Science Fiction Star Wars: Escape from Mos Shuuta
Okay, so this is my first attempt at playing a solo rpg. This is kind of an experiment, as I'm basing my adventure on the Edge of the Empire adventure 'Escape from Mos Shuuta'. I want to let the story take on it's own life, but by the end it might end up being pretty much like the original adventure.

I'm using the free rpg system 'five by five' to play out much of the mechanics of the game. I don't want to go into a lengthy description of how the system works, but basically you roll 2d6 and multiply the numbers, trying to roll equal to or below the target number. Also, 6's count as 0's and doubles always fail, but they get you karma points which can be used to boost other rolls.

Combat is also a little different, in that the enemies always attack first, and then the players attack. However, players have a chance to roll an interrupt, allowing them to attack first, as well as after the enemies. Attacks only do 1 wound, unless a critical is rolled, dealing an additional wound.

I find that I really like the 5x5 system, as it is pretty simple and seems to work well with solo rpg'ing.

This first part of the adventure is mostly combat. This might be totally boring to read. I apologize for that. In the future I might decide to play out the combat and then just summarize for posting.

In any event, here goes. The story takes place on Tattoine at Mos Shuuta. The heroes of the story were all trapped in some kind of servitude to Teemo the Hutt, but have just made their escape from his palace.

Here are the Characters and stats:
(Stats range from UNskilled(0), NOvice(2), APprentice(3), JOurneyman(4), ADept(5), EXpert(6), MAster(8), GRandmaster(10), ELite(12), WOrld class(15), and LEgendary(20))

Kriga (Rodian)
Shoot- EX(6)
Trouble trait: Sneaking/Stealth
Weapon: Slugthrower rifle (10)
Armor: Light(1)

Jarrod Evenstar (Human)
Sword Attack-AD(5)
Quick reflexes-EX(6)
Force sense-NO(2)
Force influence-JO(4)*requires spending force point (magic point)
Trouble trait:Escaping traps
Weapons: Light vibro sword (8), vibro sword (10)
Armor: Light(1)

Kara Char (Twi'lek)
Trouble trait: talking with people
Weapon: Blaster rifle (10)

Wesk Ralk'yg (Bothan)
Trouble trait: Strength/physical
Weapons: 2xBlaster pistols (8)
Armor: Medium (2)

So, the heroes (Kriga, Jarrod Evenstar, Kara Char, and Wesk Ralk'yg) have just escaped from Teemo the Hutt's palace. Chased by a bunch of Teemo's Gamorrean guards, the heroes duck into a Cantina. Unfortunately, there is no back exit, and they have only a few moments before the Gamorreans burst through the entrance.

There is a devaronian bartender serving drinks. A Twi'lek woman dances on a stage at the far end of the cantina. Many patrons fill the establishment, some at the bar, some at tables, and others in private booths along the wall. A few look up in surprise as the heroes enter.

Kara Char has a Journeyman(4) skill in stealth, so she will attempt to hide in one of the booths.
Roll=1x5=5. Close, but a failure. She tries to squeeze into a booth to hide, but she just can't seem to conceal herself very well.

Jarrod decides to use a force point (I'm substituting force for magic in the 5 by 5 rpg system) to try and force influence the bartender to let him hide behind the bar.
Jarrod: (to the devaronion bartender; gesturing with his hand) "You will not alert the guards to my location."
JO(4) Roll=2x2= doubles. auto fail, but Jarrod does get a Karma point.
Jarrod tries to duck behind the bar, but the devaronian prevents him saying: "What do you think you're doing? Get out of here!"

Things are not going well for our heroes.
Kriga decides to just deal with the enemies head on. He takes aim at the entrance in preparation for the Gamorreans. (I'm going to let him use his shoot skill, even though he is not shooting. If he is successful, I will give him a +1 rank shift to his chance to attack in the upcoming combat)
EX(6) Roll=3x4=12. Total failure. He attempts to pull his gun out and ready his aim at the entrance, but he fumbles a bit with his weapon in the excitement of the moment.

