Procedural Map Tiles Idea
Hey guys!  Love the site and playing solo RPGs!  One of my favorite things to do is explore.  Because of this, I frequent map generator websites a lot.  I'm pretty sure I've used them all, lol.  The problem is, I'd prefer to discover the world myself.  Sorta like in a Skyrim type of game where the map is revealed as you go.  You can do this using only imagination but I like a visual element.  So I had an idea...Recently I was playing one of my favorite board games, Carcassonne.  In case you haven't played it, it is a tile-laying game where you connect square tiles as they fit together, forming roads, cities, and fields.  It's a favorite game of mine because every game will have a different map due to the random nature.  So I got to thinking, why can't this work on a tabletop RPG?  The way I see it, you start on a randomly drawn tile, choose to move in a direction, draw another tile, and place it down if it fits there.  To help me illustrate this, I call on my trusty Tabletop Simulator!
[Image: xQuLVRj.jpg]
This is extremely crude, I apologize, but here we have a road tile.  So I draw another...
[Image: tgtsavy.jpg]
And the road continues.  This continues and you have something like this...
[Image: EPU12g4.jpg]
Of course, you can roll for things to happen along the way.  I'm thinking you could have a variety of tiles (forests, towns, dungeons, etc) to flesh out the world.  If a tile doesn't fit the direction you're going, then just redraw.  Now let's say you draw a tile that leads you to a settlement.  If you choose to enter the settlement then you could draw from a separate bag containing settlement tiles, just as an example.  I'm prototyping things right now to refine it, but what do you guys think?  Comments, suggestions?
Love the idea! Keep at it you’re onto something good.

One site I use is Dave’s Mapper:

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