Science Fiction Rogue Space
Here is my first foray into this.  Really enjoy it, and I am sure I will pick back up.  The game system is Rogue Space.  It is a great, rules lite sci fi system. As one can see, I was a bit clunky at the beginning, but started getting the hang of it.  

A few basic notes about character and system before I begin:4
Dread Space:
Space Horror In the Dark Frontier

Rule System:  Rogue Space

Kyle Armitage
Background:  Rogue Mercenary
Specialist Skill:  Melee Weapons

Fighting 11 (+2)
Acquiring 8 (+1)
Science 11 (+2)
Empathy 7
Repair 7

Hit Points 8

Level 2  Luck 2
Credits 120

Cyberware:  Cyberware--gun targeting link to cybereyes, cybereyes with low light vision, and magnification.  (+1 to use a wirelessly linked weapon)

Gear (starts page 39 for descriptions):  Planetary survival Kit, mecha lockpick, iPal, hand computer, personal com link, ships tool box

Blade Gun  M Razor Disks 10 Range S
5 EMP gernades
Slug Pistol L Range L Mag. 20
Extra Magazines/disks
Energy Sword V  (12) 2 extra energy clips

Mesh armor M protection

Story:  Kyle Armitage spent several years working for a rogue mercenary group called Crimson Star.  They walked the gray line between legal and illegal jobs.  During his time, he got a lot of experience on the merc groups bording party, collecting bounties and spoils.  This is how he came to learn melee weapons so well.  He also had his eyes replaced on Drakkar, around the time the Necrid raiders took the world.  To escape, he stole the Nimrod.  

Free Trader
Speed 1-4
Shields 20% M
Howitzers 20% Cryon Lasers (+1 DMG), missiles
Interior 20% bridge, 4 tons cargo
Propulsion 40% 4 engines
Structure 100% 40 pts

Book Notes:

Task Difficulties:  Pg 33 - difficult 9; Average 7
Dmg table 37
SPace COmbat 71
Trade 76
Sector Creator 85

Clear enemies at the insidious pyramid.

War.  3 years ago a powerful force arrived from the depths of Unknown Space.  Some say they were "awakened" by the meddlings and explorations of sentient races.  Hate courses through their blood.  Collectively, some refer to them as Necrids.  Others simply call them demons.  Whatever the hell they are, they have made a mess of the sector, effectively cutting us off from the rest of civilization by destroying our Tunnel Gates, leaving us in a few light year swathe of our own region of space.  Some planets have fallen.  Others have taken up arms.  

Then, as soon as the assailants popped up, most of them dissappeared.  Why is a mystery.  But from time to time, some of these strange things appear and they still hold a few worlds.  In the wake of the cosmic crisis, a league called the Pan-Star Alliance (PSA) has popped up and taken a strong hold over many worlds, stepping in to regulate many things, including what used to be left to individual planets, back when the Dark Frontier was part of the core Empire (before the Necrids invaded and shut off the Mega Relay).  DIsguised as having Dark Frontier's interests in mind, they seem a little more than a dictatorship to Kyle Armitage.  Not that he wouldn't pull a job for them if one of their agents paid him enough.

Kyle always had a did seem strange how these powerful Necrids, or demons, or whatever, best humankind, the Tssil, Czerkak, and all the other races throughout DF, and they up and just disappear, right around the time the PSA militarized, and started running things.  Right around the time Admiral Khervov-Nye was appointed Supreme Chancellor.  Strange...

Kyle is coming into Ternlal System, which has two inhabitable planets -- Narius and Tlol.  Kyle is bringing the free trader Nimrod in for some much needed repairs at Tlol space dock.  When he comes out of hyperspace, he has about 6 hours of travel time.  By the time he gets there, he will be low on fuel, and took some bad shots from pirates (he's been using space lanes that aren't so well patrolled by the PSA Space Boats.  

While he is in transit he decides to look up an old friend, Krachug ("Chug"), a Huriun.  Hurian's are humanoid, native to Narius (and hence breath its toxic Methane rich atmosphere.)  Many find them unsettling because their skeleton is an exoskeleton, giving the Hurian's a skull like appearance.  For this reason, many when traveling where polarized rebreathers.  Chug wears his clear as the night's sky.  

