you has read the class required texts ahead of time, or if one is apart of a family who particularly cares little for the statutes of the Greater Magi against underage magics," He added with a mischevious and knowing voice, "then you will already be aware of this. But for those who haven't or aren't, Magic is an Arte as follows: 'A cairefull and presice conjunct of thee minde and spirite, iin caukaphanous confluence of bothe thee astrall and physikal as a single phenomenan.'" Mr. Algebroff spoke in an affectation of the older dialects. "Can anyone tell me who I am quoting?"

(Somewhat Likely) No

After a brief silence, Algebroff continued. "That, is the famous introductory words of the late Sir Charleston Maxever, one of the greatest minds in magical theory to have ever lived. The quote is from the first page of his groundbreaking work, The Principia Magicka, or as it is known in its more modern translations; On the Principles of Magic. It described the first and foremost important concept in all of magic that will be the central focus of this course. That magic is not only something that you do, but something that you /are/. Now, don't be nervous if you don't understand it yet, his words were famously cryptic and written for an audience much further along in their learning than first year students. I recite him to you now as we will be spending this entire year deciphering precisely what Sir Maxever meant by the astrall, physikal, and mind. It also should be said that as you go along through life, you may find there are those who don't ever grasp his concepts, yet still weild the spell arts all the same. Simply know, that to be without the basics is to face a monumental hinderence if one wishes to achieve greatness and distinction of any kind, and the harder you work now, the more potential you will have as future Magis and Magas." Mr. Algebroff's stand shuffled around on squeaky wheels swinging the skeleton back and forth along with the cadence of his voice. The whole class stared wide-eyed, long-since over caring about the fact that they're being lectured to by the deceased, now fully engrossed in their own wonderment about their futures in magic. Although he was at times hard to understand, and spoke in overly fancy manners, his words still captured the attention and imagination of everyone.

"So. Enough about what is to come, let us turn our attention to the here and now." Everyone adjusted themselves in their seats excitedly with a brief wave of whispers making its way through the class, knowing what was coming next. "Please open your texts to the 5th page, and if you would, please take out your wands and place them down on the desks in front of you." The whispers grew in excitement as everyone took out and found the pages and laid the wands down. "Students! Students. I understand your excitement, but now I must address how this class will be conducted for your safety, and I will *not* tolerate any deviation or delinquincy! All of you raise your dominant hand, and place your non-dominant hand over your hearts, and repeat after me." The majority of the class raised their right hand, placing their left hand over their hearts. Kiran and Sorrel raised their left hands, pledging with their right. "I do solemnly swear, during my time at the Royal Academy's instruction,"

The class repeated with vague semblance of his tone.

"I shall not touch my wand before instructed,

"Shall not wave my wand without intent,

"Shall not point my wand at another student, even in jest,

"Shall not incant words I've not been previously taught by a member of Royal's faculty,

"under penalty of detention,


"pain of suffering,

"Or possibly even death."

Several students hesitated, looking to see if he was serious, but the skeleton did not budge. Its vacuous eye sockets stared gravely over everyone until every last student spoke his words. Kiran looked over their other three friends. Juneberry was surprisingly expressionless, as though disobeying was unquestionable. Harmony was composed and serious, but the furrow in her brow betrayed her thoughts of what was probably unlikely worst-case scenarios. Sorrel looked as distant as she always does.

It struck Kiran that Sorrel was making a promise right now, and wondered if Mr. Algebroff what that means for her. Fey were bound by their words far more literally than people. They wanted to raise their hand and ask, but they also didn't want to call attention to Sorrel in front of everyone. On their way to class, they started to notice that the other kids had the same amount of apprehension around her as they had at first, whispering and pointing behind her back and avoiding her as if touching her would get them sick. Kiran felt even worse about how they first reacted to Sorrel, and resolved to make it up to her as the year went on.

