Science Fiction Zennie's Start to Disrupting the ORG
I'm trying out solo RPG.  My first forray is using the Numenera world, but super rules-light.  

Zennie was sitting at his campfire.  He mulled over the day, which was generally bad.  But he did pass those other travelers.  There were some sinister people on the road earlier that day..


One of them had waxed nearly poetic about how everyone should treat Androids with the same deference that we did organic life.  And they should be welcomed into every level of organization in all the towns across the land.

The man carried a book he said was the key to everything, and brought out a religious tome called the Book of Wishes.  It traced back to before the 9th world. The book seemed normal, as far as I could tell.  But the cover had a drawing on it that radiated power.  The cover art had a picture of some type of humanoid embracing another humanoid, both working together at a forge.  When my gaze passed over it, it reached out to ensnare me.

I was caught in up in the man's words and began to believe him.  I was swayed by the plight of the Androids.  I'd never considered Androids.  And most of mechanical people I'd met had an organic part to them, making them not really Androids at all.  Had I ever met a true Android?  DIDN'T MATTER!!  The Androids needed protection and support!  I asked what the man needed me to do to help the Android's cause.

The man, who I was coming to regard as my messiah, asked me to travel to a nearby ruins to was to disrupt celebration going on for organic rights by the ORG (Organic Rights Group). After telling me that the celebration is going to be held in 3 days time, asked me to be discrete when I was confronted them, and not to advertise my link to the Android Rights movement. 


I scowled and wondered how I was going to do that.  I didn't even know what they were celebrating!  I tamped down the fire, rolled up in my blanket, and fell asleep.

Zennie woke the next morning with a powerful urge to head toward the Runic Levy, the place that the bombastic man had directed him.  He had no idea, though, how to get there!  So he packed up his camp and set off early for the nearest settlement.  They would know how to find it. 

Zennie came into town, an there were 15 ft high plants made of shining metal around the outside.  He began to ask about this place, this "Runic Ruins", and got some odd looks.  But the smith said he knew the place that Zennie was seeking.  And his nephew hunts near there, and would be glad to show Zennie the way.  The youth would be back in the morning, and could take him the next day.

To be continued...

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