Hi all! i'm brand new to the solo play of my favorite rpg, D&D. i was wondering if anyone had pointers on how to use solo play most effectively? i'm disabled and now have to stay home, so i was wondering if anyone could help or point me in the right direction? Thanks
My advice would be to make it as unexpected as possible. Create or use a ruleset from whatever you want. An example of making things unexpected would be to roll a D4 and assign each number to an outcome of an unsure situation. Say for example, you are hiding in a catacomb burial chamber inside of a coffin from a large amount of orcs. 1 = Orcs ignore the chamber your in entirely and move past.. 2=The orcs enter and search random coffins ( 50/50 chance button ).. 3= They start hacking up all the coffins with axes.. 4 = Most of the orcs move on to different chambers, but they leave 3 guarding the one you are in.

It makes for some decent unexpected stuff that you cant always plan for

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