Overview of the interface
The interface can seem somewhat overwhelming and confusing at first, but you only really need to use a portion of the buttons to have fun -- even just using one button can provide limitless entertainment.

The big area at the top, taking up most of the screen, is the log area. That is where the virtual game master will tell you things and also you can see a history of the things you type.

Just below the big area is your text box where you can type. Typing is optional; you can keep your side of the conversation in your head. However, it's more fun when you type out your story and questions and share it others.

At the bottom are the buttons that provide your answers. All you really need to use at first are the Get Answer buttons that answer your yes and no questions. There is a post dedicated to using these buttons in this documentation section.

So, for example, in your text area you type:

"Can I see anyone?"

Then, for example, you click the "50/50" button.

After you click the button both your text and your answer will appear in the log area.

It's that simple.
So what's the side text area for?     
It’s for notes, random text, and to set reminders to donate.
I must be blind as a bat, but I cannot for the life of me find the "text box" to type things. It's been almost a year since I've been on here, and I remember using it before. My previous adventure has a bunch of text I've already written. A little help, please? Thank you.
Hi Druzzrug,

Click the gear icon in the upper left hand corner and click the toggle button.

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