[Primal SF] Planet Leviathan
Planet Leviathan is inspired by video games by Capcom and Ubisoft.  It uses The Black Hack as its core system, in addition to the supplement, The Hunter Hack.

The character sheet for Wish, our lead character, can be found here.


It is time to hunt.  More importantly, it is time to hunt alone, because Wish Harper has been granted rank sufficient to venture into the wildlands without the supervision of another hunter.  She is nineteen years old.  If she succeeds in bringing back meat and other valuable trophies, she will be allowed to hunt alone again, or as the leader of other hunters.  If she fails, she will return to her previous rank, apprenticing under a hunter more her senior.  Or she could simply die out there, which is the likeliest option for any human being on her own in the wildlands.

She leaves Inanna, the settlement she has called home for her entire life, and ventures into the dense forest.  Inanna has existed for fewer than twenty years, and it is only a small settlement of fewer than a hundred men, women and children.  They have carved out a tiny space in the forest, including a modest area for cultivation of crops, but for the most part the people of the settlement rely upon gathering techniques and the trophies of the hunters for their food, clothing and tools.  Only a dozen of the strongest, fittest adults of Inanna can hunt.  Most are badly scarred, or carry terrible injuries which will eventually get them killed.  It is not safe in the wildlands, not at all.  Even hunting in groups is dangerous.  Hunting alone is the harshest test of any hunter's mettle.

Wish has the hunting grounds a day from Inanna as her destination.  A spring feeds a small lake, and beasts come to water there. All kinds of beasts, small and large, some to feed on the lush, green vegetation, others to feed on the other beasts.

Does she make it there without incident?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

Introduce a new NPC



Roll against Wish's WIS 15

12 = 12[d20]

Wish navigates quickly around the massive trunks of the forest.  Double canopies are many meters overhead, some of the trees as big around as two homes.  Low growth can reach over Wish's height.  Anything can hide in the vegetation, so a hunter must stay alert at all times.  Wish is young, but she's experienced enough to know this basic tenet.  That's why she hears the movement of an attacker before they have a chance to strike.

A man lunges out from behind a thicket of bushes, brandishing a spear with a tip made of carved gharkarhi tusk.  His war cry echoes in the high chamber of the forest, but the weapon misses.  He has the warpaint of Ubar settlement.  Wish has the white paint of Inanna settlement, and her hunting skins bear similar markings.  Ubar hunters wear almost nothing except breechclouts made from the mottled skin of zamas.  He wears a leather thong around his neck with a piece of decorated bone.  The sides of his head are closely shaved.  His body is crisscrossed with scars, self-inflicted and otherwise.

Wish has her dagger and bow, but no other weapons.  She came here to hunt, not to make war.  They'd all heard the rumors that Ubar settlement was preparing to move against them.  Apparently the rumors were true.

Are there any others with him?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

How many?

4 = 4[d4]

More movement.  This Ubar warrior has come with a whole raiding party.  They come scrambling through the green toward Wish.  She has only a split second to decide what to do.

She runs for it.

Settlers go barefoot in the forest, and Wish is no exception.  She springs off the bed of dead leaves and needles, onto a fallen log, then leaps to the far side.

Can she put some distance between herself and the Ubar warriors?  Test against DEX 16 with a +5 modifier.

7 = 2[d20]+5

Wish's tactic throws the Ubar off guard, and Wish is able to get a head start on them.  She chooses not to double back toward Inanna, because she's more than half a day away and she'd never make it there before she'd tire and the Ubar would run her down.  Instead she plunges ahead, hoping she can lose herself where the forest is dense.  She's a little tall for a woman (170 cm), but she's exceptionally quick.  It's what kept her alive during her apprenticeship, and it may save her now.

She has to lose them as fast as she can.

But can she?  Test against DEX 16.  Same modifier as before.

19 = 14[d20]+5

They gain on her.  A spear comes slicing through the branches of a medium-sized pine tree.  The stone tip cuts her arm open (2 dmg, so she is not at 8 HP), then sails away to hit the ground ahead of her.  Wish dives, rolls and comes up with the spear in her hand.  She hurls it at her lead pursuer, an Ubar woman wearing a half-mask carved from hardwood.

4 = 4[d20]

6 = 6[d6]

[The Ubar Warriors are HP 4]

The spear buries itself in the center of the woman's chest.  The woman goes down instantly.  Wish catches a glimpse of the bloody tip jutting from the dead Ubar woman's back before Wish is on the move again, hoping once more to get clear of the remaining Ubar.

Test against DEX once more. Only +4 modifier.

11 = 7[d20]+4

The Ubar slow at the death of their companion.  Wish keeps going.  She hears the scarred Ubar shouting at the others, don't stop, but Wish's fight has clearly rattled them.  She spots where the ground splits, a short decline on one side choked with vegetation.  Wish takes this opportunity.  If she can conceal herself before the Ubar warriors gather themselves, she may have a chance.

She has distance on the Ubar, so this is a test against INT 15 with only +2 modifier, since all the Ubar warriors are looking for her.

22 = 20[d20]+2

Wish makes the drop, but she miscalculated.  The scarred Ubar was already within striking distance, having outpaced the others in seconds.  He throws his spear at the same time Wish moves, and she takes the carved bone tip badly in the leg [4 dmg, so she is now at 4 HP].  She crashes into the bushes instead of landing gracefully among them, falling hard on her side with the breath knocked out of her.

The Scarred One draws his dagger.  This isn't tusk, but made of deckplate, the most precious of weapon commodities on Nibiru since the Stranding.  A sharpened blade of deckplate can cut through even the hardest boiled leather armor, and Wish is only in skins.  He's bigger and heavier than her.  She's wounded and bleeding.

Does the scent of blood attract a beast?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Ambiguous event



A sudden crashing not far away, and a splitting screech draws the Scarred One's attention away from Wish.  The others, appearing close behind him, likewise come up short.  All of them see the threat:

A chaka is a bipedal saurian less than a meter in height.  They usually hunt in packs of 1-4.

3 = 3[d4]

Three chaka bear down on the group, tails striking out straight behind them as they hurtle forward on powerful hind legs.  They are colorful creatures, beautiful in their own way, but quick and deadly with tooth and claw.  Everyone, Wish included, barely has a moment to process the threat before it is eclipsed by another: a massive thatha, five times the size of the attacking saurians.  It seems to spring from nowhere, and snatches up the trailing chaka between dagger-sharp teeth.  It wails before its lungs are penetrated and its ribcage crushed.

