[Orcish Fantasy] The Warwind
This is an attempt at something different.  In the past I haven't (I think) utilized the RPG Solo engine as extensively as I could have.  At the moment I'm going to simply use the Mythic oracle to make decisions about outcomes, but I may decide to use an actual system at some point, assuming this thread continues.  As I say, this first entry is an experiment.

This isn't written with dialogue and all that.  It's simply raw story.

Inspiration is taken from the Ms. Orc series by illustrator Bayard Wu.

Let's begin.


It is the time of the waning summer.  The orcuk grow restless.  Zinzi of the Warwind scouts through the forest ahead of her clan-sisters.  She's left her cat behind.  The foliage is still green enough to hide her skin, and the brown of her arm- and leg-wraps shows the same color as the dying leaves.  Whorls and streaks of pigment make her even more difficult to see against the chaos of branches and leaves.  She carries her spear with its long, slender blade of iron.

What does she find?

Move away from goal


She hears the sound of voices.  And then she hears Orcuk being spoken.  Zanzi slows, stops, waits.  She hears a voice unused to the tongue of the humanuk, now speaking their language.  Zanzi doesn't understand humanuk speech, so it's gibberish to her.  She creeps ahead.

In a clearing she sees them: three orcuk with a like number of humanuk.  Males all.  The humanuk wear their metal skin.  The orcuk have the bones and hide of true warriors.  But the orcuk are not clan-sisters.  No orcuk male runs with the Warwind.  So it was spoken by Shoza, so it was agreed to by all.

Does she recognize any of the orcuk?


Does she recognize any of the humanuk?


One orcuk and one humanuk speak intently.  The humanuk smiles, the orcuk does not.  No orcuk smiles during parley, and that's what this is.  Zinzi knows it when the two grasp forearms.  The orcuk's hand encircles the humanuk's completely, and the humanuk grips like an infant.  The names of these two are known to her: Sunos of the Eagerbattle, and the humanuk "captain" they call Godwin.  Godwin has a given name, but Zinzi has forgotten it.

Orcuk and humanuk have no cause to bargain.  When one fights the other, it is merciless.  Yet here stand Sunos and Godwin, making a pact.  In the time of the absent summer, neither orcuk nor humanuk make war, but that time hasn't yet come.  Why would they choose to make an agreement between themselves now, when there are raids to be done?

Sunos is the right hand of Enuk, warchief of the Eagerbattle. He would not be here without Enuk's leave.  Shoza must hear of this.

Do they detect Zinzi where she's hiding?

Yes, but...

NPC Action


One of the humanuk glances Zinzi's way and his face opens in surprise.  He's seen her!  He shouts to Godwin and the captain and Sunos spring apart.

Zinzi rises to flee, her spear in hand if she needs it, but warcries erupt in the forest around the group of orcuk and humanuk.  High-pitched, ululating.  The sign of the Warwind, and here are Shoza and Zinzi's clan-sisters erupting from the multicolored foliage.  Axes and spears dangling with fetishes and bright feathers.  Warpaint blood-red or white.  There are a dozen of the Warwind and only six of Sunos's orcuk and Godwin's humanuk when taken together.

Do the Warwind get the upper hand?

No +Event: Block / Danger

Zinzi rises from her hiding spot and looses a cry.  She leaps down into the clearing to join her clan-sisters, who are engaged with the mixed band of humanuk and orcuk.  But numbers aren't everything, and Sunos's orcuk are able to hold their own, while Godwin's swordmen have the advantage of their metal skin.  Fail to strike them in their soft faces, or at the joins of their armor, and they can turn almost any orcuk iron.

She doesn't know how or why Shoza chose to follow her, but Zinzi doesn't care.  She'll learn the reason later, if Shoza chooses to share.  All there is now is battle.  She strikes with her spear and strikes again.  The air is filled with grunts and shouts, and the clashing of weapons.

Then Zinzi hears it: the charging roar of male orcuk, and the coughs of riding tigers.  An instant later the orcuk sweep into view from between a broad span of trees.  Six, eight, ten warpainted males, and Enuk at their head.  He is a gargantuan figure, easily half again the size of Sunos and dwarfing even Shoza among the Warwind.  Shoza must have known there was something amiss in the forest, and that's why she came.  But even she couldn't have been ready for the assault of Enuk and his finest males.

Do Enuk's orcuk get the upper hand?


Enuk leaps from his tiger's saddle.  A sweep of his axe kills a clan-sister, cutting her in half.  Shoza moves to intercept him, but the humanuk and Sunos's orcuk are still locked in combat with the Warwind females.  Enuk's orcuk are right behind him, wading into the conflict.  What was once tilted in Warwind's favor has gone wildly the opposite.  Zinzi's clan-sisters fall.  Zinzi herself is engaged with two humanuk.  Her spear can't penetrate their metal skins, and they guard their eyes.

Can the Warwind retreat?



Shoza breaks through the line of orcuk and finds Godwin.  She takes his head off with her axe.  She isn't Enuk's physical equal, but she is no less deadly in her element.  But the distraction of killing Godwin leaves her open.  Enuk strikes her on the side of the head with his axe-handle and Shoza goes down, bright blood shining on her face.  Zinzi doesn't know if she's dead, and there's no way to see.

Can Zinzi get away on her own?


To retreat from battle is not a dishonorable thing when there's no purpose to death.  Zinzi sees her clan-sisters defeated, and rather than face the wrath of the last humanuk and the Eagerbattle warband, Zinzi flees.  She rushes into the safety of bushes and close-set trees, a skirl of animal hide flickering away behind her.  Bare soles and toes find purchase in the beds of fallen leaves.  The Eagerbattle are behind her, but they are larger and slower, and they can't keep up.  No male orcuk is the match of a female in tests of speed or agility.  Some come close, but none has ever succeeded.

Zinzi goes from the slaughter as quickly as her legs can carry her.  She finds her cat where she left her, nuzzling through the underbrush in search of little beasts.  The cat looks up at her approach.  She doesn't shy when Zinzi springs into the saddle.  They are away in a moment, the cat surging into motion at Zinzi's word.

The clan-sisters of the Warwind must know what's happened.  Shoza has fallen.  Perhaps she is dead, perhaps not.  Either way, they are without a warchief, and Enuk is in the forest with the humanuk, making peace.


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