Play screen didn't save my latest... Can I get it back? :(
Hey Mark,

I was doing another game in a game slot called "DD" in my story manager. While in that slot I recorded a bunch of stuff yesterday. Just now, I clicked save and then opened my Oracle save. Then when I came back to "DD", most if not all of my edits from yesterday were gone! Do you keep a backup or anything? Not sure why it's not saving... But I have a lot of plot stuff for that DD game slot that I rolled up yesterday that's now missing. I know I clicked save.  Sad
It looks like your story tried to go past what the database could hold for the story field. I updated the database to allow longer stories now. You should have gotten an error saying your story wasn't saved because it was too long but maybe that didn't display for some reason.

I'm sorry for anything that was lost after the max length but I never thought anyone would make such a long story.
Thanks. I never saw an error message. If it does error message, does the text remain in memory on the page so we can copy paste it someplace safe? 

So I counted the characters I have, and currently it's ~24000.

Maybe one enhancement would be to have some read-only fields somewhere that show your limit and current words. And when you're within a thousand chars of the limit, the current count field turns red and shows text that says something like, "Cannot save more than 25000 chars.", like this:
Character count: 24073 (Warning: approaching 25000 limit. >25000 will not be saved!)
Character limit: 25000

Just a thought. 
Thanks for increasing the space. Out of curiosity what is the new limit?
It's not just your text that is stored but also the HTML code which adds a LOT of extra characters.

As for the new size, it's been multiplied by several factors so let's just say no one is going to come close now.
But one can try! Smile
You da man Cool

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