The Ubar immediately lose interest in Wish, because chaka on their own are a threat, but a thatha is an animal only a dozen or more hunters would take on.  The chaka split away, too, making a run for it.  As blood spills down the thatha's snout, it turns its attention to the humans.

What do the Ubar do?  Reaction roll.

1 = 1[d8]

7 = 7[d8]

Wish is still on the ground when the Ubar, led by the Scarred One, make a break for it.  They scream for help, which tells Wish there are other Ubar out there in the forest somewhere close enough to be heard.

Does the thatha pursue them?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

The Ubar are barely able to make it ten meters before the thatha is on them, making mighty strides through the low growth of the forest floor.  It grabs one of the Ubar warriors, rips him open with a bite, but casts the corpse aside in favor of pursuing the rest.  Within seconds they are out of sight, the Scarred One's voice distinct, calling for aid, and the bellow of the thatha dominating the forest.

Wish grabs the Scarred One's spear from where it lies nearby, coated in her blood.  It's heavy, but she can use it.

Does another threat appear?

(Unlikely | 4[d10]) No

She has no time to tend to her wounds, because even though no other beast makes itself known, there will be many drawn to the thatha's kills.  Wish has to move.  The spring isn't too far.  She can make it there on her injured leg, but probably not much farther without attending to it.  It'll have to be good enough.

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In our last session, Wish Bailey, daughter of two original colonists on the planet Nibiru, embarked on her first solo hunt in the wildland forest beyond her settlement.  She thought her biggest worry would be the beasts which roam that forest, but instead she ran afoul of war party from a competing settlement, Ubar.  Led by a man Wish thinks as "Scarred One," the war party very nearly killed Wish in a deadly race across the forest floor.  Only the timely interference of hunting beasts allowed to escape, wounded and alone.

As before, we are using The Black Hack as our ruleset, with material from the supplement, The Hunter Hack.  The character sheet for Wish is located here.  Major NPC, Scarred One, introduced by random element in the previous session, has a character sheet of his own, and it can be found here.

For those interested in getting a peek behind the screen, I posted the campaign seed for Planet Leviathan here.


Injured in the leg and arm, Wish's progress through the forest is slow.  Pain and blood-loss are significant.  She's been hurt before, every hunter has, but never this badly.  The fact that she's still alive is something of a gift.

Her destination is the clear spring which feeds a nameless lake where beasts come to water.  Does she make it there without incident?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

PC positive



She's not sure how long she limps through the forest before she hears a pitiful mewling somewhere up ahead.  Wounded though she may be, she's still a hunter and these are still the wildlands, so she is immediately on her guard.  She crouches as best she can, and works her way toward the sound, which seems more pathetic than dangerous.  But assuming the latter could get her killed.

Test DEX with advantage, moving silently.

18 = 18[d20]

6 = 6[d20]

Wish takes the second roll for a success.

She thinks she makes too much noise, moving through branches and across the layer of dead leaves and needles coating the forest floor.  But it seems she's quieter than she suspects, and she comes to a fallen tree, a tall on its side as Wish is when standing upright.  Climbing it is torture, but there are plenty of finger- and toe-holds in the rotten bark.  At the top she lies flat, and sees the source of the sound.

An azusa is a kind of slow-moving, plant-eating beast some of the settlers in Inanna equate to a "cow" in size and temperament.  Though the description of these cows does not include a series of bony armor plates from head to tail, nor a broad, low stance with still more bone forming protrusions on the sides to discourage close encounters with predators.  Azusa aren't generally dangerous unless riled by sudden noise or movement.  Getting close to them is likewise a poor decision, and they can suddenly charge or lash out, more from fear than any sort of real aggression.

The azusa Wish sees now has been badly mangled.  It lies mostly on its side, its armor plating ripped almost completely loose.  The creature has been partly gutted, its insides spilled.  Already some of the smaller predators of the forest, the hard-shelled ganyah, have begun to feed on the beast's living flesh.  As Wish watches, the azusa cries out in misery.

Wish has seen dead azusa before, either killed by larger beasts or by the experienced hunters of Inanna, but she has never seen one left to die in so much agony.  Whatever attacked the creature didn't even bother to finish the azusa off.  Heavy claw prints are all around its dying body, including evidence of many azusa passing through on the run.  This one was too old, or too slow, to make its escape with the others, and now its death-cries echo in the forest.  Wish grips the spear she took from Scarred One as the azusa lets loose another pathetic, ululating lament.

She comes to a decision.  She lowers herself painfully down the side of the tree and approaches the dying azusa.  It can't flee, though the ganyah scatter, long antennae waving, clicking their mandibles.

The dense bone of the azusa armor can be worked by master carvers into protective shields and other gear, though wearing such armor slows a hunter down.  Wish didn't come with tools adequate to the task of breaking down an entire beast of this size, and she couldn't carry it all back with her, anyway, even if she wasn't wounded.  Still, she can get something.

A few of the segments of armor at the back of the animal's thick neck are loose and slick with blood.  Wish jams the tusk-point of Scarred One's spear into the softer tissue underneath.  The azusa screams in renewed pain as she uses her good leg to lever the spear against the armor segment and open up the gap.  Once that's done, she uses her knife to saw through the ligaments holding the armor to the flesh.  Her hands are slick with blood by the time she's done, but she has a piece of bone armor roughly the size of a large trencher.  It's heavy, but she can manage if she lashes it to herself with some of the crawling vines which grow near the bases of trees here. 

She listens for the sound of approaching predators.  All this noise and blood-scent is like a beacon in the forest.  The azusa's labored breathing and weakening cries make it hard for her to hear.  The ganyah are back, too, clicking and squeaking to one another.

Does anything come?

(Likely | 4[d10]) No

Wish takes hold of the stolen spear in both hands.  She makes a measure of the azusa's neck where the meat is exposed.  She gathers her strength, and rams the tip into the thick tissue around the spinal cord.  The gharkarhi tusk is sharp and tough.  She strikes nerves, wrenches the haft of the spear with her whole weight on it, and severs them.  The azusa's pained scream cuts off abruptly.  There is silence.

The beast dead, Wish gathers her prize.  She cuts vines and makes a quick braid of them in order to wear the azusa's armor plate on her back.  This would be enough for a successful hunt by itself, but she is still hurt, and she had hoped for some meat or skin when she set out from Inanna.  Her time in the wildlands forest isn't yet done.

It's good to have you back Sam. I enjoy the story. Keep it up!

