Science Fiction The Flower of Keltros
This is a side short story I'm working on to actually finishing without any loose ends. I may not finish all in one day, BUT IT WILL BE FINISHED.

Mei picked up a shining bright yellow rose and held it up to her nose. She whiffed at the flower for a while with a smile on her face before tucking it into her hair. For a moment, the young woman took a quick glance at the holographic pond to see her reflection out of its gleaming surface. As Mei pushed the flower deeper into one of her hair bangs, an imposing

Paranoid warrior.

walked up to her. While walking, he kept looking behind himself til he was beside Mei. "I'm surprised you didn't run," he said.

"You're not him," Mei said, "and you didn't come to take me back to him, did you?"

"Hey! I was sent here to convince you-"

Mei turned away and said, "And I will ignore your words."

The warrior's face turned red before he reached over toward Mei. Mei raised a hand gracefully, pulling up a force shield between her and the warrior. The warrior took out a stun gun, but Mei laughed. "This gun is field proof," the warrior said.

"It's not psyfield proof, silly meathead."

Take / Animals.

The warrior forced a smile that came out as a grimacing look and spoke in between his teeth. "The admiral may not want me to take you in like an animal you lowly Zaltarians really are," he said while raising two fingers close together, "but I'm this fucking close to zap through this field and get it over with."

Still, Mei did not turn to face the warrior. She pressed her fingertips together and said, "I'd like to see you try. If you insist on wasting my time begging me to come back to that jerkface you call admiral, I'll be busy arranging my hair so don't bother." Mei slightly turned her face enough for the warrior to see her smile. "But you are welcome to experience a taste of Zaltarian style by watching."

Threateningly / Full.

While the warrior changed the stun gun's settings, Mei's longer hair part began to float. The piece split into two and became even longer. Curls quickly developed at the parts' ends. When the stun gun gave a trio of quick beeps, the short warrior waved the gun. "Last warning Zaltarian. Come peacefully or be knocked out."

Mei laughed and faced the warrior. She was still smiling peacefully with her yellow rose snugged between her hair and pointy ear. "Do I need to repeat myself, meathead?"

(18 = 17[d20]+1) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

An orange arc of electricity burst out from the gun and tore through Mei's transparent force shield. Mei's body violently shook and flung away from the holographic pond. The warrior shouted, "Shit!" before putting the gun away and running to her. As he ran toward her and took out a first aid kit, Mei pushed both of her hands in front of her sending the warrior back and forcing him to drop the kit. The shocked woman then pointed at the kit, and the kit teleported to her.

Before the warrior could stand, Mei disappeared.


Experimental starship.

Mei heard sirens when she opened her eyes. She took one look around to see she wasn't where she wanted to teleport into. Even worse, she had teleported right into a Federal ship. Her heart was racing as she heard footsteps heading this way. Mei prepared to raise her hands up the best way she could; the electrical shock still spasm through her muscles while her fingers shook erratically.

(Did the ship detect her presence?)

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

A male neutral voice echoed, "Warning, intruder detected. Possibility of intruder being a threat: Five percent. Medical attention is required."

10 = 10[d20]

That received a scoff from Mei, but her expression suddenly changed as ten men and women of the Federal Navy came into view. All of them had their hands on their weapons of choice; a rifle, pistol, or cyalume saber ready to draw out. Weakly Mei yelled, "I surrender! Please do not hurt me."

From the ten Federal Navy personnel, one stepped up to her. "Take her to the brig," she said, "I will interrogate her and treat her wounds myself when I'm done."

In silence, three team members escorted Mei to a silver double hexagonal airlock. The leader followed not to far behind her where she motioned her to sit; the Zaltarian sat on a stool looking at the leader with dread. "I did not mean to teleport here," Mei said while shaking.

"Silius, do a quick scan on our Zaltarian intruder," the team leader said.

"Primary scans shows that this Zaltarian has been shocked by a federal issued stun gun. Energy signals reveal that the gun was set to unconscious levels," Silius said, "No burns or internal irregularities caused by the shock detected save for her shaking.

"What is your suggested treatment?"

"One dose of Reltin will stop the spasms."

"Give it to her."

A metallic hand emerged from a wall with a small needle in hand. Mei jerked away, but the hand quickly poked her arm, injected it, and drew it away in one motion. She let out a huge breath while standing still.

"Feeling better," the team leader said.

"Who are you?" Mei said.

"I am Aleksi Sokolov, Third Lieutenant Commander of the Silius Fifty-One. You've been acquainted with the ship, Silius," said Aleksi, "So who are you Zaltarian and how did you get this ship's cords?"

"I'm am known as Lia," said Mei, "And I don't have the ship's coordinates."

