Science Fiction Star Frontiers: Rim Stenner the Explorer: Part 1
My first attempt at a Solo RPG (or any RPG for that matter!)..

Rules: Star Frontiers, Basic
Name: Rim Stenner, Explorer

STR/ STA 55/45
DEX/RS 65/60
INT/LOG 45/45
PER/LDR 40/40

Skills: Martial Arts Lev 1, Environmental Lev 1

Weapons: Bow (20 arrows), Electric Sword (1 Power Clip 20 seu), 2 Doze Grenades, Hunting Knife
Equipment: Envirokit Rope, Sungoggles, Water pack, Survival rations

Rim has been hired to explore an uncharted area, Viper Valley. The valley is uncharted and considered hostile and "boring" with no real data on the area (initial Sat scans are old and unreliable) He will collect Bio samples (Plants, rocks, animals, etc) and return them to Camp Rezort, his home for the last 10 years.
Rim has been travelling as a passenger for several weeks on a battered Steam boat towards his destination, he now readies for his departure...

Scene #1: Day1: Rim arrives in Viper Valley on a remote part of planet Volturnus

Rim looked back to see the battered steam boat drift over the horizon back up the Mivadi river, heading back to Rezort Camp, his home for the last 10 years
He was on his own now, at last!

Should Rim make camp now?

(7[d10]) Yes.

Rim decides to make camp and get an early night, ready for the long day ahead.
After making a quick meal and assembling his shelter, he lies down and goes to sleep easily enough.

Does Rim wake in the night?

(6[d10]) Yes, but...

Rim wakes up suddenly, but it was just that damn dream again, the one that wont go away. He opens the flap on the shelter and peers about, all quiet part from the usual animal sounds he's familiar with..

Rim drifts back off to sleep..

After waking up and eating a small meal from his rations pack, Rim packs up the camp and heads SW towards the nearest mountain peak. The mountains in this area (he's been tasked with climbing all 6 of them!) are all unamed. Rim will have the "honour" of naming them for future generations.

Rim walks at a steady pace for 4 hrs

The plains in this area are flat with a few rocks and scrawny bushes, Rim climbs a small boulder and looks around
Does Rim see anything interesting?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

Rim sees, something flash past, a blur, close about 100m away! He climbs down off the boulder

Rim removes the bow from his shoulder, loads an arrow and walks cautiously in the direction of movement...

When investigating the area, he notices what he thought was the horizon was in fact a start of small valley, he peers down into the valley and see an unusual rock formation that will need further investigation..

Just as Rim decides to lower his bow, a loud sound startles him..

Giant Eagle.

A Giant Eagle! Rim has not seen one this big before, but he'll have to study it later, the eagle starts to brake it's dive and head towards him with Talons raised, hoping for an easy meal...

7 = 7[d10]

3 = 3[d10]

Rim is prepared, he raises the bow and in an instant his first arrow flies toward the eagle..

91 = 91[d100]

The Arrow narrowly misses the Eagle

The eagle strikes!

48 = 48[d100]

Rim quickly dodges the claws of the eagle and the eagle backs off..

As the eagle quickly flies off to prepare for the next attack Rim drops the bow and pulls the Electric sword off his back and activates it.

Does Rim Set the Sword to stun?

(5[d10]) No, but...

Rim leaves the sword set to full power but hopes to clip the wings of the eagle rather than kill it..

The 2 combatants ready themselves for the next round!

2 = 2[d10]

6 = 6[d10]

Will the eagle attack again or fly off?

(6[d10]) Yes, but...

The eagle dives in to attack but this time it tries to carry him off!

Does the eagle grasp and carry him off?

89 = 89[d100]

The eagle fails in it's attempt to carry Rim off!

Rim raises his sword and Strikes!

37 = 37[d100]

The Sword strikes the eagle. The eagle receives

19 = 4[d10]+1[d10]+4[d10]+10[d10]


8 = 8[d10]

9 = 9[d10]

The eagle strikes again, does it try to carry Rim off?

13 = 13[d20]

As the eagle raised its claws Rim prepares to strike once more, but the Eagle is quicker, it grabs him by the shoulders and carries him off!

End of Scene 1

Stay tuned for more soon!
Scene 2

The Eagle struggles to carry me far. Am I nearing the strange rocks?

(9[d10]) Yes.

It looks like the eagle is heading to the strange rocks

What happens when I reach the rocks?


The Eagle drops me on the top of the rock formation, a large column of rock with vertical drops all around. I realise I cant escape!

Just as it leaves it drops something next to me, what is it?


A map? Why would the eagle give me a map? and whats an Eagle doing with a map?

I start to examine the map, it's slightly better than the one I have, but made by hand with some strange markings next to the 6 mountain tops

Looks like someone else was interested in these mountains, and I'm not the first vistor to this area!

I put the Map away for now and start to focus on my immediate problem, how to get off this rock!

I look all around and see nothing obvious to aid me. If only I were a Yazoo (Yazirian) I could glide down. Then I thought of something...

I pull my shelter from my pack, the material is light and I start to lay it out in front of me, at first I think about making some kind of glider or parachute but then I look at the ground peg, aha!

The ground peg for the shelter has a small drill at the bottom that lets it drill into rough terrain. I hold the peg above the surface activate the switch and it embeds itself nicely into the rock surface.

The exposed part of the peg will enable me to attach my rope around it and climb down.

will the rope reach to the bottom of the pillar and onto valley floor?

(7[d10]) Yes, but...

Lucky for me its a new fibri polimer rope that although is 1KM in length rolls up into a small bundle. I attach one end of the rope to the peg and through the rope down over the pillar, unfortunately though when I get to the bottom Ill loose the rope for good as I'll have no way to get it back!

I hold on to the rope and absail down the side of the pillar to the bottom

Do i make it to the bottom?

(8[d10]) Yes.

Once at the bottom, I say goodbye to the rope forever and start to investigate the strange rock formation...

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