Science Fiction A Story's Tale
Who is my protagonist?

Clever overlord.

A clever overlord? Male or female? (1 for male, 2 for female)

1 = 1[d2]

Is he doing anything at the moment?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

Where is he at the moment?

Molten artificial planet.

So the overlord is taking a vacation in a molten artificial planet. Does anyone disturb his vacation?

(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Nobody disturbed his vacation, and the local governor welcomed the additional tourist income the overlord brought with his subjects. Speaking of subjects, how many of his retainers do he have with him?

11 = 11[d50]

Eleven? How many of those are his personal guardsmen?

10 = 10[d11]

Out of eleven, one isn't a guard? Male or female? (1 for male, 2 for female)

1 = 1[d2]

And who is he?

Snobby leader.

So there's a clever overlord with a snobby leader and ten personal bodyguards, and they are taking a vacation on a molten artificial planet. Nobody disturbed him because of heavy security, and the local governor welcomed the overlord because of the tourist income (read: snobby leader's lavish spending). 

What is the overlord's name?

1 = 1[d10]

Malachi Bloodgood? And the snobby leader?

2 = 2[d10]

Armand Lockhart? Okay then, how long was their vacation?

5 = 5[d12]

Five months?! Did Malachi get in trouble for taking an extended vacation?

(Somewhat Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

Nope, but Armand did remind him that he has work to do back home. When Malachi returned from the vacation, was somebody there to scold him?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

Does Malachi have pressing matters to be done ASAP?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

"Looks like I'm taking another vacation back at home," Malachi muttered to himself.

Did Malachi manage to take another vacation at home without any complications?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

"Hey! We just came from a five month vacation! If I knew we were going to be gone that long, I wouldn't have spent most of my savings!" Armand yelled, "My sector is a bit restless after five months without your guiding hand, Mal!"

"You mean without your hand? You don't want me to govern your sector at the moment, Armand." Malachi said.

Does Malachi punish Armand for improperly addressing him?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Armand's face turned pale at the sight of Malachi's cold glaze and three menacing guardsmen walking up toward him. He bowed down low to the ground and added "I-I mean your sectors could become even more restless, my grace. I beg you please at least trend to your subjects with an audience."

Did Armand's plea convince Malachi to take audiences before taking the vacation?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

"They know enough what to expect from taking up an audience with me," Malachi said, "just like you know what would happen if your tongue forget to properly address me in my own domain. Take him to the catacombs, and do what you will to him. He can spend the night there."

The three guardsmen saluted and watched Malachi walk away. One of the guardsmen glanced over at Armand and asked, "What should we do him?"

"Give him a break," another said, "we did just came from a five month vacation."

The third guardsman gleefully smiled. "What should we break? His arm, leg, foot?"

Does Malachi make any suggestions?

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

"Break his voice, but leave the tongue intact," Malachi said.

How long was Malachi's last vacation?

2 = 2[d12]

Reasonable at least. Did Malachi take another vacation after this one?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Okay then. Is Armand still Malachi's personal assistant after that debacle?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 8[d10]) Yes.

A friend's bond is a bit closer than royalty. Is Malachi taking any audiences?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

Malachi's stomach grumbled loudly as he listened to the

Judgmental law officer.

Male or Female (1 or 2?)

2 = 2[d2]

The overlord licked his teeth a couple of times. In seconds without Malachi noticing it, his glaze became less cold and more predatory. It was until the law officer's sudden change of expression of the kind of fear Malachi crave, but not in public, that Malachi notice what was happening. Malachi loudly coughed and said, "Pardon myself for being so rude." Malachi Bloodgood stood up, bowed his head, and added, "But I must take my leave for a moment."

Does Armand follow him?

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

Following an arm's distance Armand whispered, "What are you hungry for, my grace?"

Malachi turned at Armand with his eyes turning into a shining lighter blue color. With the same predatory glaze, Malachi turned toward Armand and said, "Old friend if you value your life, take that mortal's audience for me and stay well away from me for a couple of days. Close the audience hall after you finish hers."

Here I ran out of steam. Oh well, I'll be back later with another part up .
Armand nodded slowly at the towering overlord and said, "Yes my grace."