"I'm sure your other instructors will have their own words or promises they'll have you make, but do understand that even with all the comprehensive magical warding and protections in place at this school we still take delinquency of magic extraordinarily seriously." A quick, but seemingly lasting silence fell over the class as they took it in, before the skeleton's voice once again took on a tone of anticipation. "Now then! Would anyone care to read out loud the first paragraph on page 5 of their texts?


The rest of Fundamentals of the Arte was spent going over diagrams of how wands are held, the names of hand gestures, and by the end everyone had cast their first spell! It was a simple spell requiring the caster to gently flick their wand and say "Lumos!" causing the tip of their wand to glow. Juneberry, Sorrel, and two others got it correct on their first try. Harmoney and Kiran got it around their third and second try respectively.

When class was dismissed, Kiran went over to Sorrel immediately. Juneberry and Harmony unpromptedly followed, thinking the same thing.

"Sorrel, are you okay?" Kiran blurted out. Sorrel asynchronously blinked at Kiran with a characteristically vacant stare. "Uh...sorry, I meant, you made a promise  today didn't you? Don't you have to follow those no matter what? Should we tell the teacher not to do that?"

"It's clearly an oversight by the faculty! They shouldn't make you just promise about anything, and besides, everyone knows kids cast at each other anyway! It's not fair if you can't defend yourself!" Harmony indignantly chimed, squaring her shoulders in a confrontational way.

"'s... okay." She stammered, her expression unchanged.

"But are you sure?" Juneberry insisted. "We can talk to him if you don't want to. *Gasp* Or if you can't because of another promise you made!"

"N-no... I told.. father I would do what I'm told.. Sorrel is a good girl. He s-said... teachers here know best."

The other three of them shared a concerned look. "Okay... but if anyone tries to mess with you, you can ask us for help. We want to make sure you're okay." Juneberry reached out to comfort Sorrel,

The PC gives: a disgusted response

but Sorrel swatted her hand away and jumped back.

"I'M NOT YOU'RE PET. LEAVE ME ALONE." She screeched, hauling her things and running out of the classroom. Everyone left who hadn't yet been looking over at the scene was doing so now, seeing the three of them were speechless.

"But... we just.. wanted" Juneberry looked hurt and confused, Kiran and Harmony tried to say something but Juneberry quickly grabbed her things trying to stifle a sniffle while leaving.

"Wait, Juneberry!" Harmony and Kiran reacted a second later and grabbed their things and followed her out.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Shout out to Zandra003 for the encouragement >< thank you~! I fell out of it for a little while, but coming back with a fresh perspetive has made me remember why I enjoyed it in the first place.

Like most roleplaying games, I try to save the random number generation for when there exists a challenge or possibility of failure with actions or some such, but given this is an instructional roleplay at an academy, it's unavoidable there's going to be text walls like these of the students being instructed to by a teacher. >~< Sorry if that doesn't seem like a good use of this tool, but I also have a lot of fun writing this!

I felt like this update was already long enough, and I'm still considering how to move forward from here, (Sorrel is an interesting character to write, especially how unpredictable she is!) Hope to write more soon.
(05-19-2019, 03:24 AM)MrMistoffeleez Wrote: And thanks to Teviko604: for the guideline and structure of this setup, and for showing us all the usefullness of the Adventurers! system. I love reading your stuff. 
Thanks for the shout out, MM, and I'm honored that I have been an inspiration in regards to system, format and other tools. Several months ago, before I even knew what Solo Roleplaying was, I discovered Adventurers! while searching through free RPG rulesets. When I started solo'ing, I decided to try that system because it was very compact and I didn't have to learn pages and pages of a more complex system. I was pretty sure few, if any people on this site were familiar with it. Imagine my surprise when now I've seen at least two others trying it out for their own stories.
Almost missed this thread entirely since I'm not a Harry Potter fan (and without even reading anything the title clearly felt Potteresque).  I'm glad I gave it a shot, not only for the obvious reasons, but because it's an entertaining read, as well. I like seeing how you adjusted the stats to fit your theme. If you continue with this story, you might be interested in the Adventurers! add-on called "Academy", as it gives some guidance in using this system in a fantasy school setting. However, since you are already using other magic school systems, this add-on might not offer much, if anything, of use.
One of the challenges to Adventurers!, as you may have figured out by now, is that it leaves a lot up to the GM's interpretation, discretion and ingenuity. Since several people appear to be looking into the system, I am about to post in the general section about some of the tools I have found helpful. Please check it out.
The PC gives: a distracted response

