Rated NC17 Kult:Divinity Lost/Miso RPG
This will be a Kult: Divinity Lost solo utlising the Miso RPG - Minimal Solo Rpg system by Sophia Brandt. 

I will play a horror vignette with a character for a single scene or two. Then i will possible change to a different protagonist.

Kult: Divinity Lost uses the same basic mechanics as PbtA-games with character and GM-moves. I will use the Miso RPG system to choose between GM moves as i play. I am hoping this randomization proves fruitful and fun.

Since KultBig Grinivinity Lost is a dark game i've prefixed this thread as Rated NC17. I will add warnings to each scene as i go along.
The protagonist here is Sandra White. Her Kult archtype is the Artist. She works as a dancer, model and adult performer.

Her Dark Secret relates to her older brother James, who is mentally ill and have been inn and out of psychiatric hospitals during her childhood.

Sandra is an attractive woman in her mid-twenties. She wears normcore clothing that covers rather than accentuates her sensual body. Her face is captivating with clear eyes.

In addition to her brother James, Sandra have a meaningful relationship with her agent and on/off lover Alysha Lustberg and a neutral relationship with her drug dealer friend Curtis Zander.

Sandra has the following dramatic hooks:
1) You should confront your brother
2) You should develop your drug addiction (not specfying how this needs to happen)

At the start of the first session Sandra must roll her disadvantage move:
18 = 10[d10]+8[d10]
An 18 result means she is in control, for now...

Scene 1

Sandra have arrived at an underground psychedelic rave. Her brother has called her and told her to come. Sandra is afraid that his mental state is beginning to slip. The party is held in an abandoned industral complex. Huge metal fixtures used to hold machinery now holds strobe lights and loudspeakers. There is a cellar to this hall with several metal staircases descending down below.

All around her are twenty-somethings dancing to intense high BPM music. Most of the people seem fairly straight aside from their drug fueld emotional state, but some are clad in fetish gear with rubber, leather and spikes. They seem to move in groups, not interacting much with the other party goers.

Sandra moves around the chaotic scene slowly looking for her brother among the ravers. She rolls the Observe a Situation move:
13 = 5[d10]+7[d10]+1
a 13 lets her ask the question: What should i be on the lookout for?

She should be looking for a quiet corner from which her brother could observe the party. Preferable one where his voyeurism would be satisfied.

Sandra decides to go down into cellar and look for such a place. The cellar is sprawling with short corridors connecting smaller rooms. Some of these are packed with people, others are nearly empty. There seems to be more fetish gear clad people here.

(To increase the tension i want to make a GM move here. Looking over the list i rate "Give the possible Consequences and Ask" a d6 and the "Offer an Opportunity (...)" a d8.
3 = 3[d6]
7 = 7[d8]

Walking into a larger chamber Sandra sees a naked woman in a rubber mask pulling a rubber-suited man by a chain-leash into this chamber from an adjoining room. This would propably be something that would entice her brother.

As Sandra enters the chamber i need to decide if her brother is present. Yes = d6, No = d4
3 = 3[d6]
1 = 1[d4]

Her brother is present and to increase the tension i want to make a GM move. Activate Sandra's repressed memories = d6 or Announoce future problems = d8
1 = 1[d6]
2 = 2[d8]

In the next room a group of fetish clad people are congregating around a naked man tied to a X-shaped wooden cross in the middle of the room. A woman in a half-mask in smearing a red blood-like substance on the man's upper body. James, Sandra's brother, is in a corner. A short woman in a latex suit with cat ears and an opening which exposes her left breast is pulling at him, beckoning him to join the developing orgy. James pushes the woman off. She looks angry and shouts "F*cking retard!" at him before walking away towards two large menacing men with hooded sweaters adorned with a white circular symbol and black militray style pants. The men are carrying handcuffs.

Sandra walks up to her brother. "Hi James, what is going on?"
"I'm sorry" he says. His face twists in anxieties. His eyes glaze over with tears. His skin is sweaty and he seems to breathe hard. For a moment he seems distracted by the other people in the room before turning his attention back to her.

Sandra attempts to read her brother.
13 = 4[d10]+6[d10]+3
Sandra wants to take her brother out of this and asks "How could i get your character to leave with me?"
Her brother is willing to leave, but he will require closeness, intimacy, maybe even sexual, from her after they leave.
"I need to be with you" he whispers into Sandra's ear.

I want another GM move to increase tension here. Either activate Sandra's repressed memories =d6 or have the gang-member guards move in to capture her brother =d8
2 = 2[d6]
3 = 3[d8]

The leering guards approach slowly. One to each side of Sandra pinning her between them and her brother. "We'll take him out of here now" now of them says in deep voice. The other readies his handcuffs.

Sandra turns to the tallest of the men, smiling warmly. "Hi, boys! We were just leaving" she says and tries to pull her brother out with her, acting under prerssure.
11 = 6[d10]+4[d10]+1

Her brother follows her and they pull away from the threatning guards, but as they leave the orgy chamber the woman James had been talking to shouts out: "Hey! What about my drugs?".
"I told Lizzie i'd sell her my prescription" James says and looks down. The woman looks insistently towrds Sandra and James.
"Alright, alright!" Sandra starts, "but you have to keep the bozos away from us so we can make the deal"
12 = 3[d10]+7[d10]+2

Lizzie looks at the two guards and signals them to stop.

At this point Sandra rolls her Celebirty advantage.
16 = 6[d10]+8[d10]+2

Lizze has heard that Sandra has worked at a club run buy a mob connected kingpin Mr.Fisher.
"So you are Sandra right? I've heard about you. Club Feline on Stanley and Len right?" Lizzie says. Sandra nods in agreement.
"I need to get out of here" she says as she hands Lizze the drugs. "Maybe your boys can show us the way out?"
"Sure they can, we're nice people here. Maybe i'll come see one night?" Lizzie says before Sandra hands her the drugs.
James and Sandra leave.

End of scene 1

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