Other buttons
[?] The question mark button: This is the Game Master Prompt.

Usually when you are role playing the game master says some stuff and then asks you what you want to do next.

Since RPG Solo is kind of like a virtual game master I thought it appropriate that you have the option of getting some kind of game master prompt to make it feel more like playing with a real GM.

So, if you click the button with the question mark you'll get asked what you want to do next in different kinds of verbiage.

Yeah, kind of silly, but I thought it would be kind of cool too.

[&] The ampersand button:  Conjunctions.

What's their function?  Hooking up words and phrases and clauses like:

Example 1:
Move towards goal.

however <-- This is a conjunction.

Murder the gnome stable master at the abandoned hovel.

Example 2:
Confident female engineer.

though <-- This is a conjunction.


There are a possible 167 conjunctive words and phrases in the list.

Have fun!

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