Chug had some info.  He expected Kyle a week ago.  Charon Corp has a sweep job.  They are looking for a couple to clear out the remains of some ancient pyramids on Narius.  Should be a small job, but the pay is 5000 credits.

Do I know anyone with Charon Corp?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Kyle knows no one with Charon Corp, so the contact must be Chug's alone.  Chug used to work with Charon Corp quite a bit when they negotiated contracts on Narius to mine volatiles.  Chug did a lot of work for them.  So, maybe they can be trusted.  Probably just wanting some agents to clear some mining derrecks.

Does Chug know anything about these Pyramids?

(Sure Thing | 5[d10]) No, but...

No, because there have been no structures like this on the planet.  It is a complete mystery.  Apparently, this is why Charon Corp is seeking to outsource the job.

Kyle lets Chug know they need to find out a little more about why Charon is interested in this strange structure.  And also a little more about why they are interested in cordoning off the area.  This sounds like more a of a merc job to him.

"Oh but it is..."  Chug replies over the comm channel.  "If we join, we will be joining a merc ticket.  Our cut, each, will be 2500."

They arrange for a place to meet on the orbital station around Tlol, a huge station called The Crescent.

Subterranean shipyards.

They decide to meet at the subterranean shipyards, on Tlol.  It is a strange place to house ships but it does shield them well from the corrosive atmosphere on Tlol.  Not many here leave the Crescent and go planetside.  But this is where the Merc company insisted they wanted to meet.  So, after paying his docking fee, Kyle booked passage on the next shuttle.  Before leaving, he had a day or two to kill on the Crescent.  He met someone there in a tavern, while waiting for his repair estimate on the Nimrod. (Which, he received an email on his iPal, the estimate will wipe out most of the profits from his last run).

Insecure female officer.

He met an insecure female customs officer, attractive.  They had some drinks.  He decided he might want "company."  (empathy 6 roll, his background as a rogue merc will help him with a +2 here).

9 = 3[d6]+4[d6]+2

Easily, Kyle has a fun night. she who she seems to be?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

After a night of passion in the sterile quarters (her place, a real mess, but she has a nice weapon collection and power armor!), he gets to know Narra Tryth.  Originally from the neighboring system, she joined the Planetary Navy at a young age.  Narra got injured, leaving a scar on her right side, in a naval battle with the Necrid.  Like Kyle, she also does not trust the PSA, nor the Supreme Chancellor.  SHe's been looking for a way to "get back in the action" so this Charon Corp merc thing sounds like just the thing.  Kyle isn't sure there would be room for her, but he's curious after a night as to what else she's got.  Clearly, she's pretty stacked with weaponry.  Couldn't hurt to take her to the shipyards.


Will someone try to imprison Kyle?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 7[d10]) Yes, but...

Kyle starts to feel very dizzy....very dizzy....(quick science roll, 7)

10 = 2[d6]+6[d6]+2

Immediately, he knows he's been hit with Vhorna Toxin.  It is a common plant sleeping agent, common to this system since it grows the Chakka Plant grows on Tlol.  She MUST have slipped him some.  Can I fight the effects?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No.

Can't fight the effects, no need for even a roll.  Narra's naked form stands over him while he passes out.  

....later.  He awakens.  His arms are bound in ENERGY BONDS.  He is in a security cell.  No idea if he is still on the Crescent or not.  No idea how long it has been.

Suddenly, the bonds lift.  As disorientation passes,

Crystalline mines.

....the security doors open.  He appeared to be in some sort of cell built into some crystalline mines.  He immediately recognizes the minerals.  This is Tlol, and the non-miscible atmosphere rushes in, filling his lungs with poisonous Methane and Nitrogen.  Kyle gasps, holding his breath.  WHat is going on here!!!!  WHere is my equipment?  Why did they (she?)  bring me down here just to die.  An image of Narra's perfect body fills his mind as his lungs are on fire.

(20 = 20[d20]) Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.

