Science Fiction First attempt at this
I am awoke from my latest and hopefully last slumber, not by Tepet Agata, but by the sounds of alarm klaxons shrilling in the dark, the flashing red light the only illumination in the lab that should at all times be brightly lit.

I unhook the Electrodes monitoring my heart rate, vitals and implants, and swing my legs off the operating table and hop to the cold metal floor. I feel great, I flex my muscles and look down to the golden geometric lines that cover most of my entire body. "Computer, turn off Lab alarm light and give me a status update."
The red light wink out almost at once and text start scrolling down my retinal implant, and with a blink click my vision switches to night optics and the lab is suddenly bathed in greens and greys.

Are we under attack

(9[d10]) Yes.

This can't be right, as of point thirty-three minutes past another Magister fleet, one transmitting all the correct codes, arrived, proceeded to send 'supply shuttles' over and troops poured out. Every ship in my fleet was now embattled from the inside.

by traitors

My ship, the Destroyer Spear of Destiny, are the defenses holding?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

I blink click through my retina display, I smile, The Guardian Core and my Dragon-Blooded are more than the invaders have anticipated and although the fleet is still in peril, my person ship, the Destroyer, Spear of Truth, has the attackers pinned in the cargo bay.

Analyzing all the tactical information, (war + perception)

48 = 6[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]

6 successes. what do I find.

Quaintly / Mighty.

The fleet arrayed against me is twice the size of my forces and, even thought my men are holding now the enemy has the advantage of numbers. I summon my Glave, Justice, it appears in my hand in a blaze of golden light and I make my way to the fight. "Lets see if I can even the odds some."

As the blast doors open to the hanger bay the sounds off battle fill my ears as fifty of my Guardians along with Cathak Leo, hold the line against three times there number.

Are there any Exalted in the opposing forces in the Cargo bay. (Awareness + perception)

41 = 5[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]

2 successes. Do I see anything

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

Fortunately / Clean.

I scan the battle and see this boarding parties commander along with a few of his body guards, fortunately for me, he is hunkered down behind some heavy crates, crates that have the munitions stamp on them marking explosive ordnances. I aim Justice, I have a clean shot, and fire. An Explosive beam of raw essence burns a line into the center of the middle crate and it ignites into a ball of flame that buffet the entire bay in a shock wave. I order an attack. My men, untouched my the shockwave, storm over there cover and way about the enemy with blaster and blade.

The Exalt commander; does he survive the blast?

(3[d10]) No.

He hadn't seen it coming and the blast left just charred meat in jade armor.

Do my forces clear the bay?

(8[d10]) Yes.

My men finish the last invader and rush to assault craft with orders to add the other ships in the fleet. Cathak Leo offers to stay with me incase of other attacks. I order him to the other ships as well. I need no protection, if others attack they will regret it.

I head to the bridge, intending to coordinate the fleets assets to punish the attackers. Before I arrive the ship shakes. I blink click through my display expecting red warning lights indication a capital class weapons hit. All green, I switch to internal sensors. My own lab.

I rush to my lab, do I get there without resistance.

(6[d10]) Yes, but...

Freely / Military.

I get to the labs heavy military grade blast doors without encountering any additional enemy forces but the door has been welded shut.

I flex my muscles and force my fingers into the small gap between this side of the doors and pull.

Feats of Strength chart, total 14 ( Str 4 + 3 art bonus + 5 Athletics + 2 feats of Str specially )lift 2k pounds, snap iron manacles. Tear apart a castle wall, stone by stone. Do I open it?

(2[d10]) No. +Event: Expose / Liberty

Damn, were is Fetter when you need him. I see a camera pan down to me and turn to focus, great now they know I am here and I am exposed locked out in the hallway. The two defense turrets begin the swivel on there mounts, whoever was inside was trying to bring my own defenses to bear against me.

initiative Me

50 = 4[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]

5 successes

initiative them

42 = 7[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]

5 successes; they have higher wits. they go first.

