Science Fiction Star Wars EOTE
The setting is a very old, large cargo ship known in the outer rim as "Cartol's Emporium". The random setting I rolled (before it got erased in my efforts to figure this whole thing out) is a "large cargo ship with a cheap watch and a sith lord".

My imagination ran with that as my character is a genetically modified Arkanian (I rolled up using oggdude's character generator).

So... during the clone wars, an intrepid Arkanian group of entrepreneurs decided to carbon freeze their collection of genetic "experiments", namely modified Arkanians from the lower classes who had been "recombined" with various DNA to make ideal combat models. Their business model was simple, travel to various hotspots and attempt to sell these modified Arkanians as ideal soldiers or (in reality) slave mercenaries.

The first room I encounter after being "awoken" is a briefing room with a "general" of some kind slipping out a door on the other side while a techno-slicer is left to bring me up to speed and get me ready for the sale. Only, something is wrong... I am not mentally slaved and numb like the usual drones they awaken and trouble ensues.. little did I know, the clone wars has been long over and the buyers now are those on both sides of... the edge of the empire!

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