Armand turned swiftly and hustled back into the audience hall where the judgmental law officer stood with her personal bodyguard. Armand slightly bowed to her and sat down in the audience hall's chair. "I'm sorry our grace isn't available at the moment, but please tell me what you need of him."

Defeat the pirates at the royal biodome.

(Really pirates? Can we have something different?)

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No.

"Some hooligans calling themselves 'The Red-Kin Snakes' held up a

Ethereal medical lab.

They have taken the doctors and patients hostage. As a condition of their release, they want to fight the overlord in a battle inside Juno's royal biodome."

"Miss, do you realize how you're sounding right now?"

"I know. These are teenagers I'm talking about, but I was hoping the overlord or at least his personal guardsmen can scare these people straight."

Does any of the overlord's personal guardsmen take pity of her or the medical lab?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 4[d10]) No.

"Is there anything else these people want other than that?"

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

The law officer shook her head. "The leader said it's something about how the overlord was a weak petty tyrant who careless about his people."

Has Malachi been listening in on the audience?

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes.

Does he get offended by what the leader had told her?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Malachi reappeared beside Armand and said, "They will learn true strength. Argos, transmit a summons for a Cameron Blackwell. I will personally take this fool to the biodome myself."

Does the law officer notice Malachi's small fangs that formed in his mouth?

(Unlikely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

"My grace," the law officer said, "there's at least ten other 'snakes'. How are you going to get them all?"

"By doing what your civilian department should've done earlier," Malachi turned to the two guardsman behind him. "Vargas, get two of your best men. You're going hunting. Jose, take her to the Mental Restoration Chamber."

Does the law officer resist?

(Unlikely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Before the law officer could say anything else or move, Jose raised a hand toward the law officer, and the law officer fell into unconsciousness. "She was thinking about running my grace," Jose said.

"Only remove that personal bit she saw or had heard about me. Tell her what she remembered here and before is a mercy from yours truly."

Great, just what this story needs. Pirates. I need a break for a moment here.  :(
"My grace," Armand said, "going outside in the condition you're in is dangerous. Please let the guardsmen make the summons."

(Does Malachi let the guardsmen handle the summons?)

(Unlikely | 7[d10]) Yes.

Malachi turned at Armand and closed his eyes. "Fine. Vargas drag Cameron to the battledome after the hunt, but drag him in one piece."

"Yes sir!" Vargas finished off with a salute before heading over to the guardsmen tower. 

When Malachi opened his eyes Armand was standing beside the audience hall chair. Jose and the law officer were gone along with Vargas. Argos stood in attention with his holographic micro-transmitter open in front of him.

(Does Malachi take any more audiences in his condition?)

(Somewhat Unlikely | 6[d10]) No, but...

Malachi sat on the golden audience hall chair. He motioned the guards standing by the exit to close the hall's doors. As the doors made a loud and tight clunk Malachi said, "Argos, any new prisoners while I was away?"

(Did the guardsmen caught any spies, traitors, ect.?)

(Somewhat Unlikely | 5[d10]) No.

"No sir, everything have been running smoothly in your absence," Argos said.

"Hmph. Anything unusual at least?"

(Did anything strange happen while Malachi was gone?)

(Somewhat Unlikely | 3[d10]) No.

Argos shook his head. "All of Juno remembered your and the grand arbiter's threat of a crackdown if anything happened while you're away sir. Speaking of the grand arbiter, I think she wants to speak to you."

"Put her on the line."

Argos rapidly typed something in the holographic transmitter before a large hologram of a young pale woman in a green cocktail dress appeared before Malachi. The woman bowed her head slightly and said, "My grace, I am humbled by being here like this."

"I hear you have something to tell me."

(Roll 2d6 for gossip)

9 = 3[d6]+6[d6]

"I hear that our harbors will be carrying a dangerous stack of goods soon," the grand arbiter said, "and I have agents already looking into it."

"How long before they arrive?"

4 = 4[d12]

"Four months time, my grace."

"Four months too long. I want to know who's sending that shipment, what's in the shipment, and which harbor will it be in by tomorrow Ida."

"Standby. I can pull that information up right now."

"Do it."

Armand looked surprised, "My grace, may I remind you there is a specialized chamber for sensitive information like this? This area isn't completely secure from bugging or tapping transmissions."