The turrets both open up fire, spitting liquid light at me. Each shoot two blasts at me. Auto targeters (dex 4 firearms 4)

45 = 5[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]

37 = 7[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]

45 = 3[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]

44 = 5[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]

I active Panoptic Fusion 4 motes. I attempt to spin through the hail of fire to get within melee striking distance. Dodge DV ( dex 5 + 2 art bonus to dex, dodge 4 + 4 essence +1 PF and 3 art bonus to dodge /2 rounded up = 10 ddv )

The Bolts don't come close, its almost sad.

To the naked eye I'm as fast as the flashes of laser fire as I dance between the blasts. I think to my self that I my need to upgrade the targeting systems when I rebuild them as I take two lighting fast attacks.

They cant dodge ( stationary turrets ) Attack pool, Dex 5 +2 dex art bonus +Melee 5 + 3 specialty (justice) + 2 acc + 3 from PF + 2 art attack bonus (bracers)= 22. - 2 for first attack and 3 for the 2nd.

114 = 4[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]

successes 9

98 = 7[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]

successes 7

pre soak dmg Str 4 + art bonus to Str + 3 + 11L from weapon = 18 + ovrs. Armor is 10L they have 5 health levels.

28-10 for armor on first attack = 18 and 25-10=15 for second attack

97 = 4[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]

94 = 7[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]

1st turret takes 6 dmg ( destroyed )
2nd turret takes 9 dmg ( destroyed )

Sighing, they really need to be upgraded once repaired, I turn back to the problem of the wielded door.

Is there a hidden back entrance?

(1[d10]) No, and...

I try prying the door open once more. no luck, I really need to install and 2nd hidden entrance to the lab after this is over. I decide to head down to the ships magazine, Ill just get a a plasma cutter, It will be quicker than trying to blast through. Before I take two steps I get another warning alarm on my retina display.

Boldly / Young.

The Assault frigate, Hero's Call, was a burning hulk, The Captain, A young mortal named Markus Kepler, had boldly moved his smaller ship into the line of fire to protect the Destroyer Sun's Wrath, saving the larger ship with its sacrifice. My fleet was down to 10 ships. The Hero's Call's crew would be avenged.

I finally get the fusion cutter back, its bulk light in my arms. Does it get the door open?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

The Door blast open and the Doors crush several enemy combatants as the fall. In the confustion I lep through into the first rooms of my lab to finish any troops left. Are there still men capable to fight in the 1st room?

(8[d10]) Yes.

Hopelessly / Full.

The room is packed full of troopers, twenty men are still standing in the room, ready to fight. They begin bring there rifles to bear against me not realizing now hopeless there attempt will be.

initiative me:

43 = 2[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]



39 = 7[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]


Tie on initiative, Tie on wits, I have higher essence, I go first.
I activate ( in addition to PF that's still going 5 fold bulwark stance 5m1w and essence shield from my Celestial Armor 4 motes ) this as I run in.
For my action I will active Iron Whirlwind 5m1w and take Dex+1 = Dex 5 + 2 dex art bonus + 1 =8 attacks at my full pool of 22. there DV is Dex 4 Essence 1 (mortal) and dodge 3 -1 mobility for armor = 4

129 = 8[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]

119 = 6[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]

119 = 5[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]

141 = 9[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]

109 = 7[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]

135 = 5[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]

121 = 5[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]

135 = 2[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]

attack successes 13 8 10 16 6 12 10 13 lowest is 2 over giving min pre soak dmg of 20 their L soak is 7 giving me 13 as extras, this kills them all with 3 per 1 dmg rule with extras having 3 health levels.

I suddenly appear in their mist and the doors crush the front ranks, the sound of the blast doors is as loud as thunder as in crashes to a halt. My spear, justice, flashes like the lighting to that thunder as eight men die.

I activate reflexively Final sunset stance ( 1 m per tick )and pull the spear back into an ever moving wall between me and them. They open fire.

12 left, Dex 4 firearms 4 with 2 acc. 10 dice. my PDV is (Dex 5 +2 art dex bonus + 5 melee + 3 specialty Justice + 3 Def bonus +1 from PF and +1 for this tick from FSS /2 = 10 + 2 from essence shield = 12

Each flurry taking 3 attacks, unfortunately for them 5 fold Bulwark keeps my PDV at full value.
first attack is at 7 2nd at 6 3rd at 5.