Juneberry hadn't made it very far down the hallway before Kiran and Harmony caught up.

"Juneberry! Are you okay?" Harmony was immediately at her side, laying a hand on her upper arm. Juneberry stepped away in weak protest but was largely out of focus, staring at the ground.

"I-... I'm fine, it's just-"

"Ms. Jacksaw!" A firm, scholarly voice accompanied by squeaking wheels and rattling bones called out from behind the trio. Mr. Algebroff came over, garnering several worried looks from Kiran. Juneberry turned her back. "Ms. Jacksaw, you are not in trouble but I would like to speak with you if at all possible. Would that be alright?"

Juneberry's shoulders sank, and she turned around, standing up to her full height.

"Ms. Jacksaw," His voice was calmer, "I couldn't help but notice a slight kerfuffle between you and Ms. Wolpers right now. I also couldn't help but overhear the concerns of Ms. Ibex and yourself about her nature of making and keeping promises. Seeing as how this is the first of what will most likely continue to be an overwhelming week, I would like to take this moment to nip any budding seeds of sorrow before they take root. Please come to my office with me, all of you."

Kiran pursed their lips, looking away as one does when having been caught talking behind someone's back. The gazes of the trio all sank to the floor as they followed. The classroom they had left behind them was empty as they walked through it to get to Mr. Algebroff's office. The door shut behind them by itself.  

"(sigh) I am to understand that you three are Ms. Wolper's roommates, and it fills me with great joy to already see you have a burgeoning concern and care for both her and each other. Since this came up rather immediately, I feel it is my duty to tell you that the entire faculty, as well as myself, are very aware of the fair nature of Ms. Wolpers, as well as all of the other magicalkin students. At Royal we strive for inclusion and understanding on the part of the staff, and it may put you at ease that we have all discussed at lengths the boundaries Ms. Wolpers has with both herself, and her father."

Juneberry's thousand yard stare had not wavered.

"As you may have come to know, Ms. Wolpers can appear temperamental or irrational, however I urge you to think otherwise. She comes from a very different world than you do even though she's grown up in a human household; the customs of fey are born into them rather than learned. But those customs are not arbitrary. I ask you have patience with her, and get to who she really is without assuming her boundaries for her." Guilt weighted itself on Kiran's heart at the mention of that last part. They quickly checked on Juneberry and Harmony, who both looked equally resigned to this talking to. Kiran knew none of them were in trouble per se, but they still felt bad about the whole thing.

"Now then, I've certainly taken up enough of your time. Please consider my words thoughtful and for your benefit. If you ever need to discuss matters further, interpersonal or otherwise, trust that any of the faculty here at Royal would be eager to lend their ear and assist you." His expressive finality was punctuated by a creaking of the door behind them as it opened. The three of them wordlessly gathered themselves and left to their next class.

The PCs give: a trusting response

Mr. Algebroff's intent had reached the kids, and as they walked down the hallway they all began to felt lighter as they worked out what they had to do next. Definitely apologize, and treat Sorrel better in the future. Having a plan lifted their spirits, but the serious atmosphere around their paces would not be at rest until the plan was carried out.

"hhh Gods I'm such an idiot." The silence of walking was broken by Juneberry smacking her forehead. "It's like, I know everything he said already, and I had to sit there hearing it all again like I'm... I'm.. Like I'm some kind of delinquent."

