[PG-13] The View
“Hi you…” he whispered into her ear as he slipped up behind her, pressing himself close to her robed –covered body, and slipping his arms around her waist. He kissed her playfully on the side of the neck several times as she rubbed her hands over his.

“I just love the view from here” she sighed deeply as she surveyed the moonlight muted landscape from high atop the lighthouse apex. The sky flashed brightly for a second then faded as the beam of light rotated past them bathing them briefly in its brilliance. Their dark silhouettes would have been visible for miles had anyone been looking just as the wide beam swept across the sleepy ocean.

The new moon sat low on the horizon nestled amidst the tiny, white pinpoints of light twinkling against the inky blackness, reflecting like some giant light bulb on the nearly placid water below. The moon seemed to be watching them with its unblinking stare as it rose imperceptible higher and higher into the cloudless night sky.

“Come on” he gently coaxed as he withdrew his arms from around her slender form. He slapped her firmly on the ass and added “I think I can muster the troops for one more attack.”

“Whoa…” she called snapping the waistband of his briefs as he started walking to the stairs. “If you want to bring your sword out again and attack, the castle gate is going to be right here.” She teasingly leaned back against the glass enclosure of the lighthouse’s dome letting her robe strategically fall open exposing her bare flesh to the cool night air.

“Charge!” he laughed as he cradled his arms around her and lowered her lovely curves to the deck.

The lighthouse blinked its fiery eye again and again bathing them over and over in light and in dark as the battle raged. Even the moon, perched high in the night sky, seemed to blush at the view.
Nice scene.

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