Need Advice: Running FATE Core in RPG Solo
I have a simple question, I was thinking about running a FATE Core session in RPG Solo, the problem is that FATE as far as systems go calls for a lot of back and forth discussion. How does one simulate that kind of back and forth haggling with the virtual GM in the system in a way that feels natural? any advice would be appreciated. especially stuff like compels and creating aspects.
Can you give an example of some back and forth haggling?
(06-28-2014, 11:09 PM)Mark Wrote: Can you give an example of some back and forth haggling?

FATE as a whole relies on a more conversational and collaborative feel than say something like pathfinder or Savage worlds. There is a feature in FATE Core called compels. at any point in a story, the GM can take one of your character's aspects and use it to compel them to decide a certain way or make a certain action in exchange for a fate point. it may not always occur every time where it could be applicable. its really more of something done at the GM's discretion at a time when he feels it applicable to the overall story. still also it's entirely possible for a player to spend a fate point to invoke a stunt or aspect that may counter the offer of a compel. GM of course gets final say, but this exchange and light haggling is part of the FATE core experience. since an artificial GM has no concept of an overarching plot, and I as a player want to retain a sense of mystery as to where the story goes, I guess what I am asking is trying to strike that balance to achieve a balanced play experience that has a natural and rational feel to decisions regarding aspects and compels. Does that make sense?
In Settings turn on one of the Random Events. Probably for this the Mythic option would be the best.

When a random event happens interpret it as you see fit.

When you haggle with virtual GM think of what the chances are that you will or will not get your way.

For example, let's say you are playing and the virtual GM all of a sudden says to you,

+Event: Release / Riches

So you interpret that as...

"You look down and find your blaster holster is empty! Someone must have snatched it while you weren't looking."

So you ask,

"Can I use a Fate Point to see if I can figure out who might have taken it?"

Then you pick the appropriate "Get Answer" button. You feel that this is a reasonable Virtual GM so you select the "L" button for Likely.

You roll and get a...


You spend a fate point and continue play...

"Just beyond the crowd you see a shadowy figure running up the stairs of the consulate building. You can't tell if he has your blaster but your instincts tell you that this is the person to follow."
Thanks for the response. I was looking up to see how others have done it using Mythic, and for the most part it's pretty similar to how you described. forcing compels on random events and at other times usually at times when it seems appropriate. thinking of putting out a new adventure sometime soon. using FATE.
Always ask the most exciting question you can think of! 

(Dramatically, not action necessarily.  For example, the door is creaking open... don't ask, is it someone I know?  As is it someone I don't know?)

Use compels as soon as they are thought of (think of them as Instant events whenever you can 'solve' them) for both the player and "GM" (RPGSolo).
Interesting topic. I have recently discovered FATE and I feel I should have found it earlier. I am thinking of doing a FATE based thing next too. As for the matter at hand, I believe that I would just feel my way through the issue. Gallandrick has a good point about using a compel when you come up with one... after all, you probably came up with it because it fits the character and his aspects. There you are, weighing the options of getting resources attached to interesting drama, or paying some to get forward.

The trouble starts, when you feel that the compels are in the way, or are not interested in the possibility they create. That is the point when I would start ignoring them. That of course is not helpful at all for you. Without deep introspection I think that my limit would be about 1 compel per scene, should I come up with any. If there would be two scenes in a row where I could come up with something I would probably ignore the ideas for compels in the third one. This all probably boils down into a 1 compel/2-3 scenes ratio eventually.

There you go, my completely subjective 2 cents =D.

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