(Does Malachi ignore Armand?)

(Somewhat Likely | 3[d10]) No.

Malachi turned toward Armand and nodded. "You are right, but rouge transponders wouldn't bother bugging the royal audience chamber for small stuff like complaints," Malachi said standing up.

"Considering you have been gone for a whole five months, I'm surprised they hadn't," Armand added. 

"I have Grand Arbiter Ida and the guardsmen to thank for that," said Malachi, "But if it eases you old friend, I will pull the anti-transmission covers up just for you."

"Thank you my grace," Armand said.

Malachi snapped his fingers, and the audience hall's golden windows adorned with encrusted jewels became covered with a thin holographic flim. The big and grizzly man that is Argos raised and lowered both of his hands to close his holographic micro-transmitter. Ida's hologram floated in midair while a stream of data appeared in front and beside her. What caught Malachi's attention immediately was the shipment's contents.

One of a kind cloaking device.

Malachi slid back down into his seat. He took a glance at who was sending the shipment on the bottom left hand corner.

Organized empath.

"Ida send all the data to my trans-core. I'll need some time to think what to do with this incoming treasure," Malachi said
Grand Arbiter Ida Crosswood nodded and said, "It will be done my grace." The hologram disappeared with the data and everyone in the room; Armand, Argos, and four other guardsmen, looked over at Malachi. 

"My grace," Argos said, "may I suggest something?"

"What is it?"

(What do Argos suggest?)

Inform / Illness.

"I suggest that you don't leave the royal sector and find work there. You're becoming ill along with the grand arbiter my grace."

"Ida looks fine," Malachi said.

"She became paler than what she was last week. You're in no condition to go out to the public sectors lest every one finds out of your true nature." Argos lowered his head and in a slower tone he added, "Among the top reasons Juno remained orderly in the royal and noble sectors was the possibility of you or the grand arbiter becoming insane with hunger or worse. The sector reps trust your judgement so much that they held their tongues when you went on another vacation here."

Armand nodded. "It's true my grace," he said, "Although they dare not speak of this in your presence, they noticed the signs when you had returned back from Gorgo."

"And what of the guardsmen? Did any of them share any of their concerns?" Malachi asked.

(Does Armand give his opinion on how cruel the guardsmen are?)

(Very Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Armand shivered and glanced around the hall's golden walls, long condor, and windows. 

Argos spoke up and said, "As long as you don't completely give in, they will happily follow your lead if needed."

"If that is all everyone want to speak to me about, I'll will be trending to my duties," said Malachi.

Armand nodded his head, and Argos saluted with both on duty guardsmen by the hall's entrance. "That is all, my grace," they said.

"Very well, everyone is dismissed."

Malachi entered the audience hall's inner golden sanctum without any fanfare. He sat in a long golden table where he takes a quick look at his reflection.

Aggressively / Simple.

His eyes were becoming more vicious looking with his eyes' iris becoming a lighter blue hue. Even with his mouth closed, he could see the tips of his predominant fangs sticking out. With a quick glance of his family heirloom around his neck Malachi knows how much it means to be one of the few vampiric overlords in Imperial Space. He heard the rumors, stereotypes, and even jests. Malachi understood the jests and stereotypes; those were taught and passed down from generations of prejudice.

He knew the risks when he overthrew the last overlord, and remembering how he did brought a chill to him.

(Did anyone follow Malachi in?)

(Somewhat Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

(Does he remember the insult Cameron sent to him?)

(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.


The mere thought of the word boils Malachi's blood over to a point where he could let out a primal hiss, but appearances were everything and vital. It has been at least an hour or two since he sent Vargas out to hunt for the young teen 'pirates'. A brief wave of envy over a guardsman duty washes over him before recalling his own stellar service as one. Although Malachi misses the action that comes with it, it was a price to pay for the power he wields today. With that power came new responsibilities and horizons such as entertaining diplomats and living in a nobleperson's dream.
(Did anyone come to Malachi with news of any kind?)

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

(Did somebody enter the inner sanctum?)

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

(Did anyone send any transmissions over to Malachi yet?)

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

(Does Malachi leave the sanctum?)

(Somewhat Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

(What happens?)

Postpone / The innocent.