Suddenly, the doors close and fans take out the corrosive atmosphere, pumping in regular (miscible) air.  But Kyle, doubled up on the floor, has clearly had the damage being done.  He'd heard about this type of torture before.  Enviro-torture.  Enhanced interrogation techniques.  He himself had been a party to using them when he was running with the merenary group.  His lungs were on fire, too early to know the extent of the damage.  It was hard for him to get a breath...

Relentless Zebulon agent.

Zebulon, he thinks to himself, as he searches his past through the pain, trying to determine who would go to these lengths to harm him.  Zebulon was technically a space patrol agency, but they got a mind of their own.  Becoming a little more than a criminal syndicate in their own right.  Crimson Star used to vy for position against Zebulon.  Until Crimson Star raided one of their outposts, and burned many of their members alive when it ignited the atmosphere on the base.  It was on a moon, Darkon II in the Julia System.  Kyle Armitage led that raid...
Yeah, they might still be a little mad about that one.   DAMN!  I had had too much to drink and she was too intoxicating.  I really should have recognized the paulette's on that Power Armor she had.


Just then, the doors start to cycle open.  Time for another round, and Kyle is about dead as it is.  As the doors open, two suited powered exo-skeletons, wearing the insignia of Zebulon are standing in the door way.  Only thing available is to run right at 'em!  
Kyle stands, rushes the cycling doors and tainted atmosphere holding breath in his badly burning lungs.  With ease, one of the power armor suits raises its arm and bats him away like a fly, its servo motors whirring.  It feels like getting hit with a piece of iron.

(8 = 8[d20]) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

He took it to the side, but whoever was in the suit really held back on the attack.  It could have crushed him.

Egomaniacal theorist.

"You know, I have a theory," a voice came over the helmet PA of the Zebulon Agent that just knocked him to the wall.  "Chaos is in everything.  But certain people love chaos.  They NEED chaos.  Crave it.

...And those who need it, Chaos just tends to follow them.  You, Kyle Armitage, my choking friend, are a man who chaos follows.  Where there is order, you come along and blow it all to hell.  Well, I am through letting you.  You WILL NOT do here what you did on Darkon II.  You will burn for what you did to my friends."  

Shit, thought Kyle through his haze of pain.  That voice was none other than Krisvel Toslo, one of the Strike Team leaders of Zebulon.  He was always running his mouth, always spouting theories...and he was ruthless.  Kyle coughed.

With the door opened, is there any way to my gear?

(Unlikely | 3[d10]) No. +Event: Antagonise / Tension

"Well," Krisvel continued looking down through his expressionless visor, "I don't want you to think you are the only one suffering.  Your skullface friend...ahem, I believe you refer to him as Chug."  He pushed a button on this exosuit, and a holographic overlay appeared.  Chug was trapped in a similar room, without his helmet on.  He was choking.  "You know," Krislov continued, "the irony of it is, it is pure oxygen in his room--just what your burning lungs need.  Of course, the same is true for this room.  How about that?"  He laughed a horrid metallic laugh.  

With each painful gasp and spasm, Kyle Armitage believes it will be his last.

An idea strikes Kyle.  Do I have one of my EMP cartridge gernades still in my boot compartment?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes.

Kyle's mind clears as he thinks of the EMP gernade he keeps in case of emergencies.  If this isn't one, he'd love to see one.  And from the look on the Holo, Chug doesn't have long.  Of course, it is always possible that these two's suits are hardened.  But he had to try, he was out of plays.  He grabs the EMP in the his pocket and FLASH!

Are their suits hardened against EMP?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Their suits are hardened, with an additional +1 due to advanced circuitry.  So at most they will be stunned a few rounds by the EMP blast.  Both sides pit fighting against the other, but Zebulon agents get a +3.

Kyle's roll (fighting)

8 = 2[d6]+4[d6]+2

Zebulon's roll (fighting)

14 = 5[d6]+6[d6]+3

The gernade has no effect.  Kislov laughs.

Does Kyle Armitage die?

(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes. +Event: Recruit / Failure

Kyle Armitage was killed by the maniac Zebulon agent, Krislev Toslo.  

