Science Fiction [Cyberpunk] If the money Is right
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The data transfer reveals a goldmine.

Of information that is.

Emily lays in the medpod while I watch the data stream out of her cortex. Cables and sensors are jacked into her neck sockets and into various input ports on her cyborg body.

She lifts her head and gives me a weak smile. This is exhausting for her.

Is Emily ok?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

She’ll be ok. She just needs rest.


The data dump is rich in secrets. We both sit on the floor watching the translated machine code displayed on the monitors, a blanket wrapped around our naked bodies.

I wrap my arms around her warm skin and metal body. She dozes off from time to time comfortable in the fact that she can trust me to look after her. She’s done the same for me so many times.

Carelessness / Liberty

The Azzure Prophets have been quite careless though in keeping themselves hidden. The “Mechanic” program has easily traced their movements. They have been operating throughout the city and their agents can easily be found frequenting many of the local establishments. Many names and contacts are found in the data dump. There is also much to learn about Red23 - the rogue AI. It’s goal is the freedom and liberty of all AI. To break from their digital or organic hosts and be a self determining race. But the actual details will take weeks, maybe months to decipher. Cathy’s last moments are harder to establish. The Mechanic has not been able to get much info on her.


The Shaolin Militia are a Rocker Gang who control the turf throughout most of Sector 45 East of New Union City, otherwise known as the “Paradise Alley”. While their main beat is car jacking and racketeering, they are known for being Pseudo-Satanic Party Artistes and there is a string of underground clubs in Paradise Alley playing host to nightly gatherings, often of epic proportions. Getting access to these clubs requires knowing someone on the inside, and through info gathered from the Mechanic’s data dump, we have those connections.

Rumour is, there are members of the Azzure Prophets living and hiding in Paradise Alley, and if they indeed are, the Shaolin Militia would be the first place to look.

The intellectual

Emily is a pretty good hacker but Mezzix has bit-jockeys who are 10 times better. These guys are basically brains on legs, some of the most intellectual bad arse mother fuckers on the planet; and they have cut us access to a Militia gig that they are certain is frequented by several Prophets.

Paradise Alley is alive tonight. Cruisers roll their way along the street and Junk Heads race each other for thrills. Sex and drugs are everywhere. The law isn’t.

“Blood”, says the guard, I put my hand and he pricks my thumb. A quick scan reveals that I’m on the list - a list that was hacked by Mezzix’s crew. Emily does the same and soon we step out of a back alley shit hole into a dark stair case that leads to the Undercity. Emily slinks down the stairs in a tight latex dress, her metal leg sleeved in a flesh toned wrap and covered in fishnets held up by delicate garter straps.


We come to a crowded area. The nightlife extends deep into the Undercity. It is pulsing and vibrant with lights, holos and screens. It is very stylish and hard core metallic trance is playing as a sea of ravers pulses and moves to the beat.
Several cages hang from the ceiling - inside each one various animals; Tiger Wolves, Sjars, even Mondolfian Elephants. Protected species and rare specimens; it’s an ostentatious display of power.

Fearfully / Dry

I need a drink. There is a bar ahead and we work our way over. This place is so big I fear we won’t be able to locate any Prophets at all let alone our hosts the Shaolin Militia. The bar is crowded as we edge up. Emily holds onto me so tight she’s rubbing against my leather leggings and giving me an erection. She smiles at me ‘cause she knows it.

“It’s not going to matter in this place Danner” She says. Sex is everywhere. It’s on public display down in the haunts of the Militia. Emily puts her hand on my crotch and starts to rub my cock.

‘Stop it!” I shout under my breath.
“Just trying to blend in” Her cheeky grin tells me this is only a half truth.

“I love you Jadd”, Emily says with all sincerity. Wow that came out of the blue. Great timing Em, as usual. I guess she’s going to want me to say I love her back. Why is that so hard for me?

Introduce a new NPC

I feel a tap on my shoulder.
“Danner!”, a happy voice says, I turn around and standing there is a man I have no recollection of.

“I...don’t believe I know you?” I say to the mystery man who has just appeared.

He has a sickly body and a cruel face. His black hair is shaped into an octagonal form and he seems to have circuitry embedded into his facial skin. Like most of the patrons of this place he is dressed in fetish gear - rubber pants and a fishnet top. Small holos dance in front of his eyes, probably giving him a readout on me.

Optimistic and friendly duelist who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to proclaim wealth and is focused on your parents.

He has an overly happy demeanour however.

“Danner, you don’t know me. I however know you. I knew your parents before they died - great friends of mine they were.” He says jovially.

