Science Fiction Jason Bryte
Jason Bryte here, in training for Galactic Watch. The secret training ground is in

Dystopian freighter.

A shipping freighter from a long-lost Dystopian society known as Egrulmia.

The trainer is a

Battle-scarred mercenary.

named Soath Runner

who is known for


I have finished training and I am ready to take the initiation tests. The first one is: Soath straps a brainwave control device to my head. I must resist it's mind-numbing effects with my willpower, while figuring out how to disable it, then I must actually disable it.

Do I succeed?


The second test is: I am put in front of a large fence. There are traps, patrolling robots, and guard beasts. I must get past all of these hazards, figure out how to get over the 20-foot fence, and successfully do it without activating the fence's trap.

Do I succeed?


The third test is: I must repair a hopelessly damaged speeder, then use it to fly 500 miles while being pursued by robots, which will also come after me if I do not fix the speeder in time.

Do I succeed?


I made it! I am now a member of the Galactic watch.

I go to the graduation ceremonies. The leader of Galactic Watch is a

Distracted Chimeran lord.

named Ulthabek. I am sent to

Mysterious colony.

named Secna. Secna has lost outside contact with the world. I go there to repair Secna's tech and restore their connection.

Do I land safely?


The mapping technology glitches, and the ship crash-lands. I take

Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

Are there navigational tools on board?


Are there Medical Tools on board?


I treat my wound.

I look for the village. Do I see it?


Are there flares on board?

No. +Event: Oppress / Business

Two gentlemen walk out of the trees. They are discussing business.

"I don't care if we're short on time. I want it done, and I want it now!" "Y-yes, of course, but you see, they are getting suspicious and the

Anti-gravity generator.

is almost out! We really do need assistance."

"Look, why don't you- Just get it done. I'll be back tomorrow and I expect to be able to pick it up then. No more questions."

They walk away in separate directions.

I follow the demanding one.

Does he see me?

No, and...

I manage to slip my hand into his pocket and pull out some papers. I return to the ship.

Is the pilot awake?

Yes, and...

he was born on this planet and knows his way around. He can lead me to the village.

I go to the village. Is anybody in the street?

Yes, but...

Most of them get up and go away when the pilot and I approach.

I go up and talk to one of them, a

Relentless admiral.

Will he talk to me?

Yes. +Event: Spy / The public

"What do you want, hmm?"

"I came to fix your village's tech and restore your connection to the outside world."

Does he like this idea?


"Well, I can assure you that it's not needed here. Now go away. I have a job to do."

Suddenly, a cloaked figure rushes down the street, police close at his heels. Does he get away?


The figure rushes away into the jungle.

I go talk to one of the Police.

He is a

Tough drifter.


Does he like me?

Yes, but...

he looks testy.

"Do you know of any suspicious activity around the planet?"

Yes, but...

He doesn't want to share it with me.

Can I convince him?

Yes, and...

he will accompany me to the place.

What is the place?

Deserted scout ship.

Is anyone guarding the entrance?

Yes, and...

They see me!

I charge into battle. What are my weapons?

Blaster carbine.

Small sealed container.

(My emergency backup)

Laser scalpel.

the long-bladed kind.

I attack with my Carbine.

Do I hit?

Yes, but...

My Carbine gives a shudder, and dies.

The Drifter attacks. What is his weapon?

Blaster carbine.

Does he hit?


Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

What are the opponents?

Feral brute.

One of them attacks. Does he hit?

No, but...

His partner takes the advantage and claws me.

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

The damage my Carbine did to him, before he died:

Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

I attack. Do I hit?


Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

The Drifter. Hit?


Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

One brute. Hit?

No, and... +Event: Lie / Vehicle

The brutes come out of their battle rage and tell us that they are actually on our side. They had lied that they were evil, trying to infiltrate the villains.

They show us a secret elevator shaft through the base that only they know about.

We take it to the central room.

I listen through the wall. Can I hear anything?