Quick question. The three lines of blue text that give you a new event etc... are you pressing a button to get those, or is that something automatically that's happening from the "Yes, but..." result?
Those three lines come from hitting the three different Mythic buttons: "get action," "get focus" and "get subject." I don't have to hit them, but like with The Warwind, I wanted the engine to tell me what the story is and how to spin it, as opposed to me making all the decisions.
In the last scene, Wish Bailey managed to gather at least one prize from her trip into the forest wildlands: an armor plate from the back of a dying azusa.  But issues remain, in that Wish is still injured from her encounter with the Ubar warriors, and something mortally wounded the azusa she found.  After a close encounter with a predatory thatha earlier, Wish is acutely aware of the many dangers around her.  Blood is like a beacon here, and plenty has been spilled.

Because Wish has come close to achieving her primary objective — collecting beast meat or skins from the wildlands — with the azusa, she is very close to leveling.  In the meantime, you may see her character sheet here.

If you're interested in what music I'm listening to as I do these posts, you can find it here.


Wish makes for the fresh spring and the small lake where beasts gather to drink.  Hurt and in pain, she limp-runs along the forest floor.  She should turn back, but it's farther to get home than it is to move forward.

Does she encounter any trouble along the way?

(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

NPC Action


[Test against WIS 16.]

9 = 9[d20]

It's not long before Wish realizes she's not alone.  Something is stalking her through the foliage, hidden from sight, but not completely imperceptible.  She could keep running, but there's no guarantee she'll be able to outpace whatever's behind her, not with her injury.  It's time to set an ambush.

She finds where a mighty tree has fallen, and clambers up the thick vines coating its dead bark until she can perch on the splintered stump, some two meters off the ground.  She has Scarred One's spear, plus her knife and bow.  It's the bow she goes for now.  She hunkers down, arrow notched, waiting for her pursuer to show itself.

[Test against INT 15 to see if she's well-hidden.]

6 = 6[d20]

She sees him: it's Scarred One, moving alone along the forest floor.  He's lost his spear to her, but he still has his knife, the blade made from rare deckplate.  Such metal is taken from the remains of the crafts which brought the surviving colonists to the surface of Nibiru during The Stranding.  It is exceedingly valuable for its toughness and, when properly cared for, its sharpness.  A deckplate knife can hold its edge against nearly anything.  But all the weapons in the world mean nothing if the one wielding them doesn't know danger is about.  And Scarred One has walked directly into a threat.

Wish draws her bow, squares her aim on Scarred One's chest, and looses her arrow.

[Wish tests DEX 16 and Scarred One tests DEX 13, respectively.  Assuming Wish makes her roll.]

19 = 19[d20]

WHICK!  The arrow misses its mark, alerting Scarred One in the process.  He spots her immediately and makes for the cover of the brush.

[Wish must test against her bow's Usage Die of d10 before following up with another shot.]

8 = 8[d10]

[She still has plenty of arrows.  But her shot is going to be more difficult because of Scarred One's evasion.  She'll receive a +1 modifier to her shot.]

17 = 16[d20]+1

Her next shot only narrowly misses Scarred One as he ducks through bushes and behind the thick cover of leaves.  Wish thinks about continuing her rain of arrows, but Scarred One is too quick and too canny.  He is an experienced warrior, clearly, and she is on her first hunt alone.

She leaps down from the stump, spear in one hand and bow in the other.  She slings the bow.  In that exact moment, Scarred One leaps from the greenery with his knife extended.

[Test against Scarred One's STR 16.  If he hits, Wish tests against STR 10.]

17 = 17[d20]

Wish ducks away, feeling the breeze of the deckplate knife whipping past her.  Scarred One tucks, rolls and comes up on his feet.  Wish has his spear.  She thrusts with it.  The carved gharkarhi tusk point can penetrate even boiled leather, and Scarred One is, like Wish herself, without armor of any kind.

[Test against Wish's STR 10.  As before, the traits are reversed when avoiding damage.  If Wish hits, Scarred One tests against STR 16.]

15 = 15[d20]

The spear doesn't come close.  Scarred One is bigger, smarter, perhaps even quicker.  He comes for her.

[Test against STR 16 and STR 10, respectively.]

7 = 7[d20]

6 = 6[d20]

The knife is better-aimed this time, but Wish's luck holds.  She's hurt, but she's able to twist aside at the last moment, and the knife blade skates across her face, leaving a nick on her cheekbone, but little else.  Had Scarred One struck true, Wish's throat would have been cut.

She reverses the spear.  Scarred One is close.  She tries to strike him in the gut with the spear's haft.

[I think you get it by now.  Test STR 10, test STR 16.]

7 = 7[d20]

16 = 16[d20]

Wish strikes solidly, but if she hoped to put Scarred One down with her blow, she is disappointed.  Scarred One is a mass of solid muscle, his belly taut and as hard as the metal of his knife.  Wish succeeds in drawing a grunt from him, but that's all.  And they are still so close.  Wish can smell the oil of the ikhanda plant on him.  The ikhanda's leaves, when crushed, release a filmy juice that can be rubbed on the skin to repel biting insects.

Scarred One tries to tackle Wish to the ground.

1 = 1[d20]

11 = 11[d20]

[Scarred One has scored a critical hit.  His damage die is doubled.  Wish is in trouble.]

4 = 4[d6]

[Double the result and that's 8 HP, twice what Wish has left.  This puts Wish Out of Action (OofA).  She must now roll on the OofA table.]

1 = 1[d6]

[Wish is KO'd.  Whew.]

Scarred One's shoulder blasts the wind from Wish's lungs.  Scarred One drives Wish to the forest floor, and the impact rocks her.  She has barely a moment to register what's happened, and the pain in her skull where it struck the ground, and then there is blackness.

In the last scene, our heroine, Wish, was in serious trouble.  Having been wounded on the hunt by a member of the Ubar clan, she was eventually tracked down and rendered unconscious by a man she knows only as Scarred One.  As this scene begins, she has no idea what's in store, and neither do I.  It's all up to the Mythic oracle.

If you'd like to see the character sheets for Wish and Scarred One, they are both available on Google Docs for your perusal.  This game uses The Black Hack, as well as the supplement, The Hunter Hack.


PC negative



Wish wakes.  She is not bound, nor has she moved far from where she was knocked out by the man she thinks of as Scarred One.  She can still see the tall stump of a broken tree where she tried to ambush Scarred One, but was unsuccessful.  At first she thinks she's alone, that Scarred One has abandoned her, but he hasn't.  He squats on the litter of the forest floor, naked save for his breechclout, watching.  As befits the name Wish has given him, he is covered in scars, both ritual and otherwise.

