Science Fiction My First SoloPlay - Cyberpunk
First time using this system. I am somewhat familiar with Mythic and this looks like a great way to use the solo GM-less approach. Using Cyberpunk setting using Freeform Universal System. I considered Risus, Fudge, and Fate but looking for a super simple narrative system thus chose to try out Freeform Universal.

System: Free-form Universal RPG
Name: Gideon (Nexus Avatar name)
- Body: Quick Reflexes
- Mind: Observant of Details
- Edge: Hacker Extraordinaire
- Flaw: Hates to lose
- Implanted neural jack (INJ): A black-ice hardened CyberDyne 3000
- "Ginzu" special: a nanite-edged 6" combat knife

Gideon is a 20's-something, slender 5'6" male with shoulder length unkempt hair and a short-trimmed beard. He's fond of wearing drab colors that don't stand out.

While he is known in the trade as a highly-skilled infiltrator/acquisition expert, he hates losing... at anything. And given his occasional trips to the tracks, he seems to always be broke despite the higher-than-normal fees he commands as an independent operator on the nexus grid.

Ultimately, Gideon's drive to win is fueled by an unfortunate childhood that he is loathe to discuss.
He has a few different 'safe houses' with access to ghost drops (un-monitored access points to the nexus). 

- What Gideon Wants: To prove that he is as worthy as his father
- What is stopping Gideon from this: Always replaying the disapproval of his dad
- What Gideon will do? Always look for a bigger and more flamboyant, daring heist or escape in the nexus.

- SpacerX: His job dispatcher who only contacts him in the Nexus.

Nexus is the virtual space, a simulated reality much like the matrix. You must be equipped with cybernetic implants which allow you to enter the Nexus.
Cortex - is simply the plain old 'internet', way to check messages, etc..., not really private, certainly not immersive like the Nexus, don't need cyberdecks for cortex. 

Time: 2080, USA, Seattle Wa.
Destroy the data at the heavily populated control room.

Flying past the iridescent blue orbs, automated sentries affectionately known as brain suckers, Gideon deftly navigates the tendrils leading down ever closer into the Nexus hub. Even after all countless journeys into this virtual construct, he feels a slight sense of apprehension: "Someday, my luck will run out, won't it? Nah. I'm golden. I can't lose."

Gideon traverses the various node links, calculating the detection chances with relative ease. "Surely such calculations are trivial for everybody, aren't they? Whatever, I get paid big coin to get the goods. Just gotta stay frosty. Spacer better have something good for me. After that last job, he owes me big!"

As Gideon approaches the target node, he adjusts his deck's signature to match the zone's resonance, blending in as ambient background noise, at least to the monitoring protocols in this section of the Nexus.

"Spacer? Gideon has arrived! Ah, the fanfare. I need some coin. Gimme some good stuff buddy."

Does SpacerX respond to my outgoing communication?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

Instantly, Gideon hears the low-pitched modulated voice of SpacerX, dismiss Gideon's query with a "Hold on to your Flynns, Jetboy, I'll get to you as soon as I can, maybe..."

Gideon thinks to himself, "perhaps Spacer is still pissed about that last job... wasn't my fault!"

As Gideon waits for Spacer, he feels the slight pulsing mental connection between his Nexus avatar and his actual flesh and blood body back in real life. What is real? Gideon's avatar is real... here. And can't he go zombie here, the Nexus version of dead and dismemberment?

And as is want to happen, the zone around Gideon changes to

Barricaded galley

"Ah... I haven't seen this one yet" Gideon thinks to himself. Just then, another avatar appears in the pirate-themed galley, a rezzed-out body of green and white, reminiscent of something once known as lava lamps.

"Ya like it? It's something I came across in my research regarding the way-back-then. Something about wax, water, mineral oil or some such thing. Anyway, here's the deal... you dropped the ball last go around. Was simple. Get in, get out, but you don't have the goods do you? So, Do this one thing for me, and we call it even."

"I'm sending the job parameters now. The gist is this, I have a client who really doesn't want the Cobolt System's AI to process some recently acquired landsat data. You'll need to make that data disappear. This is grade L4 security, so tread carefully. Even with your black-ice mitigation, I don't think your fancy deck can prevent brain fry."

"Hey, L4 ain't no walk in the proverbial park. I better get some bank out of this." I attempt to persuade Spacer to ease up and grant me some credits. Do I succeed?

