Science Fiction Terrent Locus (WIP)
My first ever solo RPG story, It's mostly story based so not much question answering or die-rolling but it's still there. Nonetheless feedback is appreciated and tell me if continuing this is a good idea, thanks.  : ) 


Everything has gone to shit, sophia my secretary got crushed in half and my friend bernard got his face eaten. I don't know what to do, I'm currently stuck in this elevator and it won't go. I'll either starve here to death or find a way out.




Alright, I found something. It's a panel of some sort, can't get it open though. I'll search my pockets for useful items to get this panel open.

I can't find anything handy except this key I always keep, It unlocks the classified sector below but I've never been there before. I'll try unscrewing the panel using this.

Fuck! It's too thick, can't get it to properly fit between the slit. Think...

The lights are flickering and I feel power surges outside the elevator door, It's only a matter of time before the main electricity goes out and I'll be swallowed by darkness not knowing what to do. I need to get out of this claustrophobic space quick!

Something is happening! The elevator door is opening and closing slightly, the space is too narrow though and my hand can't even get through. I'll try forcing it open nonetheless.

Damn! My finger almost got chopped off, the door closed fiercely almost crushing my index finger. It's bleeding but nothing to worry about, I need to get out of here!

Then I noticed something. I used the narrow space to look outside the elevator and I'm seeing warped and disfigured shapes. The walls, the ceiling, the furnitures, everything! They're non-euclidean making impossible geometric shapes and It's making my brain hurt just by looking at it. What is happening?

This is it! I've found a way to open the panel! I've used the elevator door to thin out the tip of the key. At first It didn't work since the door closes faintly not enough to thin it out but at random intervals it closes heatedly. Using this opportunity I've managed to make key the gaunt enough to unscrew the panel.

A lot of wires, there's a lot of wires here and I have no idea how to treat this...

(Did he found a way to use the panel?)


I got it! Good thing there's a handbook fastened inside, probably for emergency purposes like this one. I've used my key to cut the tapes holding the handbook and proceeded to peruse it.

It's simple enough, the reason why the elevator got stuck is because of the power surge and outages. I've simply rewired connections to transfer power from the new source, It seems like earlier the power source malfunctioned and I've easily relocated it to another location. Anyways I got the elevator going, I'm heading to sector 13D above. Ground floor is dangerous right now, I've seen the security footage and there's a lot of them down there and I mean a lot. It's safer to go above level and use the fire exit stairs.

(Is there something outside when the elevator door opened?)


When I got to sector 13D, or rather sector 6A. It didn't work, the elevator didn't have enough power to get me over there. Shit! I'll use the stairs for now.

This sector is in chaos, dead bodies everywhere and flies feast on them. Decapitated guards lay across the floor, their exposed necks are full of maggots and I puked on the nearby trash bin. This is making me sick.

I grabbed one of the guard's pistol. It's a glock 17 using 9×19 mm parabellum rounds, I acquired 3 mags full from one of the guards. Can't carry more or It'll hinder me plus it makes so much noise clanking with each other, that's the last thing I want. Making noise.

Then I approached the storage room door carefully making my way while avoiding stepping on corpses.

Having my gun cocked and fully loaded, I grasped the knob and firmly but slowly opened the door.


What the fuck is this... I-I can't quite explain it but, It's something... I-I don't know what it is but it's just a stupidly huge hunk of flesh with orifices. It's throbbing and beating every second or so.

I pointed my gun at the creature, whatever the fuck it is and aimed for it's center hole, the largest orifice it has from the front.

Then I fired...

(Did the creature react?)

No, and...

But it didn't do anything, It stayed there like nothing happened. My bullet penetrated its flesh yet it didn't acknowledged it.

Moments later after the initial fire the creature stretched its flesh lunging at me.

(Dodge Check 1-3 Fail/4-6 Success)

3 = 3[d6]

But it was so fast I didn't have enough time to counter, It swallowed me whole and I can feel moist slimy flesh squeezing me in every inch of my body. It didn't hurt but I felt a large amount of despair, is this how I'm going to die?

[To Be Continued]
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