31 = 6[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]

38 = 8[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]

32 = 6[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]

45 = 1[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]

16 = 2[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]

38 = 1[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]

48 = 10[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]

42 = 6[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]

41 = 6[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]

39 = 6[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]

40 = 3[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]

41 = 3[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]

1st for each are parried, The shots striking the wall Justice has made around my flesh.

35 = 7[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]

42 = 6[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]

36 = 5[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]

32 = 10[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]

22 = 6[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]

36 = 5[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]

24 = 4[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]

30 = 9[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]

37 = 7[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]

36 = 7[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]

2nd for each miss and 3rd cant hit with even all 10s.
As per charm FSS:The Bronze Tigers stand as a warning to the enemies of Creation: those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind. Using this Charm raises the character’s Melee-derived Parry DV by 1 for one tick. This bonus does not count as dice added by a Charm and ignores maximum DV limitations. Furthermore, any time a character using Final Sunset Stance successfully parries an attack with this DV, she stocks a free reflexive attack which she may withhold or unleash at a moment of her choosing. Free reflexive attacks may not be accrued with the aid of Charms bearing a Flaw of Invulnerability. Unused stocked attacks vanish from the Solar’s arsenal when the scene ends. A Solar may stock no more than (Dexterity + 3) attacks in this fashion through any combination of any Charms which stock free reflexive attacks

I unleash at the end of this tick all 9 gained counters. Each happen at full pool.

116 = 7[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]

110 = 8[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]

129 = 7[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]

135 = 4[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]

153 = 6[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]

112 = 4[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]

120 = 2[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]

114 = 6[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]

158 = 8[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]

9 9 13 11 17 7 11 11 19

lowest attack this time was 2 over as well giving 20L - 7 soak = 13 raw dmg dice, again within the same tick 9 more men die leaving of the 20 one heart beat ago now only 3 men are left, 17 bodies hit the floor as fast as the blink of an Eye.

My speed is 5 theirs is 6 I lash out with a single sweeping motion bringing the dripping wet blade of justice across each of the remaing men's throats. the trail of blood leaving a dripping arch on the wall behind them. ( take 2 dice. ) will regain 4 motes.

22 dies first attack 19 then 18 then 17 dies for the last

102 = 2[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]

82 = 10[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]

117 = 8[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]

12 9 13 lowest 4 over, again all three drop.

Such as shame. Whoever was doing this had to know mortal soldiers couldn't even slow him down let alone hurt him, Their commander had thrown there lives away.

I enter into the lab do I see there person who infiltrated my lab?

Per + Awar = 9

43 = 1[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]

4 successes.

(9[d10]) Yes.

Quaintly / Average.

Its High Magister Bartollo. An Solar Exalt of Average strength. "Bartollo," I purposely leave off his honorific. "You are a traitor to the Empire."

"No, its you and Hamner who are traitors, and after I dispatch the traitors and bring your fleets back I will be the ONLY High Magister."

He had a quaint was of speech that bellied the betrayal. "Bartollo you can hope to defeat me."

"No but 'I' wont have to."

It was then I noticed him standing in front of Shadow's stasis tank, The abyssal from Rail. Bartollo smiled and moved to turn the field off.

I move to stop him, but he is all the was across the lab, I move faster than the mortal eye can follow but I know its a long shot. His finger is inches from the release button. Do I get there fast enough?

(6[d10]) Yes, but...

I knock his hand away at the last minute and I can see the shock and a little fear in his eyes, but there is a smugness there as well. I look down at the panel, power will shut off in 60 seconds.

His voice still carries its Quaint tone, but I detect a faint tremor in it. "Your work to reconstruct his mind is quite revolutionary. Restructuring his neural pathways with your nanotechnology. Amazing really. I was able to upload information right into his brain. In fifty-five seconds a monster will rip this ship apart. I suggest we flee."

I shake my head no and level my sword at his throat.

He looks surprised. "We have too, It will kill us both."

I smile. "It wont kill us both, you'll already be dead."