It's up to Wesk to attempt to get some slight advantage before the Gamorreans get there.
Wesk figures that things are going bad enough already, so why not use his trouble trait and at least get karma point out of it (when using a trouble trait, you only succeed on doubles, but you automatically get a karma point). He decides to overturn a large table in the center of the cantina to provide himself some cover (using strength)
(TR) Roll=1x6=0, but unfortunately not doubles.
He attempts to lift the heavy table, but realizes too late that it is bolted to the floor.

Just then, 6 Gamorreans burst through the entrance. These are Peons, and only have 1 wound level. They also do not deal critical hits.
Slash attack: (4)
Weapon: Medium Axe (10)
Armor: Light armor (1)

Because the heroes did so badly, I'm going to give them a -1 rank shift to interrupt down to a minimum of unskilled.
Interrupt rolls:
Kriga UN(0) roll= 6x2 = 0. success!
Jarrod: Quick reflexes EX -1RS AD (5) roll=1x4 = success!
Kara: Quick shot AP - 1RS NO (2) roll = 2x3=6 = failure.
Wesk: UN (0) roll=2x3=6 = failure.

Kriga and Jarrod will get a chance to attack the Gamorreans first.
Kriga manages to finally get his weapon leveled at the enemy and takes a shot.
EX (6) roll = 3x3 = doubles. auto fail. Kriga gains a karma point.
One of the Gamorreans squeals in excitement as the shot narrowly misses him.

Jarrod rushes forward and uses his sword attack with his off hand holding the light vibro sword.
Sword attack AD(5) roll= 2x6 = 0. Hit! Roll for critical (light vibro sword (8)-1RS for armor(6) roll = 1x2= 2 success!
(against peons, a critical hit allows a player to make an additional immediate attack. Limit once per combat sequence 'segment')
One Gamorrean's lifeless body falls to the ground. Jarrod quickly whips his sword back to attack another.
AD (5) roll = 1x5 = 5 Hit!
A second Gamorrean falls dead.

The remaining 4 Gamorreans step back in fear at seeing 2 of their comrades so easily taken out. But their fear of Teemo the Hutt's punishment is far greater. They rush forward to attack.
The nearest one strikes back at Jarrod.
Slash (4) roll = 3x3 = doubles. fail.

Will the remaining Gamorreans all attack Jarrod?

(Somewhat Likely) No, and...

In fact they will split up and attack each hero.
Gamorrean #2 rushes forward and attacks Wesk.
Slash (4) roll = 2x4 = 8. fail.
Gamorrean #3 swings his axe around the corner of the booth at Kara
Slash (4) roll = 2x2 = doubles = fail.
And the last one swings his weapon down forcefully on Kriga
Slash (4) roll = 3x6 = 0 hit!
Kriga is not good at defending, so he will take the hit. 1 wound.

Now all heroes get a chance to attack in the final segment of combat.
Kara leans out of the booth and attempts to blast the guard closest to her.
Shoot AD (5) roll = 2x4= 8 miss.
Wesk then shoots
AP (3) roll = 1x6 = 0 hit! roll for crit (Blaster pistol (8)-1RS for armor(6) roll = 5x5 = doubles. fail, but a karma point.

Jarrod now brings his other vibro sword around to attack
Sword Attack AD(5) roll = 1x2 = hit! The Gamorrean falls dead. (I figure the other Gamorreans aren,t close enough, so I won't roll for crit to get an extra attack)
Kriga now takes the final shot this round for the heroes.
Shoot EX(6) roll = 5x5 = doubles. fail. Karma point.

Only 2 Gamorreans left now. A new round of combat starts, with rolls for interupt.
Kriga UN(0) roll= 4x4 doubles. fail. Karma. (3 for Kriga now)
Jarrod EX(6) roll = 1x2. success.
Kara AP(3) roll = 3x6 = 0. success.
Wesk UN(0) roll = 2x4= 8 fail.
Jarrod and Kara will get to act before the Gamorreans.