He doesn't try to stop her from sitting up.  Her body hurts.  Her head hurts. [Wish regains 1d4 HP, thanks to the fact that she did NOT die in the previous scene.]

3 = 3[d4]

[She now has three hit points.]

They are silent until Scarred One speaks.  These are our hunting grounds, he informs Wish, and the Inanna aren't wanted here.  Ubar owns the wildlands to the ridge (many kilometers away), and Inanna knows it.

Wish can't argue the fact that Ubar claims this stretch of the wildland forest.  They've enforced their claim with violence, and more than one Inanna has died out here.  Ubar have fallen, too.  It's been a bloody contest.  Even without the beasts to contend with, any hunter is in grave danger.  Wish thought she would be able to avoid the Ubar.  She was wrong.

So what now?  Scarred One informs Wish that he's a hunter, but also a warrior.  Both callings require respect for prey or the enemy.  Today Wish is both.  Scarred One's companions were all killed by the thatha which rampaged through their initial battle.  Now it's only he and Wish, and she will have to die to make up for the blood Ubar has shed this day.

He'll give her a chance to run toward home.  After a count of ten, he'll follow.  If she can't make it, he'll use the tip of his wicked, tusked spear to pierce her heart.  She stole the spear from Scarred One, so it only makes sense she should die from it.

When does Wish run?  Now.  But she's hurt.  That's not Scarred One's concern.  A wounded beast can run, and she can run, too.  So go.

Wish is on her feet immediately.  Scarred One has taken her bow and knife.  She has nothing to defend herself with if a beast should cross her path, or if he should catch up with her.  It's literally a race for her life.

She runs.

[Test against DEX 16.  If successful, she can put enough distance between herself and Scarred One to make it a more even contest.  There is a +1 modifier because she's injured.]

13 = 12[d20]+1

14 = 14[d20]

Despite the pain, Wish plunges into the lush, green foliage and runs for all she's worth.  Her wound opens up.  She begins to bleed again.  It doesn't matter.  If Scarred One is even a halfway decent hunter, he'll be able to track her by the disturbed layer of dead leaves, needles and fallen branches underfoot.

In her mind, Wish counts to ten.  Now Scarred One is after her.  Wish does her best to set up a wild, irregular trail that's harder to follow.  When she can, she dashes along the length of dead tree-trunks lying on the forest floor, the better not to leave prints.  Maybe she'll get lucky.

[Wish tests against INT 15.]

She's a quick and clever girl.  The question is: how good is Scarred One?

[Scarred One tests against WIS 9.  He's not a great hunter, but he's a damned good warrior.]

13 = 13[d20]

Wish thinks maybe she lost him.  She stops to listen.  Yes, Scarred One is crashing around in the thick bushes and ferns which make the forest so difficult to navigate.  Now Wish has to make a decision: circle around and try to take Scarred One out before he has a chance to regain her trail, or keep on running.  It's a long day's travel back to Inanna village, and at any point Scarred One could catch up.  Wish recalls her mother saying something: even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Wish has never seen a clock, and the expression makes no sense.

A decision is made.  She looks for something she can use as an improvised weapon.  She doesn't have to kill Scarred One, only injure him badly enough that her own wound is not so much of a disadvantage.

There's another problem: does Wish's blood attract a beast?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Stop / Balance

She hears it then: the roar of a thatha.  Maybe not the same one from before, but close.  It's ahead of her, cutting off her chance to keep running, if that's what she changes her mind to do.  Now she doesn't have any choice but to head back toward Scarred One.  The only thing she can find is a length of fallen wood, heavy enough to use as a short staff of sorts, but not sharp on either end.  It's not much a threat, especially since Wish isn't so strong as a man like Scarred One, but it will have to do.

Wish doubles back toward Scarred One, homing in on his noise.

[Test against DEX 16, but with the same +1 because of her injury.]

6 = 5[d20]+1

She is utterly silent as she navigates the underbrush toward Scarred One.  He's stopped.  He heard the thatha, too.  He also has to know Wish's blood, which he's likely followed, is going to be a beacon for every meat-eating beast within half a kilometer.  The thatha's long snout can sniff out prey from [Far Away] and it may very well have scented them both.

Wish sees him, crouched in the shelter of a massive tree's extending roots.  His spear is ready.  He's not expecting her, but the thatha.

Can Wish get the drop on him?  [Test against DEX 16 with the usual +1.]

18 = 17[d20]+1

She steps on a brittle stick and it snaps so loudly even Wish is surprised.  Scarred One is immediately on the alert, and he charges toward the sound.  He breaks through the underbrush, and they are in combat once more.  But at that moment the thatha comes crashing toward them.  It was so quiet for a beast of its size, and without its telltale roar, it was as stealthy as the wind.  Now it unleashes a bellow that would freeze the blood of the hardiest hunter.

Scarred One breaks off his attack.  He glances toward Wish and she knows what he means: they must work together or die.

He flings his spear. [Test against DEX 13+3.]

18 = 15[d20]+3

The throw goes wide and Scarred One curses.  Instantly the great beast charges.

[Both Wish and Scarred One must test against STR 10 and STR 16, respectively, with a +3 modifier due to the thatha's overwhelming power.]

6 = 3[d20]+3

10 = 7[d20]+3

The thatha's jaws snap shut on empty air.  Wish and Scarred One clamber over the roots of the tree, using the rills of wood and bark as natural shields.  Wish calls for her bow.  Scarred One points back the way he's come.  It's a long shot, but if she can get to her weapons...

They run for it, the thatha close behind.

[Test against DEX 16 (+4) and DEX 10 (+3).]

19 = 15[d20]+4

8 = 5[d20]+3

Wish stumbles and falls.  The thatha is on her immediately.  Its teeth are sharp as Scarred One's deckplate knife, and coated with pungent drool.

[Test against STR 10+3.]

9 = 6[d20]+3

Wish is barely able to get out of the way in time.  The thatha gobbles up a chunk of forest litter and snarls, spitting out the rotten mulch.  Scarred One helps Wish to her feet so they can keep going.

[Another DEX test for both of them.]

7 = 3[d20]+4

5 = 2[d20]+3

This time they are both quick enough to keep ahead of the carnivorous beast.  They hurtle over obstacles, and Wish forgets completely about her injury, even though the pain and blood haven't gone away.  There is too much at stake now for her to allow herself to be hobbled.  Scarred One, likewise, is a heavily muscled warrior, but he can be nimble when he needs to be.

They navigate the forest floor, following Scarred One's obvious trail.  Soon they reach the broken stump where their fight took place.  Wish's bow, arrows and knife lie waiting.  The thatha is right behind.