"I know, I was thinking that the whole time. Junebug, you're one of the nicest people I know." Harmony opened up without skipping a beat.

"And the- the worst part was that we were just.. I mean.."

"I think we can still help, but Mr. Algebroff's right. We don't really know her that well. Just this morning we... well, y'know.." Kiran chimed in, the other two grimacing at the memory of what seemed like yesterday even though it was a matter of hours. "It's still unfair to her to just assume things about her. I sorta get what that's like, y'know? Even things that seem obvious to some but not to others." They kicked themselves for doing exactly what bothers them most about other people.  

Juneberry huffed, "I'm gonna go on ahead. I want to see if I can't catch her before next class." She leapt ahead turning to face the other two. "I'll see you there, just, lemme try first." Kiran and Harmony gave an affirming gesture, and she turned back around at a quick jogger's pace.

After a brief moment together in peace, Kiran looked over to Harmony who was deep in thought. Before too long they spoke up,

"...Junebug? Really?"

Harmony's composure immediately faltered as she froze in place, turning wide-eyed to face Kiran. "Mx. Ibex. You would do well not to repeat such things amongst the common folk!" She stuck her chin up and marched quickly ahead. "It would not at all become you if you were to begin implying anything so inappropriate!"

Kiran's mouth grew to an evil grin, and said no more on the matter.


By the time Kiran and Harmony arrived, the seats of the next class had filled up such that there was only a pair of spaces left. After a brief survey, the two saw Junebug and Sorrel sitting next to each other, looking tentative at each other's presence but otherwise normal. Sorrel actually didn't look all that different. She still had that same slack smile and piercing gaze that stared at nothing in particular. Juneberry caught Kiran's eyes and gave a non-committal nod. She communicated to Harmony that things looked like they were on the mend and the two saw themselves to the unoccupied pair of seats on the otherside of the room.

"Good evening." A sudden chill ushered its way unwelcome into the whole of the classroom. The lights dimmed, and the otherwise sunny day outside faded from view. A black silhouette walked out of the shadows, revealing a pale woman with features sharp enough to clash a blade against. Kiran, Harmony, and Juneberry immediately remembered their trepidation about their evening class that had been all but forgotten.

"I am Oliveri Vito Mag. Your Introduction to Defensive Monstrology instructor. During your time with me, you will learn about the deep evils this world harbors, and the sustained cruelty by which creatures of darkness thrive in. You will learn what desperation lies in the face of certain doom. And lastly, you will learn to conquer it. All of it. Beginning with yourselves. You need not promise me anything, no amount of etiquette and decorum will help you when facing the terrible beasts the Gods beset upon us in their blind moments of ire and hate." She paused, fiercely surveying the class. Her voice quieted. "Do you feel it..? Do you feel your own fear?"

Several heads nodded in silence. No one dared answer out loud.

"Good. There is no respect without fear."

She walked to her desk, her feet touching the ground noiselessly in an unearthly grace. "Books out."

Everyone scrambled to present their books on their desks. She lifts up a wand from her desk and firmly gestures with it. Everyone's books opened and turned to the same page.



The Vito Mag strums her fingers on her desk for a brief moment while everyone comes acquainted with what stares at them from the pages of their texts. A ghastly image depicting a gentleman who's features are warped with hatred, being subjugated by other magi around him wielding fire and torches.

