Science Fiction A Stealthy Infiltration
The first full RP I have done here, sorry if my first section is a bit messy:

The setting is occupied fortress involving worn-out phosphorescent lantern and crystalline squadron. Your quest is to fight your way into the time-warped structure. Trying to stop you is the ripper skilled in first aid. You are currently at the ethereal scout ship.

Sensitive spy.
Laser pistol.
Deteriorating antidote.
I, Zavis the spy, have been tasked with reentering the fortress recently fallen to the mysterious crystalline aliens who have recently initiated hostilities against up, and reaching the structure which has been time-warped to keep the sensitive material it contains out of the hands of the aliens. I have just reached the planet in my cloaked scout ship, and I begin my approach to the fortress.
Do I encounter any difficulties?
Yes, but...

the crystalline don't detect my approach. Of what kind are these difficulties?
Block / Adversities.

As I begin my final approach towards the fortress, a sizable Crystalline ship drifts into my course, making a crash inevitable if I do not manage evasive maneuvers immediately.
Am I successful in avoiding collision?

My fragile scout ship crashes into the much larger enemy vessel...
Minor Damage: Largely superficial; degrades performance, but not disabling.
but the damage is minimal, and my scout ship continues flying.
However, are the aliens alerted to my presence by the crash or a failing of the cloaking device?
Yes, and...

Alarms begin blaring from the fortress, and a squadron of Crystalline fighters speed out of the hanger towards my battered ship. Looks like a stealthy entrance to this base is out of the question...
I quickly change the course of the scout ship to the hanger bay, attempting to evade the incoming fire from the fighter ships and outmaneuver them to reach the base.
Do I manage to avoid the incoming fire?

Multiple shots impact the fragile scout ship, and I quickly begin to check the diagnostics...
Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Dent.
and I am surprised to see the shots did no damage to the ship, despite its complete lack of armor. I fly between two of the fighters, and begin closing with the hanger.
Are any able to loop around and follow me?

Luckily, it seems my maneuver caught them off guard, and the streak further away, leaving my way to the hanger open.
Does any fire come from the base?

A barrage of missiles are fired from the base, the close range giving me no time to avoid them...
Critical Damage: Requires immediate attention; clearly disabling if not immediately desctructive.
many of the missiles directly impacting my ship, throwing me against my restraints and causing almost all of the ships systems to light up red on my console. Quickly checking the ship's status, I find I have lost all control of the ship, leaving me hurtling towards the hanger at maximum speed.
Going through all of the systems again in a panic, I try to fix at least enough to regain minimum control of the ship. Am I successful?

Regaining some control of the ship, I am able to slow my decent considerably, but still make a hard crash landing into the hanger...
Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.
but thankfully only receive some heavy bruising as my ship scrapes along the hanger floor, shattering some Crystalline along its way, and slams into the back wall of the hanger.
I open the ship's ramp, grabbing my laser pistol and an antidote to the poisonous weapons the Crystalline seem so fond of using, noting with annoyance that the antidote's container seems to have been damaged in the crash, possibly compromising it's effectiveness.
I sprint towards the hanger doors and into the hallway beyond, illuminated eerily by the glow of dim phosphorescent lamps, hoping to get to my destination before the Crystalline can fully mobilize their guards. Do I run into any?

Luckily, I am able to avoid the paroling guards, using the shadows created by the dim lights to avoid the notice of any passing by. What do I see when reaching the location of the time-warped structure?
Neglect / Riches.

It seems the Crystalline have left the structure completely unguarded as a place completely insignificant.
I use the information I was given to enter the time-warp, and begin to examine what it contains. I find that there are some objects that seem to have been great treasures of the planet before it fell, but at the center of the room is a large device. What am I able to find out about its purpose?
Break / Masses.

It appears that the device is some sort of energy weapon developed to be used against the Crystalline, that would break the energy bonds that hold them together, reducing them to inert crystal.
I quickly begin attempting to activate this device, as it seems to have a range of effect that would disable at least all those in the fortress. Can I successfully activate it?
Yes, but...

as I am about to put the device online, I hear a loud sound like grating glass behind me, and turn to see multiple Crystalline at the doorway of the room. They must have found some way to break the time-warp! Leading them is a massive arachnid Crystalline, commonly refereed to as a ripper and known for its ability to reconstruct its fallen allies as well as its own ferocity in combat.
I quickly fire off a series of shots from my laser pistol to try to slow their advance.
Do I manage to hit any?

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.
My shots connect with a few of the Crystalline, but they are quickly repaired by the ripper as the whole group moves closer. I desperately begin typing in the final commands to activate the device.
Do the Crystalline make a ranged attack as they continue to approach?
Yes. +Event: Truce / Emotions

The Crystalline ripper fires a massive barrage of crystal shards in my direction, too many for them all to be avoided. A number manage to hit me, not significantly hurting me, but delivering a drug whose effects are immediately apparent. I begin to feel something foreign tugging at my mind, strongly pushing me to immediately stop my efforts at their destruction and surrender to the Crystalline, this possibly being some kind of psychic influence from the ripper enhanced by the drugs.
Resisting its influence, I take what remains of the antidote, hoping there is still enough to be effective against the drug. Does it work?

Distraught at the unrelenting influence of the ripper on my mind, I struggle against the psychic power to activate the device before the Crystalline are able to tear me apart. Am I able to?
Yes, but...

as I hit the final command and the Crystalline collapse into their inanimate components, the ripper emits a psychic scream that causes searing pain in my mind...
Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.
the pain driving me into unconsciousness and causing me a serious concussion. An indeterminate amount of time later, I come to, my head still incredibly painful, but my continued life showing that the device did work in disabling the Crystalline. I pull myself up by the devices console, cursing the now too bright lights as I slowly make my way to the fortress's communication center to contact command and inform them of my success, and request a ship be sent to retrieve me. Despite my possible head trauma, I can not help but think of the amount of explaining I will have to do to command about the loss of their ship during this "stealth" mission...

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