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Edward J. Genre
The Father of Genres
His Life and His Legacy

In 1928, Edward Genre immigrated to America with his father and mother, Larry and Barbra Genre and his sister Mabel.

[Image: 8Cs8VeJ.jpg]

Barbra quickly rose in social circles and began the "Society for the Classification of Societies".

[Image: OWOF1OG.png]

Larry, shown here with Friedrich Von Diedrich, son of the great woman's hat designer Kiedrich Von Diedrich, stands next to his invention he latter called, "That thing that stacks paper."

[Image: hE0qA3A.png]

Larry won the Nobel Science Award for stacking paper very quickly, but latter had the award rescinded when it was discovered that he didn't give credit to Dr. Carl Slobodanka, a Croatian physicist from Germany who invented a machine for folding a piece of paper in half very quickly.

[Image: eDs4JxN.jpg]

Dr. Slobodanka was quoted as saying, "I would not have minded, but it is obvious that my machine was the first to manipulate paper.  What Mr. Genre did is a disgrace to science."

Larry, his debt and humiliation too much, died a few years latter, was buried, and forgotten.

[Image: 0NSzQvD.jpg]

Edward's sister Mabel married movie star Douglas Keeler, who later convinced her to begin an acting career of her own.

[Image: GGLAFMt.jpg]

Mabel Genre got walk-on roles in such movies as the comedy "Putting it all together"; an anti war film, "Groups of Men"; and the award winning musical, "The Stars Will Give You Credit."

Edward Genre, however, tried to make money finding a better way to do disbursements but felt he was going the wrong direction.

He later joined a cult know as, "The Great Owl Category".

[Image: UxCG0Gb.png]

The purpose, according to the cult's charter, was to find, "The Grand Unified Theory of Categories for all things related to Owls."

It was in 1939, in the hills of Nebraska, where "The Great Owl Category" was doing an excavation, when the idea came to Edward.

[Image: B8b2FGV.png]

"Perhaps," wrote Edward in his journal,

[Image: RkV0V4u.jpg]

"it might then be a good idea if so we had a separate type category for things such as for literature or other forms of type of art or entertainment.  And unbeknownst to myself if such a fancy will continue on in for a way of language, however, in throughout for future generations shall I call this new type of categorization a genre.

"And lest it be said for that anyone think that there derives this name from such a sense of vanity, it is but nay a credit to my father for whose love and affections this is but a pennyweight."

Soon after, Edward left "The Great Owl Category" saying, "Oft go they aside what not surreptitious or sure and therein play with philosophies gone wire."

Eventually he moved to San Fransisco and retired.  He spent most of his time categorizing literature and lived out the rest of his days very quiet and very happy.

[Image: fBeu5oE.png]

The end.

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