"Before we go any further, the Royal Magi Academy requires that during my teachings I make the efforts to lead you astray of any paths that may lead to the darker shadows of magic. But mine teaching is not one of subtlety. Therefore, the first Monster you will learn in our class together, is the one that lies within yourselves. It is the most ferocious, cunning, devious, and malevolent monster of them all. It is capable of cruelties beyond any of the divine's fathoming or devices. If any of you should encounter such a monster, a... person. A warlock. Then you have only two options. First, run. Otherwise, if you cannot run, then you must destroy it." She held up a hand. "True it may be, that to kill another person with magic is against one of the 5 inviolable laws of the Greater Magi, but a truly dark magus has long since shed any semblance of proper life in their pursuit of the darkened artes. Consequently, it may be difficult to still consider the dark practitioners as people like you and I. However, it will serve you well to do so. It will ensure you're never disillusioned in your thinking of precisely how easy it could be for any one of you to be driven to the very same lengths. ...Consider this, with all due care, your final warning on the matter." With a circular motion from her wand, everyone's pages turned, and class continued.
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The sun had set. Dinner was served, and the four of them sat near each other. Juneberry and Sorrel didn't look very engaged with each other, but neither Kiran nor Harmony felt they were at odds. All things considered, today was still an amazing day. To have actually casted a spell, simple it may have been, but to still see the light of one's own magic for the first time was inspiring. Kiran was still giddy, and felt their heart quicken at the thought of that initial moment. 

Harmony conspiratorially leaned in while eating mashed potatoes. "Do you think Ms. Mag has ever killed anyone?" 

"What." All heads snapped to attention to look at Harmony. 

"Ms. Mag. She's clearly a Grey Witch. Skin pale as marble, with the movements of a ghost. She probably doesn't have a shadow, that's why the lights are so dark in the Monstrology room. Royal gets dark witches or wizards to teach Defensive Monstrology every year. Though I've heard from my mother this year that the Greater Magi is cracking down on 'Dark Praktises', so this year they have a Grey Witch instead." 

"Uh.. What's uh... the difference?" It was easy to tell when Sorrel was interested in something, as her pupils dilated and fixated on whatever was getting her attention. 

"A Grey Witch is one who /studies/ dark artes, but suppooosedly doesn't /use/ them. At least not the really bad stuff. They're always heavily watched by the Greater Magi due to being 'High Risk' practitioners. Which means they could turn dark at anytime." Harmony managed to get as much out before continuing to stuff her face with buttered bread rolls. 

Sorrel nodded and looked back to her lap. 

Does she open up?

(50/50) No

After another bread roll disappears in Harmony's maw, Juneberry peeps up. "What /is/ a Dark Arte anyway? And what makes it dark?" 

Harmony pauses her chewing to look at her. "Do you really not know?" 

Quickly the other three were all staring at her, "Wh-what?! No one wants to tell me! And it feels weird to ask! Like something only someone who wanted to do dark artes would ask!" Juneberry's voice begins to raise in pitch.

"U-uh I.. actually don't really know either. We were never supposed to ask." Kiran sheepishly added. Then all three looked at Sorrel, who shrugged. 

With a sigh, Harmony adjusts herself to have proper posture, purely for the authoritative aura she thinks it gives her. "Well MY mother told me, because she deals with that sort of thing at her job. Dark Artes can be several different kinds of magic. First and foremost, it's magic that requires the ending of a life in order to happen." 

The rest of them shifted in their seats uncomfortably. On some level they already knew that, but it was never something they had to deeply consider before given all of today's warnings. 

"Next, a similar kind is magic who's goal it is to end a life. That one will get you in the most trouble, because it's violating the 1st inviolable law." 

Juneberry touched her hand to her chin, as she had done when Kiran first met her. "If they're inviolable, how come people can still break them?"

"It's to emphasize that you /shouldn't/ break them, or the Greater Magi will /know/." 

"How do they find out?" 

Used to Juneberry's inquisitive nature, Harmony shrugged. "I don't know! Maybe there's a big spell that tells them when certain spells are performed and who did it. But regardless of how, they always do!"

It was Kiran's turn to get curious. "Would we ever find out if someone was killed with magic but got away with it?" Harmony's face once again made a smacking sound as her palm made contact with it. 

Harmony sighed, reaching her inquisitive limit, "My mom says they just know. That's all she's told me. Anyway, there's ways of killing /without/ magic, like with swords, so why go out of your way to get in trouble doing something you're not supposed to when you can do it that way instead?" 