Jarrod leaps over to attack the guard near Kriga
Sword Attack AD(5) roll = 4x6 = hit!
Only 1 Gamorrean left now.
Kara takes another shot
AD(5) roll = 1x2 = 2 hit!
The last one falls dead.

Throughout the battle, many of the patrons left, or jumped for cover. They now go back to their seats. Probably not uncommon for such things to happen in a cantina in Mos Shuuta.
The devaronian bartender approaches.

Does he seem very upset?

(Likely) Yes.

Devaronian: "What do you nerf-herders think you're doing, shooting up my place of business? Get out of here, now!"
Jarrod: "Look, sorry for the trouble. Here's a few credits for the damage. We need a way off this planet quick. Can you help us?"
(He probably isn't really interested in helping us, but then again he wouldn't mind getting trouble-makers like us away from him)

(50/50) Yes, and... +Event: Move / Rumour

Okay. He has heard a rumor that a ship is going to be leaving soon. This might be a perfect chance for our escape.
What kind of ship?

Innocently / Less.

I'm thinking a slaver ship. Okay, the bartender wants to help us now, because a good friend of his, a Twi'lek girl has been captured and is a slave being transported to work in the mines on Ryloth.
Devaronian: "Her name is Tanara. She was captured by a bounty hunter called Trex. I would be forever grateful if you could free her. She is on the ship called the Krayt Fang. It is located at docking bay Aurek right now."
He hands Jarrod a datacard.
Devaronian: "You can unlock the docking clamps on the ship at Spaceport control, with these access codes I managed to acquire. You'll still have to get past security and access the computers. I can't help you with that."
Kriga: "Thanks. We'll do what we can to save your friend."

They head out of the cantina and make their way towards Spaceport control.

To be continued...
Very enjoyable and sounds like an interesting system to use.
(02-25-2014, 03:37 AM)smw Wrote: Very enjoyable and sounds like an interesting system to use.

Yes, that does sound like an interesting system. I went looking for more information and if anyone else is interested,
In transitioning to the spaceport, I am going to use the Mythic 'Chaos Factor'. I'll use this between scenes to determine if the next scene is interrupted or altered in any way. I start with a chaos factor of 5, and use a die roll to determine if it goes up or down as the story goes along.

So, our goal is now to help save this Twi'lek girl, and in the process hopefully steal a ship that we can use to get off of Tatooine. The bartender has given us some codes that we can use to unlock the docking clamps on the ship. We need to get to Spaceport Control in order to do this.
Chaos Factor: 5
roll= 2
(even number, below the CF number= interrupt to next scene)

Okay, as the heroes make their way through some back alleys of Mos Shuuta, heading towards Spaceport Control, they are interrupted by something...

PC negative.

Oppose / A project.

Seems pretty obvious. Something is going to try and prevent us from completing our goal. But what or who is opposing us.
(I decide to use some Rory Story Cubes to help me out here. I'll abbreviate as RSC if I use Rory Story Cubes more on this adventure.)
RSC= (I roll 2 of the dice) a turtle and a tent.
Well, Trex is a Trandoshian, which are lizard-like in appearance. So the turtle makes me think of that.
The tent makes me think of his home. Which would probably be his ship.

Just as we are making our way to Spaceport Control, we see a ship lifting off from Landing Bay Aurek and speed away from Mos Shuuta.
Jarrod: "No, Please tell me that is not our ship!"
Wesk looks at the datacard which has a detailed layout of the ship. "YT-1300. Yep, I'd say that's our ship. Now what do we do?"

Was the ship headed into space?

(50/50) Yes.

Probably headed to Ryloth to deliver the slaves.
I guess still head to Spaceport Control and try and get another ship and follow him.

The heroes arrive at Spaceport Control without further incident. They know word is probably getting back to Teemo of their escape, so they don't have a lot of time.

Does Spaceport control have guards posted at the entrance?

(Likely) Yes, and...

From a distance, they recognize a Duros bounty hunter that was employed at Teemo's Palace. He's talking to some security droids at the entrance of the building. Alerting them to be on the lookout for the escapees, probably.
Looks like we'll have to find another way in.