Wish dives, rolls, comes up with the bow, already notching an arrow.  TWANG!  She releases.

[First a roll of roll of the bow's usage die (d10), then a test against DEX 16 (+3).]

8 = 8[d10]

5 = 2[d20]+3

The shot is straight and true!

[Damage 1d6.  The thatha is massive and has HD 4, which is why they've been at a disadvantage all this time.]

4 = 4[d6]

But the thatha has HP 18 = 7[d8]+4[d8]+1[d8]+6[d8]

The arrow strikes the thatha and embeds itself in the meat of its chest, but it merely enrages the beast.  It attacks.

[Test against STR 10 with the same +3 modifier for a powerful opponent.]

18 = 15[d20]+3

The thatha's teeth close for a potentially lethal bite! [d10 damage]

9 = 9[d10]

Wish is snatched from the forest floor and feels the penetrating stab of the thatha's bite.  She's flung into the air, cartwheeling, and then falls, plunging all the way to the forest floor once more.

[Wish is not having a good day.  She is Out of Action and must roll on the OofA table.]

1 = 1[d6]

[Another case of sheer luck.  She is only KO'd.]

Consciousness fades.  She's aware of the sound of Scarred One shouting at the thatha to draw its attention, and hears the war cry of the Ubar.  He really does mean to fight the beast alone.  But for himself, or for her?

In the last installment, our heroine, Wish Bailey, had experienced another disaster during her first solo hunt on the primeval world of Nibiru.  Set upon by warriors from another clan, menaced by the saurian beasts of the forest, and badly injured not once but twice, it's become increasingly doubtful she'll make it through this ordeal alive.

This game uses The Black Hack, along with the supplement, The Hunter Hack.  Beasts mentioned in the game should be familiar to dinosaur fans, including the thatha, which is much like the Jurassic predator, the Allosaurus, and the chaka, which are akin to the popular velociraptor.  The small kind, I should mention, not the big 'uns from Jurassic Park.


NPC Action


A plot

Wish awakes.  The rampaging thatha, which threatened to mangle her in its massive jaws, is gone.  So, too, is Scarred One, the Ubar warrior who doggedly pursued her after her escape from his ambush earlier in the day.  What plan does he have, if any, assuming he survived the thatha attack?  Wish doesn't plan to wait around long enough to find out, assuming she's well enough to move.

[Roll 1d4 to determine how many HP she recovers.]

4 = 4[d4]

She feels surprisingly well, considering, and is able to stand and walk without assistance.  She's bloody and slashed from the thatha's teeth, and still bears the wounds of the Ubar attack.  She is a beacon in the forest for every carnivorous predator within a kilometer radius, and it's only a matter of time before one (or more) of them come to call.  She has to go.

Can she find her bow?

(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

Can she find her knife?

(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

Thankfully her things are within reach.  She didn't carry much into the forest on her hunt, but she has enough to make her way.

Is the armor plate taken from a dying azusa somewhere around?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

... Wish finds something of great value: a thatha tooth.  It is in poor shape, having been broken off in some battle she failed to witness during her unconsciousness, but it is enough to fashion a spear-tip if given the right tools and materials.  It's less useful as a knife, as it lacks a real cutting edge, but that can be addressed, too.  Perhaps Wish will do one or the other when given an opportunity.

For now she has one goal, and it's been her such since she first left Inanna village on this hunt: reach the fresh-water spring and the small lake where the beasts gather to drink.  Though given her condition, she couldn't be blamed for turning back.  Wish is driven on, however, because this hunt is her proving ground, and if she can overcome these obstacles, she'll have made her name definitively.

She goes.

Does she encounter anything along the way?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

... the rest of her journey, half a day, is surprisingly free of complications.  Given the way things have progressed thus far, she half-expected the hunt to fall apart completely, but when she smells the clean scent of flowing water, and the lowing of azusa, she knows she's succeeded where she had been most likely to fail.

She is close to the beasts, and could be discovered if she's not careful.  She plans to avoid the lake proper for now, and go to the spring to wash and treat her wounds as best she can.

[Test DEX]

4 = 4[d20]

She makes it to the spring easily, ghosting through the underbrush to reach the waters, which rush across smooth-worn stones, glassy and clean.  If she can find the proper materials, she can recover a little more.  Some food gathered from nearby bushes could also help matters.

Can she find healing moss along the spring?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

... she's also able to find some of the clam-like creatures who cling to the bottom of running water, using the flow to feed themselves with nutrients.  They can be eaten raw or cooked, so raw it is.  Moreover, the moss can be applied directly to the worst of her wounds, wrung between her hands to get the juices flowing, then allowing that juice to sink into her flesh.

[In a normal situation, I'd roll 1d4 for the moss treatment and then 1d6 (1 HD) for the food, but in this case I believe Wish has more than earned a level-up.  She has accomplished her primary goal, which was to reach the spring and the lake beyond, surviving a hell of beating, so she deserves it.  Consequently, we're going to roll 1d6+4 and raise her to Lvl. 2]

6 = 2[d6]+4

[She now has 10 HP.  Much better.]

Wish stays where she is until nightfall, letting the moss do its work, and allowing the river-shells to sate her hunger.  She also has all the clean, pure water she wants, a real help when recovering from an ordeal like hers.  Once the sun ceases to filter through the canopies above, she finds a tree with low enough branches to scale and settles in to sleep.  The night-calls of the beasts of the forest are everywhere, and the distant roar of some great one Wish hopes doesn't have in its mind a trip to the lake.

Does the night pass without event?

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes

Restful sleep is a boon [Recover 1d4 HP].  Wish wakes once the first hint of dawn reaches the forest floor.  She listens for beasts before climbing down from her perch.

Are there beasts close by?

(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

Are they carnivorous?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Overthrow / Success

Wish creeps toward the lake.  She's hungry again, but there's time enough to gather food once she has a look at the beasts gathered at the lake to drink their morning fill.

Are they large beasts?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Are there more than one?

(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

She sees a pack of ifu, small, brightly colored beasts which stand no higher than Wish's knee.  They are tasty meals when prepared, and not difficult to kill at all.  She should be able to take one, or possibly even two, with her bow before they have a chance to flee.  So she notches an arrow and keeps another standing upright in the litter of the forest floor beside her.  She draws, judges and looses!

[Test with Advantage against DEX 16, plus damage of 2d6 if she hits.]