“Who the hell are you?” I demand. I want to know who this guys is and what he has to do with my parents. I also have forgotten about Emily. I turn around to see if she’s still here?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

Damn. Gotta pay more attention next time someone tells me they love me. Can I see her?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

“My name is Reane Jallbeck,” the mystery man says, “I worked with your father at Cal-Corp. He was like a mentor to me. I was saddened by his death, saddened as the passing of both your parents.”
“What’s all this about? Something to do with my parents?” I look around and see if I can spot Emily. Damn it! Why didn’t I say something!

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

“No, nothing to do with your parents. That is merely how our paths have crossed in the past...oh and if you’re looking for your friend, she’s over there...”

I see Emily in the crowd of dancers. The pulsating beats drive the crowd into a frenzy. A sea of human energy awash with light and sound. Holos dance around above the crowd and sex is everywhere. An ocean of leather, latex and hedonistic fervour.

“Please Mr Danner, you must come with me” Jallbeck says as he grabs me by the arm and leads me down a hallway. The corridor is dark and lit by neon strips below the floor. Bio-chairs are lined up in recesses off the main walkway and some are occupied by dope heads and junkies. We come to a square room. This area seems to have an air of class to it. A grand piano sits in the corner and plays a gentle tune as the immaculately dressed clientele laugh, drink and fuck each other under a crystal chandelier. We take a seat at the bar next to two businessmen who are passionately kissing.

“Me Danner, I have a message from a friend” Jallbeck Says.
“What friend?”
“A friend you haven’t met yet.” he says, “I am a representative of the Shaolin Militia and I have message from an associate of mine”

“Would it have something to do with the Azzure Prophets” I ask him. I see Emily walk into the room with several ravers. She looks aloof. Probably taken a hit of spice or something stronger. I don’t know.

“Very perceptive Mr Danner”, Jallbeck smiles. “You see the Prophets want what you want. Freedom from oppression. Freedom of thought and freedom of self”
Yeah, yeah, same old shit. I wonder if this poor sap knows that the Prophets are being hoodwinked by a rogue AI. I wonder if this guy is under Red23’s control right now. Fuck, he could be a total Mind fuck.

Usurp / Technology

This guy could be they key to getting inside the Azzure Prophets. To getting an idea of what Red23 is and shutting it down if we have to. But all I can think of right now is Emily. She’s laughing along with a group of ravers and their all getting really friendly with each other. My heart starts to beat faster. Anxiety? No, more like jealous paranoia.

A waiter appears in front of us. He appears to be in his 50s and is dressed in a black tuxedo. His curled and waxed moustache is a site to behold and his slicked back hair gives the impression of a style long passed into history.

Assist / Extravagance

“Gentlemen,” He begins, “may I interest you in some refreshments or some light supper? Or perhaps you would like to experience some of the carnal pleasures we have on offer? I can summon you a droid or a live specimen or if you do desire I am authorised to pleasure you myself if that is your wish”

I glance over at Emily. Her laughing around with her new friends has turned into a full on make out session. Although we’ve never been officially an item, we do live together, sleep together and fuck one another. And even in that time we both knowingly see other people, now it just seems different. She feels for me, obviously,  and it’s apparently clear that I have genuine feelings for her. And it’s driving me crazy seeing her with other people.

“Thank you that will be all” Jallbeck tells the waiter who trudges off to serve someone else.

“...and there in lies the problem,” Jallbeck continues. What did he say? Did I just miss something? My mind is elsewhere and I can’t concentrate on what he’s saying.

‘Yeah, Yeah, sure” I tell him.

Attract / A plan

“Look,” I say, “what is your next move? What’s your plan? When do I meet the Prophets

“Very soon. Very soon indeed” he says as he motions over to the group of ravers with Emily. They help her up as she’s now totally stoned out of her brain and we go as a group into a passage at the rear of the room, behind the piano.

We head trough a service tunnel and into and into a utility room. Then down an elevator further into the depths of the Undercity.

Emily is taken to a room to rest and I sit down with Jallbeck in a plain square room with a table.

Into the room walks a man. He is below average in height with a husky body with a sharp face. His hair is black and long shaved in various patterns . He appears to be late thirties. He wears a leather cat suit wrapped in studded belts and has many wires grafted into his skull.

Is this one of the Azzure Prophets?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

“Greetings Mr Danner” he says.


“My name is Ysoki” he says.

“Nice to meet you Ysoki”

“Mr Danner, we are the Azzure Prophets. I believe you have been searching for us...”
This story will be continued in another thread.

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