Stored Roll Configurations / Roll History
In the Ironsworn solo game I play using RPGSolo, I'm always using the Roll Dice field to roll the same few configurations of dice and modifiers over and over. It's slightly annoying to have to retype the 2d6 plus different modifiers for her different moves and then retype the 2d10 for the challenge dice over and over. I'd love the ability to set define shortcut buttons which I can set up to roll stored dice configurations. When I click on it, it rolls the dice and modifiers defined.

I envision this as maybe ten buttons labeled 
Roll 1, Roll 2, Roll 3, Roll 4, Roll 5, Roll 6 to the right of the normal Roll button. Maybe up to 10? 
If we could rename the buttons, that'd be cool, but I understand if for space reasons that's not a good idea. 
But maybe could at least define the tooltips for the buttons?

Another related enhancement could be history rolls where you could up arrow in the field and get to a stored history of previous roll and press Enter on the selected one it'd reroll those dice. 

Anyway, just some thoughts for improvement. Thanks for the awesome set of solo rpg tools.
Have you tried using the button labeled MAD?
I have not previously. But I just did now. It will work for now, but ideally I think we need something that sticks around and is stored with the game on the server so that when we click refresh, the browser tab the stored dice configurations remain configured for that particular game. Currently, a browser tab refresh nukes the stored MAD results, even after clicking Save.
I see what you mean. I'll have to think about it a bit.

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