Malachi leaned back and lifted both of his feet on the golden table when he heard a loud chirp from his micro-transmitter. Malachi tapped it two times, but the transmitter gave a rapid beep until the LED light turned off. "Great, just what I need," Malachi said. Malachi rips the transmitter out of his wrist and tossed it aside.

The micro-transmitter gave two rapid beeps before it chimed, "It's time to replace your VanCo holo-transmitter! This unit's battery has almost deteriorated."

Hearing VanCo made Malachi scoff; however, he didn't forget how he nearly executed one of their executives for a crime they didn't commit.

Speaking of crimes, Malachi stood and walk out of the sanctum. He took the rightmost exit of the audience hall where a guardsman guarding the door saluted to him. Malachi returned the salute with one of his own and exited in silence. One of Juno's moons was above and near from its bright green sun, a sight Malachi is happy to see as his skin felt slightly hot. Despite the warnings or pleas, Malachi insists on walking while the sun's out with little skin protection other than using sunscreen.

(What is going on outside the audience hall?)

Haggle / Vehicle.

Spy / Hope.

Two nobles were chatting and bartering among themselves about a spacecraft. Not too far from them was a

Rude artist.

The artist was eyeing them while slurping up his drink with one hand and moving his fingers onto a flat tablet on his table with another. A blatant disregard of table manners, eavesdropping, and who knows what else was enough for him to give him a citation. Malachi walked closer toward the artist when he noticed something was off about him; the artist don't have his heirloom jewel on him. Always in the mood for hearing some desperation, the overlord stopped by his table and said, "I can hear you all the way from here." Malachi took special care to keep his eyes locked into the artist's face.

No heirloom jewel and improper manners should've surprised an overlord fearing noble into bursting straight into apologizing; instead, the artist politely bowed his head, faced the tablet and spoke.

Ughhh, I keep getting writer's block. I swear there's some kind of number conspiracy too. *shakefist
Haven't finished reading it yet but so far it reminds me of the game Overlord as if it was sci fi! I really like it so far!
I try to make it as science fiction as I could, but alas I think I'm doing a poor job on doing so.  

"You got some good ears, your highness. I didn't see you coming or notice that you were there."

(Does Malachi become angry for being improperly addressed?)

(Somewhat Unlikely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Malachi leaned closer toward the artist and whispered, "Flattery won't get you far around here when you improperly address me. Maybe, just maybe I'll be lenient if you address your overlord correctly and tell me what's in that tablet of yours."

(Does the artist show him the tablet?)

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

"I am sorry my liege, but I can't merely show you my next masterpiece when it is not done yet!"

"Very well then. You just earned yourself a trip to the gallows."

The artist's face turned pale. "Wai- Wait a minute, you can't execute me for not showing you a thing!"

"Who says I'm going to kill you? You're just staying the night there." With a loud whistle, Malachi yelled, "Geb, Daiun! Report!"

A guardsman standing by the audience hall's entrance ran inside. In seconds, that guardsman was out with two other guardsmen behind him. The two saluted to Malachi and said, "Reporting, my grace!"

"Treat our rude guest to Juno's finest hotel til tonight. Tonight will be another of those nights in the gallows."

The artist face turned red and said, "If you think I'll squeal to two buttheads, you're wrong!"

Malachi shrugged and smiled, "We'll see. Til then, enjoy your stay!"

Overindulge / Randomness.

The overlord whistled and walked in the golden pathway. He took notice that his subjects didn't even bat an eye on Geb and Daiun escorting the artist away. He glanced over at the nearby shops and restaurants that time have to offer. A shiny red roofed building caught Malachi's attention as it was one of the few building that didn't adorn itself with gold. Malachi walked inside, and the building patrons turned at him to salute him.

"Welcome, my grace!" They all said. A

Logical female Silicoid prince.

rolled over to him, humming and chiming. "Welcome to our humble pub my grace. If you need anything, this unit will happily serve you."

"Yes, I like for you to serve all of your drinks and food on me!"

That gives a loud cheer of approval while Malachi sat and leaned back over a seat. From there, they all party throughout the day and night.

This feels rushed, but I'm feeling a bit uninspired to go on on top of being busy. I'll come back to this one day to tie up all of those loose ends. :(

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