"How did you get here then?"

"I teleported here by mistake."

There was silence for a moment before Aleksi said, "Silius, what is the possibility of a Zaltarian teleporting here under full battle readiness?"

"In Miss Lia's case, she is capable of passing through my psy-barrier due to her signature not being found in the registry."

"Well then Lia," Aleksi said, "once we get the rest of your information and double check it for anything funny, I'll let Silius teleport you out of here. Let's start with your real name and home planet."

"Lieutenant commander, I can't disclose that around because I have diplomatic immunity," Mei said while taking out and showing a golden and silver card with a bronze star imprint on the middle.

Aleksi frowned, and she snatched the card off of her hands. "Your immunity does not apply here in Federal Navy warzones intruder, but I will use this to get the information I need."

"Hey!" Mei yelled.

"Silius," Aleksi said raising the card, "scan this card and print it out in a holo-window."

(Does Silius notice the corruption was intentional?)

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Fully / Average.

"My preliminary scans detects that an average jammer had ran through this card," Silius said as the card floated in midair around a translucent black barrier, "I need five minutes to recover the data."

"Define average," Aleksi said.

"An average class S jammer that seems to be custom made for this particular card."

Aleksi raised an eyebrow and said, "Is there anything you want to tell me before Silius get that data, Zaltarian?"

"There's nothing I want to say to you," Mei said.

Aleksi stood and walked toward the door. "You have til Silius recover that data to tell me. If you want to speak to me, ask Silius to call me." Aleksi walked out of the room with the airlock shutting and locking itself.

Mei leaned back looking over at the barrier. "So just me and you huh?" said Mei.

"This conversation is being recorded for archival purposes," Silius said, "But yes, it is just us for now."

"Can you tell me when somebody listening in?"

"I will not."

Arrive / Business.

From the unlocked airlock came a man in a purple blazer. He sat and leaned toward Mei with a grin. "So I heard you're that diplomat who just teleported right on this ship here with no problems. I have a fine business proposition for you."

"I teleported here by accident," said Mei.

"No matter. You can be trained to have less accidents and more. All you have to do is enlist yourself as a crew member here."

"And be a conscript for the Federal Navy? No thanks."

"You're going to be a contractor per se. Yes, you're going have to follow their orders, but but you get to follow orders from like two people. Your trainer, and Silius." The man folded his hands and added, "I know about that corrupted diplomatic card, so you must be hiding something or from some one. Whatever it is, I can fix it.  Perform the training and complete one mission, and bam! You'll get a hefty paycheck and I'll fix it for you."

Mei stared at the man in shock. She glanced over at her slender hands and said, "These hands don't do much work. What if I refuse?"

"You can't refuse. When Silius finds out who you are and what that card contains, the navy will find every cranny and secrets that it carry and use them against you. Hell they may just lock you up and throw away the key for being a Zaltarian psion. Do you know how rare Zaltarian psions are, Lia?"

"Rare enough to be a myth?"

The man slammed his hands on the table. "No! Rare enough to be captured for any reason on and off the book by any agency worth a damn!" Mei jumped up a bit when the man slammed his hands on the table. "As a Zaltarian diplomat, you should know how beneficial it is to help out allies. That yellow rose is native to the Keltros region, yes?"

Gently / Disagreeable.

Mei nodded and said, "What of it?"

"The last time I've heard, the Keltros region has an influx of migrants coming through their sectors. Now all they need are jobs to complete the cycle. Won't you take part in a job-making opportunity for your region?"

"That is the responsibility of the region's legislators, not a diplomat," Mei said.

"I believe all parts of government should serve the public interest. Will you accept my offer?"

"No. I do not want to serve the navy in any form."

Standing up, the man shrugged. "I do not know how else I can put this in words Lia, but I can't help you if you won't help yourself."

"Is that how it is?" Mei took out three silver plates that has the number 10k imprinted on it. "Thirty grand to let me go without having to take your job offer."

"I've already named my price," said the man, "Listen the only difference between your compliance and defiance is how you'll be treated. Continue to refuse the offer and the Federal Navy will make you accept; and believe me they have ways."

"Name one."

The airlocks opened, and First Lieutenant Aleksi walked through. She looked displeased seeing the man wearing the purple blazer. "Who called you in, Genki?"

"The same one who told me about this fine lady in the room." Genki leaned closer to Mei and whispered, "This woman got skills in making people talk. Do you really want to go through this?"
Mei folded both of her arms in front of her. She glared over at Aleksi and said, "What's more to talk about? I already gave my answer."

Genki said, "I can't say I didn't try." He walked out of the room in silence. Aleksi sat on the same seat Genki was sitting and pressed her hands together.

"Wanna hear what Silius had found first?" Aleksi said.