6 = 6[d20]

2 = 2[d20]

6 = 4[d6]+2[d6]

[The ifu have only four HP, so a damage of six is more than enough to kill one.  Further, because that roll of 2 is so good, I'm going to allow a second shot.  I might even allow for a third if she rolls below a five a second time.]

2 = 2[d20]

11 = 11[d20]

4 = 1[d6]+3[d6]

THUNK!  Another ifu goes down.  The animals are only just now becoming aware of the fact that they are under attack, so swift and deadly are Wish's arrows.  She grabs a third arrow and looses is even as the beasts begin to squeal in fright.  They recoil from the water's edge.  Is she good enough to take a another beast?

14 = 14[d20]

12 = 12[d20]

11 = 5[d6]+6[d6]

Wish's final arrow finds its mark, but it's a near thing.  Three ifu have fallen, twitching in their death throes, as the others scamper away, stirring branches and leaves as they go.  It's just as well, because Wish has accomplished more than enough.  She can barely contain herself as she scrambles along the lakeshore, to reach her kills.  Meat enough to feed several people for a a few days, and skins sufficient to make a chest-wrap, or other light protection.  Their skins are not the toughest material, but good enough to turn a blade of bone if taken the right way.

She immediately sets about dressing the beasts to carry home.  She'll need a pole, something to lash the carcasses to.  Already there are insects buzzing around the ifu bodies.  Heat and moisture can spoil meat if she waits too long.  This is a task best performed rapidly.

Do other beasts come while she's preparing her kills for transport?

(Likely | 3[d10]) No

Luck seems to finally be turning Wish's way, after a disastrous series of calamities.  In no time she has gotten together what she needs to move on from the lake, the hunt at least halfway successful so far.  But the question remains: where did Scarred One go?  And where did the thatha go after it lost its tooth?  [We know from our oracle responses at the top, something is afoot with Scarred One, and we'll know what soon.]

Wish is on her way back to Inanna village before midmorning.  There's an added spring in her step, even with her leg injured as it is.  This may turn out well, after all.


Note: I have included references to the mechanics of The Black Hack all through this as a kind of demonstration of how the system works.  If you're okay with this, I'm happy to continue, as it means you're not looking at random-seeming rolls with no context.  However, if you'd prefer the entries streamlined, I can do that, too.
Addendum: when Wish leveled, she had to roll against her DEX and WIS to see if they increased.  If she rolled higher than a 16 or 15, respectively, she would be able to raise the stats.  Unfortunately she rolled a 12 and 15, so no increase this level.  Sad
In our last installment, the battered-but-unbroken Wish had accomplished her initial goal when setting out from Inanna village: reach the freshwater spring, and the small lake where the beasts come to drink, and obtain meat and skins enough to earn the respect of the other hunters of her people.  As one of the very first children born in the aftermath of The Stranding, she has a special responsibility on her first hunt.  If she can't make it in Nibiru's wildland forest, no one can.  Their generation would be doomed to die.

This game uses The Black Hack as its core rules system, and incorporates material from The Hunter Hack.  In addition, I've collected The Beast Hack, and The Beast Hack 2: Monster Madness, for their useful, convertible monster examples.  The Beast Hack contains stats for the ever-popular velociraptor (here depicted as the chaka), and The Beast Hack 2 has the Tyrannosaurus Rex (a close enough analogue to Planet Leviathan's thatha), which is quite useful.  The core rules for The Black Hack are open-source, and I highly recommend getting them.

A character sheet for Wish, our heroine, is found here.  A character sheet for her sometime nemesis, Scarred One, is here.

One last note: at the end of the last session, Wish leveled, and I made a small mistake when increasing her stats.  The Thief class (which Wish more or less is for the purposes of this game) gets two rolls each for advancing DEX or WIS.  I only rolled once each, and advancement was a failure.  I chose not to roll a second time when I discovered the error because, frankly, her initial rolls were so darned high.  But I also neglected to roll for her other stats, which I did later.  She received a one-point boost to her STR, which is going to prove invaluable in hunts to come, as well as any confrontation with Ubar warriors like Scarred One.  And speaking of Scarred One: he also leveled (because he levels when Wish does), and was able to get +1 improvements to INT, WIS and CHA.

But enough game-related chat.  You came for the continuation of Wish's story, so let's get to it.

NPC positive



Wish has a veritable treasure trove with her as she returns from the hunting ground.  With an armor plate from the back an azusa, plus meat and skins from three ifu, she is going to be popular upon her arrival at home.  That she also survived encounters with both Ubar warriors and bloodthirsty, meat-eating beasts will only add to her achievement.

But it is still nearly a day's journey back to the safety of Inanna village, and any number of things could go wrong.  The wildlands are overrun with carnivorous beasts, and sometimes even the plant-eaters can be dangerous if startled, or stumbled onto when in numbers.  So Wish is as careful as she can be.  Her ears are pricked to catch any sound out of the ordinary, any indicator among the hoots and cries and distant roars which might indicate some deadly threat.

[Test against WIS 15.]

1 = 1[d20]

She spots the trap easily.  It isn't that the trap is laid haphazardly — it is well-hidden in the foliage ahead of her, in a natural gap between the trunks of two massive trees — but more because of Wish's finely honed hunter's instincts.  She was born to the spear, as some of the elder hunters said, though she would never be mistaken for a warrior.  Her talents lie in stalking and striking prey from cover, not open combat.  That's part of what made her brush with the Ubar warriors so potentially fatal.

But now she sees both the stretched-vine trigger and the hand-woven net beyond.  It's large enough to capture something the size of a chaka, or even one or two, and definitely large enough to sweep up a nineteen-year-old girl.  Immediately Wish stops, crouches, and tries to make herself invisible.  A trap needn't be attended, but something tells her this one has not been left on its own.

[Test WIS again.]

11 = 11[d20]

There.  Perched in the branches of a growing tree only four meters high.  A figure watching and waiting.  But did they see her?

[Test INT 15.]

12 = 12[d20]

They don't appear to have spotted Wish.  She was able to stop and hide in time.  This gives her an opportunity to work some things out about the trap-setting hunter.  Because anyone with the skill to weave such a net and set a trap of this kind is definitely a hunter, and no ordinary person.  Certainly no warrior like Scarred One.

Is it a man?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

There is something strange about him.  A man, for certain, because no other humanoids exist on Nibiru so far as the original probes indicated, but he's not quite right.