He draws a golden sword. "Its down to forty seconds!" He is almost pleading.

"Twenty seconds more then I need to kill you." And I lunge at him.



37 = 2[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]


41 = 2[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]

ME: 1 (lol) and Bartollo: 5

He strikes out, I see the Essence burn around his blade and I decide to prove a point.

His Melee is 4 + 1 specialty in swords + 4 for Dex and +2 (bracers) and + 2 Acc bonus. He is using 1st melee to give him 4 extra dice for 4 motes. = 17 dice.

82 = 5[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]

7 Sucesses, I decided to take it. My soak is 20L (at this point) his DMG is 7 over +3 Str + 7L for his sword = 17-20= -3 His min dmg is 1

7 = 7[d10]

His sword Slams against me bare check, and I smile at his shock when all it does is rebound back leaving a small bruise, and even that heals a second later.
My L dmg is converted to bashing and I heal 1 bashing dmg per tick. First from my Perfected body Augmentation Art, 2nd from my Celestial Battle Armor implant.

Time to Ramp up for the fight with Shadow. I activate in addition to my other active charms Armored in Righteousness Stance 7m and Infinite Melee Mastery for 10 motes for +5 Melee.

Bartollo steps back as I go Totemic Standing in a pillar of light and now incased in floating motes of Essence and shards of Gold.

Its been 4 seconds, I pay 3 more motes as his sword rebounds off my already healing chest and Use Solar Counter Attack. His PDV is Melee 4 + 2 Def +4 Infinite mastery + 4 Dex /2 =7

I slam Justice forward into his chest as he back steps, Essence flaring as the charm speeds the lunge. attack pool now with Infinite on is 27.

156 = 7[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]

17 Successes 10 over + 18 Str + weapon base 28L I activate for 1 mote Hungry Tiger doubling my overs giving me 38 raw dmg, his Soak L is 6 from Armor. Becouse of my Lunge maneuver I have piercing and bypass 4 soak, 38-2=36 and I for got my 2 stunt dice..... again....

3 = 1[d10]+2[d10]

didn't help, did get 4 motes back. DMG roll

215 = 7[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]

17 dmg.

Justice pierces his chest and in a spray of gore and blood his body drops to the floor, surprise forever locked on his face. Four seconds for a Solar to Die.

I turn my attentions to Shadow, thirty seconds now, and oddly I am excited, This is the first time all my augmentation and training have been active at once, I feel like a god, standing in a swirling vortex of essence and power. Twenty, ten, five, one... The cases power lights flicker and die... I hope its note an ill omen.

Any hope I had to avoid the fight vanish as I see his face contorted in madness. Suddenly he is incased in a blood red totemic display of essence as 4 shadow clones appear. The fight is on.

Shadow activates: Shadow clone prana 10motes 1 will, Eye of the Tempest 5m1 w, Steal Devil style, Resplendent Shadow Blade 6m 1w, Inauspicious Inner Aegis 13m, 1wp=34 motes 3 will

We circle each other, He is covered in Armor of solid shadow with two blades that look to be tares in the light. Suddenly we both rush forward, the Light crashing against The Dark.

Initiative: Me

34 = 1[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]



49 = 7[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]


He waists no time and activated Infinite Melee using and additional increasing his melee pool by ten. and strikes with Savage Shade Style 1m and Time-Scything Technique 5m 1 w, 26 motes spent, He isn't holding back, I wont either. Melee pool is Dex 5, specialty swords 3 + Melee 5 + acc +3 + 10 infinite =26. My PDV now is Dex 5 Art bonus 2, PF 1 + Melee 5 + def bonus 3 + 5 Infinite + 3 specialty Justice +4 essence shield 28/2 14. I use reflexively Final Sunset +1 PDV for this tick 15 he takes 6 attacks with his flurry.

154 = 2[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]

153 = 3[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]

130 = 10[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]

142 = 1[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]

125 = 7[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]

157 = 9[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]

14 15 13 11 9 18

His last attack as I spin Justice in a close ark to defend myself lands, 3 over, weapon 7L 5 str 15 L My soak now with charms active is 52L 2 die min

8 = 7[d10]+1[d10]

his blade slips past my defenses and slams into my ribs, I grunt knowing it is healing already. 5 of 6 attacks that tick where parried giving me 5 stored counters, I unleash them same tick as counters.

