Please credit Rory's Cubes on the front page

I think I donated a dollar to your project the first time I ever laid eyes on it.  I really like it that much.  However, being a peace-nik, I saw the grumbling on other sites about a lack of credit for Rory's cubes on the front page.

I own Rory's cubes.  They are not Mark's Adventure Glyphs.  They operate, as others have more eloquently pointed out, in a gamer space rather than a free-form mental space.  The Cubes are awesome in their own right, and I even have ordered a set from overseas.

So, this.  I like that all the other links are on the front page but without a Rory's link, the grumbling will continue.  I imagine anytime someone is inspired by something else, haters will cry foul.  However, Rory did not invent cubes, nor cubes with symbols.  Rory's presentation of them, like your presentation of MAG's is what connects it to users.

I did not write this feeling that you would side-step the issue. it would seem, to me at least, you are a great fellow just from reading your interactions.  I would like this "debate" to cease.  If it would cease by adding a link, please consider doing so.  Doing this will give more credence to the face that your glyphs are different.  More different than the Mythic tables are (which are copied, I believe).  

If not for me...
For Middle-Earth, The Rebellion against the Empire, and House Grryffindor
Thank you again for making such a massively useful site.

Frankie Blankenship
Hi Frankie,

Thank you for your kind words and donation; both are very appreciated. I'm glad you enjoy the site.

I added the link to the front page.

Best regards!
You are a gentleman, sir. I thank you. Now! Back to our regularly scheduled broadcast... Smile

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