Is he an Ubar hunter?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

Wish realizes what she hadn't before: the hunter wears the face and body paint of the Ubar, but in different colors to what she's seen before.  The Ubar most often use dyes made from crushed bau plants.  The bau plant renders a blood-red paint that, while still managing to blending into a forest dotted with colorful flowers and leaves, instills fear their enemies.  This hunter has chosen gatsha yellow, which ought to be garish against the backdrop of the forest here, but again finds itself well-integrated.  The surprising thing about the wildland forest isn't its density or size, but the bursts of color on both beasts and among plants.  On old Earth, Wish was told, a brightly colored animal was a warning to avoid its poison.  On Nibiru, at least on the tiny bit of wildlands the people have explored, color is assumed to function as a kind of primitive communication: a pattern or a set of colors tell the beasts something they need to know about one another.

What is this Ubar hunter's color telling Wish about him?  That he's a risk-taker, no doubt.  He breaks from the mold of the Ubar, and goes his own way.

Is he young like Wish?

(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10]) No, and...

... what's more, he seems older even than Scarred One, though it's hard to tell behind the whorls of pigment on his face.  Wish can see the many scars on his body, though.  The Ubar ritually scar their own in echoes of those injuries suffered by those who survived the Stranding at great cost.  These scars aren't fresh or ordered.  This hunter has known long years in the wildlands.

Is he twice the HD of Wish?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

[Wish can't know this, but the hunter is is still a bit stronger than she.  Levels are a relative thing in this game, especially since they can be gained whenever appropriate.  Scarred One, for example, only Lvl. 2, but deadly.  Wish, also is Lvl. 2 and capable of striking down the right kind of prey.  This man may only be HD 3, but that's more than enough to cause Wish serious problems.]

Wish decides to creep to a better position, somewhere to the hunter's side or even rear.  There she can be certain to get him with a bowshot.  She is taking no chances.

[Test DEX 16.]

5 = 5[d20]

The hunter doesn't move from his hiding place, even as Wish circles away from his trap and to a spot shaded by a fern a meter taller than she.  She draws her bow.

[Test bow's Usage Die of 1d10.]

4 = 4[d10]

She still has plenty of bone-tipped arrows to do what needs to be done.  Some of the more experienced hunters have arrowheads of flaked stone.  Still others, the elite of the elite, have managed to splinter deckplate and make the strongest of all possible arrows.  These bone-points are the kind every Inanna child learns to make from the earliest age.  They are still good enough to kill.

She draws, aims and looses.  The air zips through the humid air.

[Test with Advantage against DEX 16, a +2 modifier for the hunter's HD above hers.]

4 = 2[d20]+2

11 = 9[d20]+2

13 = 6[d6]+5[d6]+2

[Damage is going to be high regardless, but we need the hunter's HP.  Roll 3d8 to go with his HD 3.]

22 = 7[d8]+8[d8]+7[d8]

WHACK!  The arrow strikes home just below the hunter's shoulder blade.  He squawks in pain and tumbles from the tree where he hides.  [HP reduced to 9.]

Wish takes no chances and looses a second arrow, though now she doesn't have the benefit of surprise.  If she can take the hunter down quickly, he'll have no chance to escape and give away Wish's route back to Inanna.

[Test against DEX 16 with an additional +1 modifier for a second shot.  Seems fair, since he's an experienced hunter.]

16 = 13[d20]+3

6 = 6[d6]

Wish's second arrow is as vicious as the first, piercing the hunter's arm and jutting out the other side, even though for a moment it seemed as though it would go wide.  The yellow of his body paint is stained scarlet with his freely running blood. [Now HP 3.]  All he wants to do now is crawl away before he can be killed.

A third arrow.  The Ubar must die.

[Test against DEX 16 with a +2 modifier this time.  She's still affected by the original +2 modifier.

9 = 5[d20]+4

4 = 4[d6]

The third arrow strikes home almost as surely as the first.  The hunter collapses onto the littered forest floor and is still.

[Wish will never know he would have helped her if she'd given him a chance.]

When she's sure the hunter isn't going to move again, she creeps forward with her bow at the ready.  She reaches the corpse, which has already started to cool.  She retrieves her arrows, though one is so deeply embedded in tthe flesh of his back it won't come loose.

[Let's check Wish's Usage Die now.  I have a premonition.]

2 = 2[d10]

[As I thought.  The bow's Usage Die shrinks to d8.]

She rummages through the dead Hunter's things.  He has a few rations of dried meat, plus what looks like a set of ifu skins similar to the ones she took.  He'd likely been on his way back to Ubar village, like Wish is to hers, and wanted one last catch.  This is understandable.  Suddenly Wish feels a surge of regret, almost as if she shouldn't have killed the man, but he was Ubar and Ubar nearly murdered her the day before.  Scarred One would have ended her life if it hadn't been for the thatha's timely intervention.

Wish leaves the body to rot where it lies.  It crawls with insects emerging from the litter underneath it, and a few fliers are already nibbling at its skin, drinking the blood oozing from the hunter's back wound.

Is now the time for Scarred One to strike?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

She listens.  The forest continues as it was.  They may as well have never met in this deadly fashion.  Something is always killing something in the wildlands.

Wish sets out once more, carrying her prizes.

In our last installment, Wish was on her way back home to Inanna village, where she will present her hunting trophies to her people.  This has been a test of her abilities as a hunter, an important role.  Had she failed in this, she would have been relegated to a minor position in Inanna.  Assuming she even survived.

Somewhere out there is Scarred One, warrior of the Ubar, who could strike at any moment.  He has some plan to kill or capture her, we don't know which.  The last time they met, he intended to kill her, but they were interrupted by a thatha attack.  The ferocious beast seemed to have driven him away, and he didn't return.

Wish means to get where she needs to go before Scarred One's plan swings into action.

This game uses The Black Hack, along with the supplement, The Hunter Hack.  Wish's character she can be found here.

NPC Action



[I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the implications of the word "violate."  I will probably choose to interpret it a different way.]

Wish continues on her journey, hurrying as quickly as she can.  She has the whole day to make it back to Inanna, but there's no reason to dawdle.

Does she encounter any beasts on the way back?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes +Event: Befriend / The spiritual

A large crashing in the foliage ahead brings Wish up sharply.  She hides in the shade of a spreading fern, listening.  After a while she hears the lowing of azusa, more than one, and relaxes.  Step by step, she begins to creep forward.  She doesn't want to disturb them, lest they stampede.

[Test against DEX 16.]

1 = 1[d20]

No one has ever been as quiet as Wish as she this morning.

[When rolling with Advantage, as Wish did here, she takes the lower roll.  Since it doesn't get any better, I didn't even bother with the second roll.  By the way, if you'd prefer I don't explain the rules as I go along, leave a comment saying so, otherwise I'll assume you prefer to have some insight into the rolls.]