...But he wouldn't stay that.  As it turns out, Narra Tryth wasn't actually a Zebulon agent.  She was an agent of Starguard, looking to gain infiltration into the rogue Zebulon group.  Starguard had a strong interest in Kyle Armitage, because of his time as a rogue mercenary, he knew a lot about the underworld in the Dark Frontier.  Her job was to recruit him, as a double agent within Zebulon.  She discovered that Zebulon had fooled Chug, about that bogus job and the pyramids on Nairus.  It was all a front for that madman Krislev Toslo to exact revenge on Kyle Armitage.  Starguard had been trying to infiltrate Zebulon for a while, finally Narra Tryth (real name Mira Centauri) was able to infiltrate Zebulon, which was little more than terror organization.  Being able to snatch Kyle Armitage from the jaws of death was just a bonus.  And since Starguard saved his life, he'll owe them one.

Kyle awakens in a tank of strange fluid, bluish green haze.  The tank drains, and he removes the breather.  The hatch opens with a hitch.  Some sort of viscious healing fluid, he thinks.  (science roll)

8 = 1[d6]+5[d6]+2

It is anthalgar, a synthetic healing substance.  Highly expensive, usually reserved for the filthy rich.  Looking around, Kyle could tell this was no ordinary sick bay.  A large window opens up to space, showing the greenish hue of the acid world Tlol.  They were orbiting the planet where he had been injured.  Seeing Tlol reminded him of his demise there.  Last he remembered, he was choking, and that madman Toslo was about to kill him.  His EMP trick hadn't work.  Checking himself over, and does not seem injured.  His lungs feel extremely healthy.

Were my lungs damaged?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Yes, lungs were damaged, and they had to be replaced.  Cybernetic lungs have been installed in him.

Does anyone come in?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No.

Alone, Kyle has some time to run a diagnostic on himself with some of the medical equipment he is familiar with.  It verifies that he is 100%, but his lungs have been replaced with Omni-Tech 2112 cyber lungs, complete with internal oxygen stores and toxin filtration.  Top of the line stuff.  On the market, these things would go for 4-5000 creds on the market.  From the diagnostics, he could also tell that he had been officially dead, and lazurus patched.

Did the lazurus patch have any adverse side effects?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Increase / Hope

The lazurus patch reduced the max hit points by 1.  This is permanent damage to constitution.  But fate of fortunes smiled on Kyle.  As a result of his "death" he gained a level, and his luck has increased.  He is now filled with hope.

...and purpose.  His first order of business (after he finds Chug) is to find Krislov Toslo, and that bitch, and all the rest of Zebulon and burn the rest of them like he did on Darkon II.

Is there a computer console in here?

(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes.

What is the TN to work it?

4 = 2[d6]+2

I can do do that without rolling.  Is there a file on me?

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes. +Event: Intolerance / Ambush

There is, when I try to access the file, the computer blocks my attempt with a intruder countermeasure.  It is a TN 10 to try to get past.  Failure will likely lock down the system.

6 = 1[d6]+4[d6]+1

Failed.  The file and system is locked down.  The door opens.  In walks Narra Tryth.  She fills me in that I am being recruited by Starguard, and owe the agency my life.  They put in the lung replacements.  I am being sought because of my familiarity with criminal networks.  Starguard is ramping up its efforts to stop fringe organizations, which are believed to be tied to the Necrids.  Something in there also about Necrid worship.  None of it all was making much sense to me.  But they sure had spent some high dollars to keep me alive.  It just so happened that while she was infiltrating Zebulon, trying to get some intel on Krislov Toslo's latest plans, they learned of their intent to trap me.  They took the opportunity to capture me for their own.

"What if I refuse?"  I ask her.

Open / Jealously.

The beautiful spy replies, "Feel free to refuse.  But, if you do, it won't be long before that high end cyber lung implant fails."

Just as I thought.  Figured it wouldn't be that easy.  "Alright, how bout that locked file on me on the holo comp."

