RPGSolo on Mobile
Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I like playing on RPGSolo on my iPod and iPad, because my computer is unavailable to me a lot of the time due to my brother. It works fairly well, but all the zooming kind of annoys me, also, I love MAG, but you can't really move the glyphs about. I would love it if you made an app for RPGSolo! This might be a bit too much for now though, so a mobile website for RPGSolo would be great too! I hope you're able to do this, and I'm sure there lots of others out there who would like his too.

Oh! I just found out there already is a mobile version, but could you please add the features that the normal play screen has but the mobile screen doesn't? Hope this isn't too much.
Hi aashi123435,

Here is a mobile version of MAG that responds to touch http://www.rpgsolo.com/mag/.

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