Science Fiction A job is a job
Been a very long time, but thought I would complete this section of a play through story I began a long time ago, and may take forwards again at some point.

Research lab


6 = 6[d6]

Six black dressed guards wearing visor-ed helmets are patrolling the grounds in front of a remote research lab. tall fencing surrounds the compound, with probeing search lights occasionally sweeping at random over the ground picking out further roving patrols. My targeting array identifies the best way to avoid the seemingly random patrols and lights.

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

I make it without incident. materialising out of the shadows next to a control panel for a sealed airlock door.

(Likely | 4[d10]) No

I go to crack the code only to be met by a red light. Hmm I think this has much higher encryption than I was expecting. Lets try this. As I input a more sophisticated crack programme

(Likely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

the light turns green and the door begins to open. but I sense someone approaching.

I slip through the door letting it close behind me. I listen but whom ever it was seems to have passed without notice.
I survey the room I find myself in.

Humanoid mercenary

A blur swings towards my face out of the shadows, I was already reacting as I slip down and to the left.

(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

I pivot off my left hand and drive my right leg through my assailants solar-plexus folding them over as they drop their weapon. snapping upright I drive a concealed wrist blade through the back of his neck before his body hits the floor.

I listen but there is no sound to suggest anyone else lying in wait.

Burning empty room

As i move through the dark corridor I come across a thick dirty glass window, looking within I can see burning green flames and smoke. Nothing else can be made out.

Moving further into the building I come to a junction

Infested cantina

To my left there is a sign saying "Cantina" and I can hear noise suggesting multiple parties, to my right...

Collective colony

there appears to be sleeping quarters, and straight ahead...

Toxic palace

appears to be a control room of some description judging by the signs, I head towards the control room

As I get closer to the control room...

Hyperion sensor array


Cruel official


My sensors pick up an active scanner array outside, I pause to try and get a reading on it..
looks like it picks up movement from any unauthorised personnel.

I get a rough read on three people in the room ahead.

I try to disable the sensor array to allow me through..

(50/50) Yes

Despite initial concern my software has no issues mirroring a valid ping and the sensor array treats me as authorised.
I move closer to the partially open door and try to get a sense of who is in the room

There appears to be a confrontation between some sort of official and a dangerous looking fellow...

The guard behind the official looks nervous but the official seems to have no such concern and is getting right in the face of the person opposite

I catch snatches of their conversation...  "enough.." "...job not done"  "paid... agreed....after" "not..." "guild will hear..."

it sounds like a disagreement over a job or payment for a job, I look for somewhere to hide as it sounds like the dangerous party might be leaving shortly and is not part of this job.

There is a maintenance hatch to one side of the corridor, I attempt to access it

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...

As I pull the grate behind me I hear someone leave the room as I suspected, it is the dangerous looking fellow.
he stops outside and with the barest of tilts to his head in my direction, he then continues walking.

I suspect he has sensors as good or better than mine but for reasons of his own has decided my presence is not something he cares about.
Whilst I consider myself likely his equal its not something I want to put to the test right now

Sensor showing clear I remerge and close the grate behind me
Stealthily approching the door which is now fully open, the guard appears to be staring at a monitor whilst the official is talking into a communicator

Preparing my tools I roll into the room throwing a blade at the guards back

(Likely) Yes


My other hand points a slim and dangerous looking matt black pistol at the official.

The official..



ignores the fallen guard and my sudden appearance,
"what is this an attempt at guild intimidation? tell him the price is as agreed"
"but I will lodge half with the third party as a sign of good faith, sufficient?"

I cock my head slightly, but make no other movement



In a moment of clarity it dawns on him I am not related to his previous guest.
he throws the communicator at me as he ducks down and reaches for a weapon tapped to his desk

(Very Unlikely) No, and...

I dodge the communicator and as he comes up holding a blaster he finds my barrel pressed to his forehead.
"ah..." he places his gun on the table and stands facing me, seemingly still calm despite his circumstance.
"how..." with an audible pause to clear his throat "might I assist you?"

Cover up the data at the crystal battleship.

I hold out a data shard and indicate he should read it.
it contains details relating to a missing battleship of the protectorate, with the latest stealth armour it is nearly impossible to find despite its size.
"you know the location?" I ask

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...

A brief smile plays across his lips... "ah yes.. I do happen to have some knowledge pertaining to this... object..."
He indicates his chair and motions for permission to sit.
I nod and allow him to

as he settles into the chair his air of confidence returns

"I will trade you the details I possess, but I want something in return.."

I gesture with my barrel again

"I mean more than just my life, what you ask for is worth both a considerable amount of credits but also very few can tell you what I know, which means I must factor the risk of it coming back to me"

taking my silence as permission to elaborate, "I suspect you work for one of those Protectorate agencies that officially doesn't exist, as such perhaps I could offer you something to consider?"
"I could use someone like you and I think you would find it very lucrative, especially once your current employers look to refresh their talent and RETIRE their current employees, hmm?"

"However what I ask now is something far simpler, the person who left here before you arrived, I would like you to find them and place this" taps a small black box "somewhere on their person"
Opening the box I see a small tracking capsule, of the type injected by needle gun.

"well is that plus my life worth my secret?"

I nod and pocket the capsule.

Visibly relaxing the official leant forward and from his pocket passed me a data shard.

I run it through my pad.

(Likely) No, but...

As my pad beeps, I turn my focus back to him dropping the shard on the floor..

"be reasonable" with both hands now raised pleadingly to me, "I only have the rough location, its somewhere in that system"
"look, find this person at the Meeting House on the rim planet, they can help you narrow it further"

Sadistic Robot overlord

Setting is Hyperion space station involving tool harness and time-warped cruiser.

"these coordinates will take you to his space station, use this greeting and you will be allowed to dock"

(Very Likely) Yes, and...

[Image: 8d.gif]


"let me also give you this for a personal introduction to him, see this should make us more than square, no?"

Hover bike

"here are the keys, I know he has been looking for a new racing hover bike, its located in the docking area in Main town, I am sure someone of your talents can extract it without issue"

"So deal?"
"no wait...."

As I pull the trigger the knock out dart hits him and he slumps out cold into his chair.

Well you never know who you might need in the future.

Checking his desk I stuff some other data shards that look promising into my pockets.

Do I exit without any issues?

(50/50) No, but...

As I clear the fence I see a figure leaning against the nearest tree, it is the fellow from earlier.
As I clear my weapon it is clear his sensors picked me up as he stands to face with both hands open in a sign of peace

"is he dead?"


"hmm, shame, what did he ask of you about me?"

A little shocked I say nothing

"I am sure he did, I think violence is unlikely, not that you couldn't but more he needs me to complete the job"
Sensing we are unlikely to engage, at least at this point I unwind slightly and carefully step into the shadows to ensure no once accidently spots me

"so what was it? a threat? a tracker? to spy on me?"

I throw the needle cell over to him, he catches it and studies it briefly before dropping it in his pocket.

"that it?"

"its on your person" I state as I flick a stone away and to his right causing him to turn momentarily, I spring to the left and into some thicker foliage.
In the dark I must be near invisible.

despite the barest of involuntary reactions it is clear he lost me in that moment.

With a dry laugh "be seeing you" he turns and saunters away

I make my own way back to extract with more stealth, and ponder retrieving this hover bike and getting to the Hyperion station "meeting house"

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