"My my. What a ghastly conversation we're having here." A cold chill immediately wrapped itself around Juneberry, Harmony, and Kiran. They turned behind them to see Oliveri Vito Magri passing by them on the way to the faculty tables. The color drained from their faces, Harmony especially. 

"I do, however, commend you Ms. Buttons, of the ancient and noble House Buttons." She leaned down to speak softly. "That kind of practical thinking is exactly what it takes to be a competent Grey Witch. You will find that the simple and obvious approaches often yield the best results." Her thin blackened lips almost disappeared with a grim smile, and she gestured to the other three in the group. "The rest of you would do well to listen to her. She happens to know what she's talking about." With a sultry and insidious chuckle, she continued on her way.

Harmony shrank in her seat, trying not to be seen. There were several groups of nearby students who were subtly peering over, speculatively whispering to each other. It was Preparatory school all over again. 

Juneberry could see it happening, she tightened her fist into a threatening gesture at anyone still gawking. " 'Minny, Sh-she probably meant that as a compliment! Cuz you're really smart and stuff!" 

Kiran's eyebrow raised exactly one millimeter. Juneberry continued without noticing, "A-anyway, you were saying more stuff about uh.. types of bad things."

"Oh. Oh. Sorrel knows this one." Sorrel perked up in muted excitement, either unaware or unconcerned with what just transpired. "It's magic that's bad for you."

"Th-..that's sort of a way of putting it." Harmony began speaking again despondently. "Things like, prolonging life after death, or trading for things you'd think you can't normally get back.." She grit her teeth while trailing off, now hesitant to volunteer information about how much she knew of the ways of the dark artes while in public.

"Yeah. What she said." Sorrel gave an affirmative nod.

Without much further conversation, dinner came to an end and they all headed towards their dorm. The four of them talked about what classes they had the next day while at least situating their clothes into their assigned dressers, and fitting the bed sheets they had brought onto the beds of their choice. Harmony and Juneberry had adjacent beds, Sorrel had already chosen hers next to the still-absent one, and Kiran had the odd one out. There were kids milling around the lounges in the halls outside that slowly trickled away to bed as they got tired. The ones who weren't as tired were ushered there by their Hall Supervisors before too long as to be prepared for the morning classes.

Sound inside their room became softer, and they all said good night. Sorrel curled up and hugged her pillow again as everyone's lights were blown out, her eyes glowing out of the darkness.
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Kiran's body had a sudden jolt of panic, and they woke up in fear they had missed their first class. They looked around to see Juneberry and Harmony still asleep, the room filled with an eerie silence. Sorrel was rocking back and forth on her bed, clutching her pillow and lost in thought. She was mouthing words while staring towards the ceiling, as if imagining having a conversation with something much taller than her. Exhaustion set back in on Kiran and they laid down into the soft respite of their bed, when the magical charms of silencing were disbursed around their sleeping arrangements.

"~leor ama an-! Oh. I have to go." Sorrel's monotonous voice faded in before she cut herself off. She stood up from her bed and gathered a pile of clothes to change into, leaving the room. Kiran craned their head to watch them leave squinting their eyes, and then fell back on the pillow once the door shut. It would be a while before their humor, or even personhood came to them. Might not arrive before lunch at this rate. 

Noises of the other two started to disturb Kiran's post-awake nap, and thinly veiled excited whispers between the other two disappeared when the door opened and shut once again. The silence had returned to the room, save for the footsteps and passing voices outside in the hallway that trickled in. Just as Kiran was about to fall asleep once more, the door opened and three girls came in.

