Post Apocalyptic - My First Play
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This is my first time playing and I love it! Smile There are probably plenty of typos and stuff, but you get the idea.

Setting is dilapidated desert outpost involving sledgehammer and one of a kind flash drive.
My name's Ross. I'm insignificant. It's a harsh world out there and I got tired of seeing it. My problems are bad enough, but seeing everyone else struggle through their lives, just to starve to death or be killed by a raider for a bottle of water? It's too disheartening. That's why I live out here. I seldom ever see anyone. It's hard living in the middle of the wasteland. I have no community, no one to depend on. But I've got this shack to shelter me, my hammer to keep me company, and my wits to keep me alive.
Occasionally I'll have a bandit or a poor wanderer at my doorstep. That's just life in this world. But yesterday things got interesting. A slim, but healthy looking man burst into my shack unannounced. Healthy looking apart from the huge gash that went from his lower chest all the way to his groin area. I already had my hammer readied above my head when I noticed. He had fallen to the floor and was struggling to breathe. "You have to..." His voice trailed off. He choughed and sputtered, blood spraying from his mouth and pouring from his wound.
He mustered the last of his strength and told me
Trade with merchants at the palace.
As he took his last breaths, his fists unclenched. In his right hand was a small electronic device of some kind that had some writing on it. I, like most, cannot read. Whatever it was, this device was surely important to him. From the looks of his dead body, it was important to someone else as well. My mind raced. What could it be? Was it worth getting involved? Was it worth risking my life? And furthermore, how did I know who was the bad guy here? My instinct was to feel sympathy for the murdered man, but who knows? Maybe he deserved it? It's likely that whoever did this is still looking for him.
after searching his body I took it out back and hid it in some bushes. He was carrying only the flash drive and
Excellent first aid kit.
There was nothing in the kit that would have saved him, but perhaps it will be of use to me. I search the First Aid Kid to se if there is anything hidden among it's contents. Do I find anything out of the ordinary?
Above average duct tape.
Not something you might consider medical gear, but hey, Duct Tape fixes everything, right? Considering that I am still unsure about this and I feel certain that this man was being pursued, I hide the device as well, tucking it into my worn leather boots. Just then there is a loud banging on the door. I grab my hammer and open the door to find
Athletic overlord.
Distracted chemist.
Two men stand at my door. One is clearly an intellectual type. His seems worried, like his mind is elsewhere. The other is a large man, almost as large as me. Obvious this one was doing the pounding. "Seen anyone?" He demands angrily. "Just a couple of rude idiots beating on my door in the middle of the night! Can I help you?" He glares and clenches his fist. I tighten the grip on my hammer. Does he attack?
Yes, but...
He takes a swings at me but the wiry man at his side pulls on his arm, causing him to miss. "Control yourself!" the little man yells. I glare at the attacker. "What the hell do you want?"
"We are looking for someone. He has something that belongs to us."
"I haven't seen anyone for quite a while. I have a one eyed fellow come through here last wek trying to trade me a dried out cat for a place to sleep, that your guy?"
"I'm afraid not," the brain replies, "sorry to have bothered you." He grabs muscles and pulls him toward the door. Do they spot the blood?
The brute whirls around and swings his large fist at me
Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.
I wake up to find my shack has been ransacked. I get up and my head begins to thump with pain. I look around to see if they've taken anything. Is the first aid kit missing?
I'll have to do without it. Is the flash drive missing?
I plop down on my bed and gather my thoughts. It dawns on me that I have no idea how long I've been out and they could still be around. I go outside and look around. Do I see them?
Yes, but...
I see them in the distance, but they don't spot me and they seem to be leaving. I feel pretty certain that they didn't find the body and they assume he wasn't he after all. Otherwise, they'd probably not have given up so easy on their hunt for the electronic device. I decide to carry out, or at least look into, the dying man's final wish. The Palace is a long journey from here and it'll almost certainly be dangerous, but I have nothing better to do. As much as I enjoyed my retreat from the troubles of the world, cabin fever was definitely starting to get to me.
I gather some provisions, and of course my hammer. I go out back and hide the body a little better in case anyone else comes snooping and then I head out toward
Crossroads is a run down little shanty town. It's mostly full of trouble makers who are too cowardly to be real raiders. Instead they turn to pick pocketing and other petty crimes. Along with less than desirable jobs, such as prostitution. Unfortunately, this town is the only one I'll see for quite some time on my way to The Palace, so it'll have do due. I'll stay long enough to refill any dwindling provisions and get a bed. I might even get a hot meal. It should be about three days of steady foot travel stopping only to sleep and eat.
I could probably manage it sooner without my hammer, but what fun would that be? I don't wanna wander the wastes with a machete or a lead pipe like everyone else. I smile as I think of the hesitation that most bandits succumb to when they see a bulky man with a sledge hammer raised above him.
Do I run into any trouble on my first day?
I make camp for the night and prepare for some much needed sleep.
Do I run into any trouble on my first night?
I get up early and set out for another day of travel, feeling refreshed. I am making good progress so far.
Do I run into any trouble on my second day?
Yes, but...
I feel like I may be coming down with a bit of a cold or something. However, it's only a scratchy throat and stuffy head right now. It isn't slowing me down yet. I settle into a new camping spot and get ready for bed.
Do I run into any trouble on my second night?
No, but...
I have a decent night but I wake up to find my sickness has gotten worse. It still isn't slowing me down, but it's definitely an inconvenience. I set out for my final day of travel. I should arrive at Crossroads by early evening.
Do I run into any trouble?
Bandit s.
How many
2 = 2[d3]
Are they armed?
No, but...
A couple of men approach. They are clearly looking for trouble. They aren't armed, but they do look like they could handle themselves in a fight. As they get walk up to me I grab my hammer. "Look fellas, I don't have anything other than dwindling rations of food and water. You sure it's worth it?" They glance at my hammer and then at each other.
Do I intimidate them?
They keep coming. They've made up their minds. My hammer and my stature give me a good deal of range so I take the first swing. Do I connect?
My hammer smashes through the head of the bandit on the left like it's made of mud. Does this scare of the second one?
No, but...
He doesn't run but he hesitates. Good enough. I take another swing. Do I connect?
Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.
He throws up his hand to block the blow and it crushes it, rendering it useless. He makes a pitiful attempt with his off hand. Does he hit me?
I swing my hammer again. Do I connect?
Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.
I come down on the opposite side this time hitting his shoulder. It makes a sickening crunch. And he crumbles to the ground. I swing my hammer at his head. Does it kill him?
Yes, and...
Both of them dead, I search their bodies. My search turns up some bloodleaf flowers. The junkies in Crossroads will love this stuff. I should be able to rest comfortable with this to barter.
My scuffle cut into my travel time and wore me down a bit. I end up arriving late in the night. I see the light of the town up ahead. be continued

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