RPGSolo for PlayByPost Gaming?
Has anyone used the RPGSolo site to help as GM for an ongoing group game?

I've used Mythic emulator while GMing  for others before and it enhanced the drama in unpredictable ways.  

For instance a randomized port city docks encounter in a Final Fantasy rpg game became a life-long friend (and romantic partner) npc for the party that honestly, I don't plan on romance, and this finally added that in for me randomly.  It was a great turn for the campaign because it's what the players wanted (and didn't even know it).    

The great mix of ideas offered through using the interface is a boon to good storytelling.  Has anyone used the site as a GM's Assistant instead of a GM?  I know it's called rpgSOLO, but I was curious.
There was a member here, slaad11, who was also a moderator, and I gave him a personal sub-forum for his role playing group.

They had difficulty getting together in person so they would play via the forum. As game master he used the tool when appropriate, and provided settings and direction to his players. It worked quite well.

He has since moved on and I eventually hid the sub-forum.

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