Solo Wargame?
So in terms of tabletop paper games, I have two loves. Roleplaying is one, wargaming is the other. I've been giving some cursory thought to how RPGSolo could be applied in a similar fashion to a wargame setting. I know that it's not its intended purpose, and similarly I know that the 50/50 button is like a gift from the gods and can do basically anything, I'm just curious if there is any other advice about how to run something like that.

I think the whole system would have to be dramatically changed to make it happen, so here's my questions.

A: Is there even a remote possibility of something like that being developed in the future?

B: With the possibility of "Build your own Genre" becoming a thing, could something like a tabletop wargame be built out of a genre somehow?

Its something that's been occupying my mind, just wanted to pitch it to the community and see if anyone else had similar thoughts.
How do you define wargaming and what physical tools are required?
(12-15-2013, 03:18 PM)Mark Wrote: How do you define wargaming and what physical tools are required?

I'm thinking about a game where the military unit is the focus rather than a character, whether it be a mercenary company, an army, or maybe a spaceship and crew. I would say miniature wargaming is what I have in mind specifically, something along those lines.

Tools, hard to say, certainly you would need a generator for other units "Enemy tanks, French Cavalry detachment, Union Infantry Brigade, Allied star cruiser" Of course it gets into a whole mess of different genres as well, but you get the picture.

Maybe terrain, "wooded hills, small farmhouse, Village, trench network,"

And maybe some sort of action generator "Enemy flanking attack, unit flees, airstrike."

That's all I can think of at the moment, obviously focusing on one setting/genre/time period at a time would be best.

I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot, but that's what I can think of at the moment, the basics.
For unit, terrain, and action generators try the custom lists:

For the opposing unit's strategy/goal/focus try the Mythic buttons and interpret the answer in the context of the situation.
Now that's an idea! Sounds good to me, I might try to work out an actual system, and then I will post it here if I get something worth playing. Thanks for the input!
I have also considered using the tools here for more table top or wargame type games and whilst I have not posted anything here on it I came up with two main uses (as would suit me there is likely many more uses).

1) Keep it contained on here in a similar style to an rpg/narrative story using the tools however focus on a particular unit/commander in a battle etc;

From perspective of Major with three platoons of troops available,
'Mayor Lee surveys his force', "orders sir" 'Advance and hold village on the left'.
"First platoon move up on the left to the bridge leading to the village", "Second with me in reserve and third advance on the right flank"
'Enemy sniper fire from old Water tower'
Decision - does First platoon engage sniper in ranged fire (50/50) No, do they ignore and advance onwards (Likely) No, do they charge water tower (50/50) yes,and, the Platoon commander was killed by the sniper and his men break from control charging at the hidden enemy sniper.

As the Major how do you regain control of your plan to take the village, send another platoon after the first, continue with your original plan hoping that the first quickly defeat the snipers and reorganise to follow their original order.

I see lots of interesting scope for this style however it maybe too narrative and less wargaming than you envisage.

2) to utilise the tools here when solo wargaming with real miniatures, you would need a custom set of lists for each rule set /setting and you could then use these to determine what the opponent does each turn where needed.

i.e. my unit of foot aproaches the enemy line, do they a) fire, b)charge c)retreat d) other etc

This would work fairly well in most systems but would not lend itself as well to posting anything in here, rather I would see the use purely as a randomiser for solo gaming opponents.

Infact I really should try this out when I next get time!

I look forward to hearing what you come up with.
A few thoughts for D10 lists that would be useful in most solo table top games with or without some tweaking:

D10 Generic turn
1 Move
2 Move
3 Move
4 Move
5 Move
6 Move
7 Move
8 hold
9 hold
10 Retreat

D10 Weaker enemy
1 Engage
2 Engage
3 Engage
4 Engage/Charge
5 Engage/Charge
6 Engage/Charge
7 Engage/Charge
8 Engage/Charge
9 Hold
10 Retreat

D10 Equal enemy
1 Engage
2 Engage
3 Engage
4 Engage
5 Engage/Charge
6 Engage/Charge
7 Engage/Charge
8 Hold
9 Hold
10 Retreat

D10 Stonger enemy
1 Engage
2 Engage
3 Engage/Charge
4 Hold
5 Hold
6 Hold
7 Retreat
8 Retreat
9 Retreat
10 Retreat

D10 Multi target
1 Weakest
2 Weakest
3 Weaker
4 Average
5 Average
6 Average
7 Stronger
8 Stronger
9 Strongest
10 Strongest

D10 Direction
1 Left / W
2 Left / SW
3 Left / NW
4 Centre / N
5 Centre / S
6 Centre / N
7 Right / E
8 Right / SE
9 Right / NE
10 Free choice

D10 Decisions
1 Wait for support
2 Don't wait for support
3 Avoid obstucting LOF
4 Obstruct LOF
5 Press advantage
6 Hold back
7 Dig in
8 Find cover
9 move in the open
10 Run/Double move

D10 Unit leadership
1 impetuous
2 Careful
3 Fast
4 Slow
5 Meat grinder
6 Conservative
7 Traditional
8 Innovative
9 Idiot
10 Genius

D10 Troop Quality
1 Green trained
2 Green conscripts
3 Green militia
4 Regular trained
5 Regular conscripts
6 Regular militia
7 Veteren Regular
8 Veteren Militia
9 Veteren Conscripts
10 Elite

D10 Energy status
1 Dead on their feet
2 Exhuasted
3 Tired
4 Tired
5 Normal
6 Normal
7 Normal
8 Rested
9 Rested
10 Well rested

D10 Morale state
1 Broken/deserting
2 Breaking
3 Poor
4 Normal
5 Normal
6 Normal
7 Normal
8 Good
9 Very good
10 Heroic

D10 Supply (Where relevant ammo etc)
1 None left
2 Poor supply
3 Poor supply
4 Normal supply
5 Normal supply
6 Normal supply
7 Normal supply
8 Good supply
9 Good supply
10 Over supplied
Well, here's a great example:

It really opens up all kinds of options.

One could even do something like a 4X game like Masters of Orion, Age of Empires, or any strategy game but make it a more personal narrative if you want. Kind of like a strategy/RPG.

Very cool!
Wow, lots of info, I saw the sample game you played, excellent, that's exactly what I was envision, I actually hadn't considered it as a solo miniature tool but it definitely works for that, I'll have to try it myself.

Quote:One could even do something like a 4X game like Masters of Orion, Age of Empires, or any strategy game but make it a more personal narrative if you want. Kind of like a strategy/RPG.

Oh man, that's a whole other ball game. I was running a solo RP myself in a 4x setting like that, I'll have to incorporate that now and run something there.

Something I am toying with is incorporating the playing cards into the game to figure unit quality or type.

If/when genre editing is opened up, I have a laundry list of things to make, very excited about that, I can add certain types of war games/4x games to that now!

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