Can I hear the cowardly gentleman?

Yes, and...

the demanding one as well.

Is there any way to look through the wall?

No, and...

The elevator makes a noise. The villains come over, looking for the noise.

Do they go through the wall?


We are safe.

Can I find a secret door?


I open the door a crack. Do the villains see it?


"We're under attack!" the demanding gentleman yells.

Are there any guards or other fighters in the room?


How many?

3 = 4[d4]-1

What are they?

Amphibian master.

who serves as Top Guard, accompanied by two of his underlings.

Do the gentlemen fight?


They retreat to the other side of the room.

I attack with my laser scalpel, slicing at the Top Guard.


No, but...

I knock him back, into the gentlemen who are stealthily trying to push an alarm. It knocks them over.

The drifter attacks with his Carbine. Hit?


to the Underling Guard #1

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

Brute #1 attacks Underling #2. Hit?


Brute #2 attacks Underling 2. Hit?

No, but...

It knocks him back, into the Top Guard and the two men with a nasty crack. All but the cowardly man seem to be unconscious.

Underling 1 attacks. What's his weapon?

Ancient artifact.

An ancient plasma trident passed through his family for centuries.


Yes, but...

The trident's prongs snap off, rendering it useless.

My damage is

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

Is the coward trapped in the pile of guards?


I attack Underling 1. Hit?

Yes. +Event: Divide / Hope

Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

The guard loses hope and falls to the floor, surrendering.

I interrogate the coward. Does he give in?


"What is your operation?"

His reply:

Destroy the ruined squadron.

"There was a war here not long ago, and this wounded squadron is the only troop left. They are the only people left in the galaxy who know the location of-"

"Of what?"

Excellent blaster pistol.

"Of the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. A huge Ionic-Laser cannon with radiofusion powering."

"We were trying to kill them all so that we would be the only ones who knew where it was and how to use it. We were using an anti-gravity generator to lift the cannon onto our hidden starship, then we would fly away to our base planet and use the cannon from there."

"The demanding gentleman was from the evil ones. He was the one who hired us to do this."

"Who exactly are you?" I ask.

"We are the only other remaining troop from the war. We were fighting against the other squadron."

Where is the cannon now?"

"I do not know. It was taken care of by the demanding gentleman."

"And that brings me to my next question: who are the evil ones?"


Rebels of the Dominion. They wish to destroy it, and they were going to do so with the cannon."

"I assume you turned off power in the village to prevent them from notifying the outside world of suspicious happenings."


"Well the outside world came to them." I say wryly.

I return outside by way of the secret elevator.

Is anyone out there?


I return to the village. Do I see anyone?



Affectionate lieutenant.

This seems to be the Admiral's second.

"Jason Bryte, Galactic Watch. I need the police to investigate a hidden starship carrying the most powerful cannon in the galaxy."

Does he comply?

Yes, but... +Event: Celebrate / Elements

"I'll only send a small force of police."

I hear the sounds of a party.

I go inside. Are there alcoholic drinks there?

Yes, and...

There is a police-chief looking figure over there, having a drink.

"Hello, good sir. Jason Bryte, Galactic Watch. Listen, I need you to send out your police to find a hidden starship on this planet. It is carrying the most powerful weapon in the galaxy on board, and I need them to find it, disable it, and arrest all persons aboard the ship."

Does he comply?


"Yer crrazy, f-fool."

(He seems to be under the influence)

"Where's the tech station?"

Why shhould i Tell yu?"

"Because you'll be fired if you don't."


"Never telll yu, now get outtaheer 'fore i bust you up."

I ask a random citizen, and get the answer. I go there and the equipment has been completely mangled. Those guys did a thorough job.

Can I fix it?


I call the Watch, and tell them everything. They send a squadron of Watch soldiers, who take out the ship and disable the weapon. The police chief is fired- he had it coming to him anyway. And I, Jason Bryte, set off for my next adventure.
Signing off.

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