(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

Crew quarters

Reasonable female slave

The zone around Gideon changes now to the inside of an damp, musty sailing ship. The few oil lanterns, on rusty wall hooks, cast a dim light on the rope hammocks in these cramped crew quarters. Lava lamp man morphs into a green-skinned alien with head tentacles, manacles on her feet and rags covering her voluptuous body. "Gideon, eyes on me. I'm up here man. The answer is NO. Destroy the target data and then we talk about future, lucrative enterprises."

Does SpacerX give any further information that might be helpful?

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...

After a brief moment of internal conversation, Spacer simply says "Use at your own risk. I am sending you an older jump point into Colbolt's DMZ. Maybe it can get you past a few hoops. Maybe. Use at your own risk. TTFN."

Gideon, sensing the meeting is at and end, prepares to exit the Nexus.

Is Gideon able to exit the Nexus without incident?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

As his avatar is traveling back towards the ghost access point, he happens to recognize a weak L1 security hole momentarily exposed in a Investment Startup. He changes course to take note of a handful of account details. Perhaps this trip WILL yield some gain after all. "I'll have to check that out later."

Account Details will yield (information, credits, access) when required:

3 = 3[d3]

(Onetime security access when required)

Easily exiting the Nexus space, Gideon's consciousness returns to his prone body on the leather couch. The sun's light streams through the window of Jansen Towers, signaling the end of another tedious and dull day.

"Jeeves, bring up everything on Colbolt Systems, who they are, what they do, cross reference utilities and power draw profiles as well as any recent news of acquisitions or partnerships on public and private feeds." Does the search yield any specific information that would be useful to my mission?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

"Great, my own library of congress with kick-butt AI to boot and he can't get me squat. Jeeve's, you can be replaced you know." Does Jeeves Respond?

(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Stop / A representative

"Sir, I doubt that. Perhaps a perusal of less, ah... public, resources would turn up useful tidbits. I conclude with a most stunningly high degree of accuracy that failure to find any loose data on Colbolt is a clue to it's low Nexus footprint."

"... However Sir, what  I can tell you is that Colbolt Systems, involved in deep data analysis, is a subsidiary enterprise of the parent company Visage Metrics Global. Colbolt Systems was acquired two years ago following the Sun Ying Crash of 2078, significantly undervalued by most analysts, Colbolt Systems..."

Gideon: "Enough Jeeves. I get it. They know how to protect their data. Fine. Gotta do this the old fashioned way."

Unexpectedly, later that evening, on the private Cortex channel reserved for Spacer, a notification appears: "Urgent!". Hovering in Gideon's visual space in front of him, he unlocks and displays the message from Spacer: "Gid, came across some chatter re: Colbolt and Landsat Data. Something about heuristics detecting an anomaly requiring investigation. Might be the initial snooping I did. Don't think they know about you though. Be careful. And destroy the package."

I think about what resources I might use to dig up further information on Colbolt Systems and Visage Metrics Global. I spend some time researching public databases.

Do I find any useful information?

(Very Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

During the search, Gideon attempted to reroute his searches through the notoriously convoluted Hydra network but even then, Colbolt Systems detection routine was able to trace me back to the nearest West Coast trunk, just a few hops away from his Seattle home base.

Gideon is not deterred. Plan B: Try searching Colbolt using his private channels through a different ghost point at his disposal. Gideon thinks to himself "I gotta get something soon. I can't keep burning up all my ghost access points. They are hard to come by."

Gideon attempts another search against Colbolt and Visage. Does he come up with anything noteworthy and would help him?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

Is this information related to: Colbolt, Visage

1 = 1[d2]

Does it relate to the data in question, access/security, something else

1 = 1[d3]

Does it relate to the data content, or data storage location or something else?

1 = 1[d3]

A plan

After gingerly searching the Cortex sites via his ghost access points, Gideon is able to piece together tantalizing information: the data that was sent to Colbolt Systems data vault was not satellite mapping data but some sort of plan. In his queries, he came across an encrypted memo from a Visage Metrics Global mid-level manager, "Bob Jones" (easy to decrypt... thank you Jeeves) which mentioned that the "plan was compromised... got to move on this now before we lose the initiative..."

After this small victory, Gideon decides to call it a night. Despite his unwavering confidence in the cards (he is sure his luck is back on again and certainly is bound to bring in the creds), he opts for sleep instead. After a hit from an ill-gotten and contraband joy-pack and a few shots of the precious black market 2062 Glenlivet , which always seems to be accompanied by thoughts of his dad's fondness for the same, he gives one last check on cortex messages. Finding none, he enters blissful rest. Does anything of note to the story happen while Gideon sleeps?

(Unlikely | 4[d10]) No

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