"Oh no, she's st- They're still not up." Juneberry corrected herself, while the sounds of clothes being tossed in various bins and drawers and dressers being opened and shut emitted a loud cacophony of noise through the room. "Sorryyyyy.." Juneberry grimaced, apologetically whispering and receiving a horn-like grunt of dismissive disapproval from the half-conscious Kiran in return. Kiran, still in bed, rolled under their covers to reach for their own fresh pair of the school uniform from their dresser. Dragging themself out of bed, they made their way to the bathrooms to change.

Introduce a new NPC

It wasn't until had all finished their morning ablutions and were sitting down for breakfast that the excitement of their next day of classes fully dawned on them. It was a quick meal with the choice of porridge, fruit, bread, eggs, and sausages. The gang wasn't yet too talkative while they put away the food into their stomachs and pockets. There was still a chill of morning that blew through the massive stonework of the Royal which made the rays of sun that shown through on the vaulted windows all the more refreshing. 

"We have Transmiscience today right?" Kiran rubbed their still tired eyes.

"Wait a minute, is THAT how you say it? Trans-Mish-Shee-Ence? I've been calling it Trans-My-Sents." Juneberry squinted while she focused.

"Uh... I mean I guess that works." Kiran blinked slowly.

Incredulity broke through Harmony's tiredness and spilled onto her face. "It's pronounced like 'conscience'. It's even spelled the same. How'd you not know?" 

"You're assuming I know how to spell 'conscience'." Juneberry threw some finger guns in Harmony's direction, with a wink. Harmony's expression became less than pleased.

"What do you suppose it will be like? Is that anything like those who think they can perform divination?" Kiran wondered aloud.

"My Mother says that's all a bunch of made up bunk by people who want to seem mysterious. Besides, I wouldn't trust anyone who claims to be in contact with the Gods. Transmiscience on the other hand, to answer your question Kiran, is a necessary skill that used to only be taught to older students. However, apparently there have been issues with extra senses awakening early in the students here, as well as the recent inclusion of magicalkin students as well, so basic courses have been accelerated to start immediately." 

Sorrel widened a grim smile. "Fey are exempt from it... cuz we're born knowing." 

Juneberry couldn't stifle her dramatic gulping. "Y-you uh.. haven't used it since you got here have you?"

"O-oh, oh no. Sorrel is a good girl. I would..never.." She shook her head, looking down. "I-it's why I.. I don't look at y-your eyes.." 

Kiran gave Sorrel a smile, "Sorrel *is* a good girl."

"Sorrel *is* a good girl." "She's so good." Harmony and Juneberry smiled as well, repeating after Kiran and nodding to each other. Sorrel's smile widened to the back of her jaw and she looked down even further, shrugging her shoulders.

"Wait, but, Sorrel, if you already know Transmysi.. trans.. that stuff, what are you gonna do while we take the class?" Juneberry grit her teeth during her pronunciations.

"O-oh. Sorrel will take classes for the fairest. My father homeschooled me o-on a lot already, so Sorrel is very smart." She prodded the side of her gums while she spoke. 

"What do fairest classes even teach?" Juneberry asked.

"U-um.. uh.. things like. Uh.. Lying. And h-how to know uh.. when someone is.. lying. I'm still not uh.. good at it yet, as others are.. but I am still ahead."

"Who teaches those classes?" 

"Aah. Uh. A.. h-her name i-is Baked Apple Crisp Midsummer's Symphony, though insists we shorten it to Ms. Symphony like the other teachers do. A-apparently i-it was the names of a...s-some scented candles exchanged for her.. s-services. Uh. Sh-she doesn't uh.. t-talk about h-herself though. Much. I-it's bad t-to know too many names of a fey." 

"What's her-"

"Ms. Jacksaw, while it's great that you show an interest in the lives of our peers, it is simply too early to endure your questioning, give Ms. Wolpers a break." Harmony rubbed a napkin around her mouth and her head fell into her hands leaning on the table. "At least wait until after she's had her first class to ask about it. And besides, oughtn't you be more focused on our first class? Transfiguration?"