Shadows PDV is 5 dex + 3 swords + 3 def + 5 melee + 10 infinite = 13

132 = 6[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]

167 = 9[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]

138 = 3[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]

129 = 3[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]

152 = 3[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]

11 20 10 11 14

He used Death-Deflecting Technique on the 20 over Perfect defense 8 motes. I hit with the 1 over 19L his l soak is 17 2 I have mine 4

18 = 1[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]

2 dmg.

My turn. we both step back after the first flurry of attacks, there shear force sending shockwaves breaking equipment and shattering glass all throughout the lab. I have to press my advantage, Lunge back in, kicking broken debris in the air ahead of my attack and launch a series of lighting quick stabs at this chest and face. 2 stunt dice. I use Iron Worlwind 5m 1 will going down to 13m but back up to 17 with the 4 from the stunt, Shadow is now at 12 motes.

8 attacks,

220 = 4[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]

150 = 2[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]

144 = 10[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]

150 = 2[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]

149 = 2[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]

131 = 3[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]

149 = 1[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+6[d10]

129 = 3[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]

29 14 15 15 17 10 14 8 He pirfects the 29 down to 4 motes. but with Steel Devil Counter attacks each attack. I use Final Sunset again.

118 = 3[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]

142 = 8[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]

147 = 3[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]

125 = 1[d10]+2[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]

133 = 6[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]

134 = 6[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]

167 = 6[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]

100 = 9[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]

9 12 16 10 11 11 18 5. He hits with 2 I hit with 5

His Dmg, min dmg 2 on each

27 = 1[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]

3dmg, will be healed in 3 ticks

My dmg, after soak I am at mine of 4 each

116 = 1[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+2[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]

10 dmg. putting him to -2

working on the last part now be up soon
I give him the chance to surrender but whatever Bartollo did has pushed him to far and he lunges at me with two strikes one high one low.

26-2 for wound penalty 23 for first and 22 for 2nd

128 = 6[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]

112 = 7[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]

11 9

I parry both away. The Shadow clones he has summoned now though are fully formed. It only took six seconds but when one is an Exalt that can be an eternity. Each lunge at me attempting to defend their maker.

141 = 8[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+5[d10]

147 = 1[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]

121 = 2[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]

133 = 5[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]

141 = 6[d10]+3[d10]+5[d10]+6[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+9[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+7[d10]+3[d10]+1[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]+6[d10]

I use Final Sunset again down to 16 motes PDV up to 15 again.

13 10 10 14 11

I knock away the clones weapons but otherwise ignore them, as the saying goes cut the head of the snake, I spin Justice in a high blinding arch and then attempt to do just that.

186 = 8[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+8[d10]+8[d10]+7[d10]+8[d10]+10[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+2[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]

25 holy moly

25-11pdv - 14 over. I spend a mote on Hungry tiger ( down to 15 motes ) to double ovrs 18+28=46-17=29

151 = 9[d10]+9[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+3[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+4[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+3[d10]+10[d10]+6[d10]+4[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+2[d10]+7[d10]+6[d10]+1[d10]

10 dmg.

Shadow's head leaves his shoulders as his body crashes back into the stasis tank it was in only 18 seconds earlier.

Hours later the battle has been one, My Dragon Blood freed Hamner from captivity and the two of us decided For him to take the mantle Bartollo coveted. He will return to Imperial Space with our fleets. leaving me Spear of destiny and Honor's Hand. I will then go into deep cover to better strike at our enemies. I must meet back with my friends and see what there efforts have uncovered and hope they have had better luck than I.
Seems like a lot of dice rolling!
I'm curious, what Rule set are you using here?
(07-10-2013, 07:20 AM)Crowman Wrote: Hi,
Seems like a lot of dice rolling!
I'm curious, what Rule set are you using here?

Hey. Its White Wolf Exalted. Combat tends to take forever

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