"Sure, let's see what this thing found." Mei rolled her eyes at the first lieutenant.

"I would lose that attitude," Aleksi said, "Unless you want to help out in target practice. Silius, what did you find on the card?"

(Did Silius find everything on the card?)

(Somewhat Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

"This card is registered to this Zaltarian diplomat named Mei Sheng-Ai. She is a Class A diplomat with ultraviolet clearance. Her home planet is in-"

"Stop," Mei said.

"Continue Silius," Aleksi said.

"How much do you want?"

"It isn't how much I want, but what I want," Aleksi said, "And I want you conscripted as a psion training dummy for our psion units."

"I'm no punching bag!"

"Continue Silius."

Silius popped up a hologram of the Keltros region with a small blinking triangle within a sector near the lower right corner."Her home planet is Seltro where she is wanted for delinquency within her position as the planet's counsel member."

"Hmm, turning her in doesn't help if all they will do is give her a slap on the wrist," Aleksi said, "And I'm well aware of how much you can bribe them too Zaltarian."

(Does Silius have anything to add regarding to Mei's corrupt nature?)

(50/50 | 1[d10])
No, and... +Event: Malice / A plot

Silius remained silent for a while before adding, "Although there is no conclusive evidence of her being involved in such dealings, she did try to bribe Genki."

"I see. So we have a diplomat with more clearance than she ever need who loves bribing people." Aleksi smirked and leaned back. "Well around here, money is no good here. You are to report to Training Room Beta at hour sixteen. Failure to comply and I'll personally make sure your first day will be memorable. See to it that Mei makes it to her new quarters."

"Yes first lieutenant," said Silius.

Mei felt a force tugging her. Her body became tense as she tried to teleport out of the ship. The long range teleportation attempt was already taking a toil on her body when she felt her legs becoming numb. The tugging force turned violent as it shoved her up out of her seat forcing her to stand. Mei blinked her eyes twice and loosened up.

(Is Mei successful with her teleportation?)

(Somewhat Unlikely | 7[d10])
Yes, but...

The Zaltarian feel her body becoming lighter when she felt something electric struck her. Aleksi shook and pointed her pistol at her and screamed, "Teleport out and you'll be sleeping in the brig!"

The brig was the last place she wanted to be other than this ship. A first class or even a dingy quality hotel room would be better than being here. Despite her brief thoughts, Mei found herself concentrating on the force that was binding her here.

Then she felt herself vanish.

Her sight was swirling with colors until they are meshed into a large room. Mei nearly fainted at the sight of Federal Officers standing by the airlocks, who drew out and pointed their pistols at her. "Freeze!" One of the officer's shouted.

Mei closed her eyes again while raising her arms up, but she knew her body wouldn't let her teleport again. She felt shackles being put on both of her wrists before opening her eyes again. "Silius, identify this intruder," the other officer said.

"The intruder is a Zaltarian psion diplomat named Mei Sheng-Ai. She currently have an arrest record for attempted escape."
Mei cursed to herself. One officer turned to her and said, "A lady shouldn't have a mouth like that. Rich, can you take her in for me?"

The other officer nodded and grabbed the chain connecting to the shackles. "Sure can."

He pulled the chains slightly and said, "Come on lady."

Mei followed him through two halls to a room with a glass door that opened automatically when the officer raised his hand. The officer pushed her inside while the shackles undone and retracted into the pole. The pole turned smaller into a bat sized stick that headed toward the officer. The officer raised his hand again at the door to lock it. As much as she wanted to fight him off, she rather not face the elite group of federal agents and she couldn't teleport. Mei leaned against the glass door. "Hey what's your name?" she said.

"Rick," the officer said, "But, I have no need for credits if that what you're going to offer me."

"Then what do you want?" Mei said while spreading out her hands in front of her. "I can give you anything your heart desires."

(Does Rick take up on that offer?)

(Unlikely | 8[d10])

"Anything huh?" Rick said leaning closer to the door. "Well it has been a good five years while since I ate one of my favorite delicacies."

"What is it?" Mei said.

"If I tell you, will you give it to me? No questions asked?"

"Will you let me go?"

"I can't let you out of the ship obviously," Rick said, "but I can let you out of the brig with a first class bedroom to your name. Swear you won't tell anyone."

"I promise."

"Swear it."

"I swear, I swear."

Mei felt Rick's voice going through her mind. "I crave bloody flesh." Rick's face turned grim and dark, and Mei stepped away from Rick.

"What kind of sick sick joke--"

Rick banged his fist against the door. "You swore!"

"I'll...I'll need a way to contact my source that deal with this."

"Silius, open up a secure translink for the diplomat. You're only getting one call so make it count."

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