She reaches the azusa and sees them plowing a path through the forest.  There are 7 = 2[d6]+5[d6] of them, moving in slow tandem, tearing off leaves as they go, trundling on short, powerful legs.  These beasts are far too sturdy and armored for her to take with her bow, so she'll leave them alone.  If one were wounded or dead, she could scavenge the carcass, but these are very much alive.

Suddenly one of them turns its head her way.  As quiet as she's been, it saw her.  Wish tenses, but the beast doesn't shy or run.  Instead it noses its way through the group to come nearer.  Wish realizes its armored back has been painted with symbols.

Does she recognize the symbols?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 9[d10]) Yes

These are the sacred markings of the Ubar.  Painted in yellow, like the pigments of the Ubar she killed on her way back to Inanna.  She doesn't know these are the colors of the Ubar shamanic tradition.  In the 20 years since The Stranding, many humans have fallen back on the old ways, the primitive cultural ideas which served mankind for millennia on Earth.  The Ubar are one of the most dedicated to this way of life, but there's is largely a hunter-warrior society, or at least Wish thought so.

The azusa comes to a stop in front of her and lows.  Wish isn't sure what to do.  She sees a juicy fern nearby and gathers a few leaves.  She makes a bouquet out of them, and offers them to the beast.  It eats them without hesitation.  It's so close she's able to touch its broad head, and the beast makes no attempt to flee.  It is a strange, bonding moment.  The Inanna do not domesticate beasts, as they are far largely too large and dangerous.  Even the azusa can wreak havoc under the right circumstances.  But this azusa seems perfectly comfortable with Wish, as if interaction with humans happens every day.

Are there other azusa with the markings?

(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

The rest of the azusa pay no attention to Wish and the Marked One.  They are wild, Wish senses, while this one is not.  It finishes the leaves and lows for more.  Wish obliges.

The other azusa move on.  Marked One hasn't left Wish's side.  After she's fed it a third time, she realizes it's not going to go away.  She bids it farewell and returns to her journey.

Does it follow?

(Likely | 3[d10]) No

Marked One lows a few times, sounding plaintive, but it doesn't pursue her.  Soon it's lost in the green.  

[Test WIS 15 with advantage.]

9 = 9[d20]

10 = 10[d20]

Wish travels without encountering any large beasts after that, though the forest is alive with the sounds of crawling, climbing a flying varieties.  She stops for rest a few times, then presses on.  After most of a day's journey, she smells the cookfires of Inanna.  This is it.

She hears the men before she sees them.  When they come flashing through the foliage, she sees there are 8 = 8[d8] of them, and they are led by Scarred One.  But they aren't headed toward her.  Instead they are on their way to Inanna.  The first watchers can't be far.  They'll raise the alarm for sure... if they see the fighting party coming.  The Ubar vanish from sight.  Wish waits until she's sure the watchers would have raised the alarm, but nothing happens.  They've managed to make it through Inanna's first line of defense!

Wish hurries.  A scream carries through the forest.  A man's holler of surprise, fear and pain, followed by silence.  Wish goes faster and faster.  She passes a tree where one of the watchers stations herself.  She's dead, killed by arrows which have been torn from her body.

More shouting and cries from ahead.  Wish sees the low picket of the village's perimeter.  It's not a great wall, but it's enough to keep back most small- to medium-sized beasts.  Unfortunately, humans are quicker and cleverer than most beasts, and they can make short work of the picket if they desire.  Inanna is not a warrior village.  They can fight, but they do not live in a fortress, nor do they have many fighters.  The hunters are the most capable, but even they are not focused on battle.

Even eight dedicated warriors can cause a massive amount of death, and Scarred One's people have been busy.  Bodies litter the village.  Scarred One has violated Wish's home, though it looks like they're confining their efforts to the outside, rather than going into the huts and houses of the population.

Does Inanna mount an organized defense to this surprise attack?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No +Event: Struggle / New ideas

Wish hurries to the place where the gatekeepers mind the main entrance through the picket.  The men and women who man it are not there, but Wish is able to clamber up and over swiftly.  Scarred One's rapid and unprovoked attack has left Inanna village on its back foot.  He's wreaking havoc.

Wish sees one of the Ubar warriors.  She drops to one knee, unslings her bow and goes for her arrows.

[At this point we need to check her arrow supply by rolling 1d8.]

4 = 4[d8]

[She has plenty... for now.]

[Test against DEX 16 with Advantage, since the Ubar warrior is occupied with slaughtering Wish's people.]

10 = 10[d20]

11 = 11[d20]

[She does 2d6+2 damage]

9 = 4[d6]+3[d6]+2

[The warrior has one Hit Die.]

2 = 2[d8]

The arrow flies so straight, true and deadly that it strikes the warrior in the back and keeps on going, ripping through his torso and flying out the other side.  The warrior is dropped in his tracks, dead instantly.

Is her attack noted by the other warriors?

(Likely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Wish sees Scarred One.  He's seen her drop one of his men, and he's headed her way, but the people of Inanna have some new ideas about defense that Wish hasn't seen before.  Rather than engage the Ubar on the ground, where the Ubar have the advantage of strength and skill, the Inanna's hunters (and a few of their "normal" citizens), make for high ground of trees and rooftops.  They are out of range of anything but arrows or thrown spears, so this buys them little time, but it is enough to interrupt Scarred One's counterattack, as he's caught in a shower of arrows.

Wish has one chance to stop Scarred One now.  If only she can make a shot like she did the last time.

[Test DEX 16.  No Advantage this time.]

20 = 20[d20]

This has never happened before, though she's heard of it happening to other hunters at critical moments: her bowstring snaps.  Just like that, she's reduced to only her hunting knife, and she is no match for Scarred One or any of the other Ubar warriors up close.

Have the other villagers made a dent in the Ubar war-party?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Scarred One's men fall.  He rallies them to his side and they return fire with their own bows.  They kill and kill, but it's not enough.  The villagers drive them back.  Scarred One has time to cast one furious look in Wish's direction, and then he's forced to retreat with the remainder of his people.

The war-party vanishes.  A cry of triumph goes up as soon as word comes that they've fled into the forest.  Many are dead, but the defense was successful.

Wish looks at her bow.  It's a reliable weapon, if not the best ever crafted, and now it'll have to be restrung.  Not the end of the world, but if Wish's fellow villagers hadn't held back Scarred One, he would have killed her this time for sure.

Wish has to find her parents and bring them the news.  She hopes they are not among the dead.


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