She tells me it is my psyche profile.  They apparently did a full work up on me when they got the opportunity to bring me in.  While I didn't like the idea of working for Starguard, I had to admit, they sure had a way about them.  And Narra was still very alluring, although she had none of her insecure charm as the other night.  That was all an act.  Probably every bit of it made it into the psyche analysis.  
Anything good in the report?

Create / Elements.

"In a nutshell," she replies, "you are solid, resourceful, but cold and unfeeling like stone.  In some societies you would be viewed as a sociapath.  But you have a strong loyalty streak to those you think of as friends."

When she mentioned friends, my mind went to Chug.  "Chug....did he betray me?"  I still couldn't believe I asked it.

(Very Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...

She explained that Chug was duped by Zebulon.  The whole job on Nairus was just a trap to lure you in.  I should have known when Chug knew nothing of pyramids on Nairus.  Stupid me.  She also told me that Chug is fine.

"I'll work for you but only under two conditions.  You put Chug on the payroll, he sticks with me."

She looks on, bored out the window with a breathtaking view of Tlol's acid clouds.  A greenish heap hanging in mid-space.  "And your other?"

"I get to kill finish off Zebulon agents."

She looks me over.  Mentions that my stipend will be 5,000 credits a month, but that I would also be free to keep my own spoils and still do cargo runs between jobs.  We'd even get our own badges.  And the Nimrod would get a legal registration.  That might make things easier.  But she made it clear that Starguard business was top priority.  Apparently, my ability to breath depended on it.  If I went Rogue, Starguard would be watching every space port in the Dark Frontier until they caught me or shut off my lungs.  I'd be worse than a fugitive.  Can't believe I actually slept with this woman.  Well...yeah I can.

She showed me to my stuff, and to my ship.  It was safe and sound in the same hangar bay here on Crescent as I first left it.  She had been repaired, which pretty much wiped me out.  But Starguard made certain her howitzers got a little boost.  She was equipped with upgraded Cryon 27 Lasers (+1 on damage rolls). Those were VERY expensive.  Their investment in me just got bigger.

I grabbed my gear and Chug grabbed his.  A senior Starguard agent approached me with a datapad.  This looked like our first mission.  I caught one last sight of Narra Tryth (if that was her real name) walking off in her skin-tight uniform.  She gazed back at me one last time, her gaze said "don't fuck it up."

Evade bounty hunters at the syndicate headquarters.

Apparently, they thought this would be a first go for me.  Triclan Syndicate had a base in a neighboring system a couple of parsecs from here--next system over coreward.  The syndicate were mostly ex bounty hunters, law enforcement, and other merc types who were now in the gray area of the law.  After the Necrid Invasion, and we were cut off from the rest of the Interstellar Alliance, Triclan really ramped up their recruiting.  Strangely, they started recruiting xenobiologists, astro-physcists, real science types.  Rumor had it they were really into alien artifacts, and built a pretty strong trade on them.  Ancient stuff.  Also highly illegal under PSA Regs.  Starguard wanted me to infiltrate them to see what their interest in the Rhogul system was.  That system was about 2 parsecs away, so it would take Nimrod only about 12 hours in FTL to get there.  It'd take her 6 hours to spin up the drives.  All told, we'd be in system and probably at the burned out space station in about a day, if we got going immediately.

Humorous programmer.

On the way to prepping Nimrod, I met a funny guy.  He was one of the head programmers with Starguard base, here on Crescent.  Chug and I really needed someone with some hacking and computer skills.  After my failure with the comp in sick bay, my lack skill in that department was really apparant.  His name is Than Kissinger.  He's got a joke for just about anything.  Starguard allowed him to join the Nimrod.  In additional to his programming and hacking skills, he also has the following skill


So Than really knew what made us tick.  Wonder if he read my psyche profile?

Load up, fire up the engines, and when clearence is given disembark.  Is undocking and take off on the Nimrod uneventful?

(Sure Thing | 7[d10]) Yes.

Figured it would be.  This area is well policed.  Chug is working back in engineering testing the FTL drives and engines, as we spin up the FTL.  In about 6 hours they'll be up, and coincidentally around that time we will have got to a safe jump point.  At the helm, I'm on autopilot as Than tells me another rib splitter.

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