Juneberry made a face, mouthing the word 'Oughtn't' and sticking her tongue out.

"Well, well, well. " A voice spoke up behind them. Harmony froze, her face immediately taught with anger. "It seems the rumors are true of the Heir to House Buttons are true, you've quite the collection of minions already."

"You!" Harmony and Juneberry said in unison, turning around.

Kiran saw a boy with a long, black ponytail down to his knees and his hands on his hips, who's sneer was eerily similar to Harmony's. His mouth spread out to a grin as he introduced himself. There were two other kids as well at his sides, each with neutral expressions seemingly standing there only to be intimidating. One of them who was considerably shorter than the other two wasn't having quite the effect he was hoping for. 

"Cyprian Vastel, of the most Ancient and Noble House Vastel." He and the two others gave a practiced flourishing bow in unison, most pointedly to a slack-jawed Sorrel who in turn nodded in acknowledgement. It was only after that they righted themselves again.

"What do you want, Vastel?" Harmony hissed through her clenched teeth.

The NPC wants to talk about: A significant death and has an agreeable attitude about it.

The NPC gives: a remorseful response

The NPC has information about: Historical or background knowledge involving a beloved NPC

Cyprian touched his chest, feigning shock. "Here I was simply extending a kindness to a fellow Noble Household in these dark and tumultuous times." His melodramatic airs deflated to a more serious tone. "I presume you are aware of the fate of a Sirrah Ephraim Gerbletoad[RG]?"

Harmony backed down seeing his demeanor change. "...I was made aware. Yes." 

"He was a remarkable wizened, though his end was not exactly untimely." 

"Where's this going, Vastel." 

"Auf! You are truly no nonsense!" The fake hurt on his face gave way to genuine concern. "...I understand that Sirrah Gerbletoad had many allies in House Buttons, beyond the ones he had in Vastel." He paused, the atmosphere became very tense. "And.. should you need accompaniment to the upcoming funeral, I can be available." 

Harmony's initial anger had completely simmered down to a begrudging anxiety. "..Thank you." She managed to say through a heavy pout. She crossed her arms and looked downward, Cyprian looked away as well. He spoke up again in a moment's time.

"Well, that is all. And if ever you should desire more..." He cast a glance over Kiran and Juneberry, "..More refined company, do let me know." Harmony gave a huff in response as Cyprian and his two cohorts walked away. Juneberry stuck out her tongue as they were leaving once their backs were turned. 

"God, even when he's nice he's still a jerk." Juneberry turned away towards Harmony. "Are you okay? You know I'd gladly go with you but... well.. y'know." 

Kiran, who had been watching this unfold, finally spoke. "What the heck is even going on?" 

Harmony gave a deep sigh and faced Kiran. "Ephraim Gerbletoad. Do you know who he is?" 

Kiran shook their head. 

"He's... was very important among the Ancient and Noble Households. Though like Cyprian said, it wasn't as if we didn't see his demise coming, but still.." She shrugged. "..Anyway, a Ball is being held in his honor that only House members can attend. Otherwise I'd take... y'know, Juneberry." She gestured to Juneberry next to her. 

"Why would you go with someone who clearly pisses you off?" Kiran furrows their brow, still processing what just happened.

Harmony groaned. "Aaaaugh because he's not... all bad? He's just really really frustrating. I dunno." She rubbed the sides of her head messing with her hair.

Juneberry put a hand on her shoulder. "He also went to the same preparatory school as Harmony and I. Funnily enough, he's the boy who dared Harmony to kiss me~" She gave a sly smile. Harmony immediately brushed her off and stood up. 

"Well then! I believe that's enough excitement for one morning, we simply must get to class!" She marched away from the table, leaving everyone to gather their things and catch up. 

"W-wait I still have que-" The sound of ensuing large bells ringing to demarcate the hour cut Kiran off as they spoke, "Oh shoot, you're right!" and the four of them hurried off to their first class.
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