The heroes duck behind a nearby building, and work their way to the back of Spaceport Control, where there is a side entrance.

Is the entrance locked?

(Very Likely) Yes.

Is it a computer lock that Kara could use her computer skill to hack into?

(Somewhat Likely) No, but...

There is a computer alarm system that she could try and disable. It won't unlock the door, but it will prevent the alarm from triggering if they try and force the door open.

She makes a computer skill check EX(6):
roll = 1x4 =4 success! The alarms have been disabled.

None of the characters is skilled at lockpicking, so they will have to just attempt to force it open.
I'm going to use a simple UNskilled brawn check here, but I'll let another character attempt to assist. (If the assisting player succeeds, he can add a 2 rank bonus to the acting players roll. If he fails, he can still add a 1 rank bonus.)
Jarrod- (assisting) Brawn UN(0) roll= 3x4 = 12. fail.
Kriga- Brawn UN(0) with +1 rank bonus NO(2) roll = 1x1. Agh! So close. doubles= fail. (Now Kriga has 4 Karma, but can't be used on a doubles roll Sad
The door won't budge. It's locked tight.

Wesk: "We could try shooting our blasters at the door, but that would just alert the guards.
Kriga: "Let's just deal with the guards at the front entrance. If they try to stop us, then we just take 'em out."
Jarrod: "I won't be able to use my mind trick on them. It' won't affect droids."

They head around the corner towards the front entrance.

Do the guards prevent them from entering?

(Likely) Yes, and...

Just as predicted, the guards seemed to have been alerted to be on the lookout for the escapees.
Droid #1: "Halt! Facial Identification scan in progress"
Droid #2: "It's them! Get them!"

And some more combat...

2 Security Droids
(These security droids are classified as 'Henchmen'. They can deal criticals, and have more wound levels)
Attack: Blaster shot (6)
Weapon: Built-in blaster pistol (10)
Armor: Metal Exoskeleton (2)
Wound levels:

Rolls for interrupt:
Kriga UN(0) roll = 1x2 = 2 (Kriga is finally going to get a chance to use some karma. He spends 1 karma point to get a rank bonus to NOvice(2). and with the 2 rolled = success.
Jarrod Quick Reflexes EX(6)roll = 4x6 = 0. Success.
Kara Quick shot AP(3) roll = 3x6 = 0. success.
Wesk UN(0) roll = 3x5 = 15. fail.
So, everybody but Wesk will get a chance to act first.

*(I keep forgetting here to add in bonuses for fighting styles. Jarrod and Wesk are dual wielding weapons, which gives them a rank bonus to interrupt. Kara and Kriga are using all out attack, which gives them a rank bonus to critical.)

As the droids raise their arm blasters, Jarrod swiftly swings his blade at droid#1
Sword attack AD(5) roll = 2x6 = 0 hit! And roll for crit= (light vibro sword(8) -2 Ranks for droid armor (5). roll = 3x5 = 15. no crit.
Droid#1 is now has a 'scratched' wound level.

Kara brings up her blaster rifle to shoot the second droid.
Shoot AD(5)roll = 4x4= doubles fail. +1 karma.

Kriga will now try to get lucky and finish off the first droid before it can attack.
Shoot EX(6) roll = 1x6 = 0 Hit! and for crit, rifle(10) -2 Rank (6) roll = 1x2 = Crit!
Droid #1 takes 2 more wounds going to dented, and then defeated.
A gaping hole, spewing sparks, is left in the chest of the droid, as it slumps to the ground.

Does this commotion alert any more security droids in the Spaceport?

(Very Likely) Yes.

more than 1?

(Somewhat Likely) No, and... +Event: Violate / Suffering

It's just one droid, but it's carrying a disruptor rifle. Disruptors are considered illegal in many civilized parts of the galaxy.(For this weapon, on a critical hit I will roll on the Edge of the Empire critical chart, and try to come up with something comparable that fits the five by five system.)

Okay, droid #2 and the third one now get to attack. He will shoot his blaster at Jarrod.
Blaster shot (6) roll = 1x3 = hit.
(This didn't come into play before, but a player can now roll to defend if he wants, but he must give up his action in the last segment in this round of combat.)
Jarrod will roll to defend this attack.
Parry AP(3) roll = 2x3 = 6. fail.
Now the droid rolls to see if it crits. Blaster pistol (10) -1 Rank for Jarrod's armor (8) roll = 1x4 = Crit!

Jarrod takes 2 wounds

(I should note the wound levels of characters here I guess.
-Charged(rank bonus to resist)
-Spent(can't roll for interrupt)
-Wounded(can only defend or resist)
-Incapacitated(can do nothing)

So, Jarrod is now at the 'Spent' level. 2 more hits and he is out cold. Plus, on his turn, he can't roll to interrupt
Not a lot of hit points in this rpg system, so things can get bad real quick.

Droid #3 now takes a shot with his disruptor at Kara.
Disruptor shot (6) roll = 4x6 = 0. Hit!
Kara doesn't have a good defense skill, so she just hopes he doesn't crit her!
Disruptor (10) -1 rank for Kara's armor(8) roll = 4x5 = 20. miss. phew!

Kara does take a hit though, and is now at the 'charged' wound level.

The heroes now get to act in the final segment of combat. (except for Jarrod, because he used his defend action.)

Wesk focuses his attack on the droid with the disruptor.
Shoot AD(5) roll = 2x4 = 8. fail, BUT, Wesk uses his 2 Karma points to get a +2 rank bonus to GR(8). Therefore, a hit!
roll for crit, Blaster pistol (8) - 2 rank for armor (5) roll = 1x3 = Crit!
Droid #3 takes 2 wounds and is now 'dented'

Kriga will try to finish the droid off.
Shoot EX(6) roll = 1x3 = 3. Hit!
With only 1 wound remaining, droid #3 explodes in a shower of mechanical bits and pieces.

Since droid #2 is still at full health, Kara will focus on trying to heal up.
She rolls a 'resist' roll to attempt to remove her wound.
Since she is 'charged', she gets a rank bonus to resist from NO(2) to AP(3)
roll = 2x2. doubles, fail, karma+1

And now the next round of combat. Rolls for interrupt:
Kriga- UN(0) roll = 1x1 doubles, etc.etc.
Kara- Quickshot AP(3) roll = 5x6 = 0. success.
Wesk- UN(0), but remembering to add his rank bonus for dual wielding this time (2) roll = 1x3= 3. fail (and unfortunately no karma to spend)

Kara will be the only one to act first.

Seeing that Jarrod is wounded, she jumps in front of him to hopefully draw the droids fire. She takes a shot at it.
Shoot AD(5) roll = 6x1 = 0. Hit!
Crit, Blaster rifle (10) -2 rank for armor, but +1 for 'all out attack' (8) roll = 4x5 = 20. no crit.

Droid #2 takes 1 wound and is now 'scratched'

Droid #2 will now retaliate.
Will he attack Kara?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes.

Droid #2 shoots. (6) roll = 2x3 = 6 hit!
Kara will attempt to defend. Un(0) roll = 3x4 = 12. fail.
Droid rolls for crit. Blaster(10) -1R (8) roll = 4x6 = 0. Crit!

Kara takes 2 wounds and is now at the 'Wounded' level.

Wesk runs to her side and will use his action to try and heal her.
Heal JO(4) roll = 4x6 = 0. success! He starts wrapping her wounds in bandages, and applies a stimpack.
She recovers to a 'Spent' state.

Kriga is now hoping to finish off this last droid. (He has 4 karma, so it might be possible.)
Shoot EX(6) roll = 2x3 = 6. Hit!
And roll for crit. Rifle (10) -2 for armor +1 all out attack (8)roll = 2x3 = 6. Crit!

The last droid crashes to the ground.

(All players return to an 'unharmed' wound level at the end of a combat.)

With all of the security droids dealt with, the heroes are free to enter the Spaceport, and hopefully find some means of transportation to track down the trandoshian and the twi'lek...or they could just find some transportation off the planet and forget the girl. We shall see.

to be continued...

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