Superheroes Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: Session 0
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After a false start with my last game using Mythic GM Emulator to run my first solo RPG, I've decided to restart from scratch with a similar but better planned concept in mind.  I’ve recently gotten my hands on the Adventure Crafter, and I plan on combine it with the tools in Mythic GM Emulator and Variations II to handle the GM side of my game. I’ve also been reading blogs and watching a few videos to get a feel for how people run their solo games.

I want to run a game that’s an even mix of mechanics and storytelling. That being said, I’ll be recording all die rolls (especially those involving the ruleset I’m using) as well as trying to write it as a simple narrative to accompany it.

The initial premise of my game will be Spider-Man teaming up with various allies from throughout his career as a superhero, although I’m going for a Bronze Age feel with the game so characters will appear and behave as if it were that era (1970-1986). Dark themes might appear from time to time, but it won’t get as gritty as it does in the Modern Age of comics. The adventures will be action packed, but I’d also like to play out social encounters between the heroes and develop their relationships. I’m considering using some kind of system to track relations between Spider-Man and his various allies, but I haven’t found anything that works.


In addition to Adventure Crafter, the Mythic GM Emulator, and Variations II - the main system I’ll be using to run this game is TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes that was published all the way back in 1984. Specifically, I’ll be using the Advanced Set that was released in 1986. The core system is relatively simple at its core - roll d100 against a Universal Table and check your rank of the skill or ability you’re rolling against the table. If it’s White, then you fail. If it’s Green, Yellow, or Red, then you pass with various degrees of success. I won’t detail exactly how everything works here, but I do recommend checking out since all the resources for the game are now online for free.

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[Image: tokenspiderman.jpg]

The main character of this game will be Spider-Man. This will be late 70s/early 80s Peter Parker that’s currently single and has just recently graduated from Empire State University. He’s now pursuing graduate studies between working as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle and fighting crime as his alter ego, Spider-Man. I’ll post a copy of Spider-Man’s character profile below.

Peter Parker

Fighting: Remarkable (30)
Agility: Amazing (50)
Strength: Incredible (40)
Endurance: Incredible (40)
Reason: Excellent (20)
Intuition: Good (10)
Psyche: Incredible (40)

Health: 160
Karma: 70
Resources: Poor (4)
Popularity: 30/6


Wall-Crawling: Spider-Man can adhere to vertical and upside-down surfaces with Amazing ability.

Spider-Sense: Spider-Man has a Combat Sense of Amazing at all times. This spider-sense determines potentially dangerous situations and warns the hero by a mental “buzzing”. The Intensity of the buzzing is determined by the rank of the potential danger. Spider-Man cannot be blindsided while this Combat Sense is in effect, and may perform defensive actions if he makes a successful Intuition FEAT roll. If this sense is denied him, then his Intuition is as listed, and all Agility FEATs are at a -1CS for success.

Web-Shooters: Hidden beneath the wrists of his costume are a pair of devices that shoot a stream of ensnaring webbing. The webbing has Incredible Strength in the round it was fired, and hardens to Monstrous Strength in the next round. Spider-Man uses the webbing to restrain opponents, make swing-lines (can travel 3 areas/round in this fashion), as missiles inflicting Excellent Blunt Throwing damage, and make shield of Monstrous material strength. The webbing dissolves in one hour.

Spider-Tracer: Spider-Man carries a number of small homing signals shaped like spiders, turned to his Spider-Sense. He may track them with Amazing ability up to a mile away.

TALENTS: Chemistry, Photography

CONTACTS: Daily Bugle, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Black Cat

I have a player character (Spider-Man) and a location (New York City) established already.  Now, I just need to figure out what sort of trouble Spider-Man is going to get into during his daily patrol.  To generate an opening scene, I'll be using the Adventure Crafter from Word Mill (the same company that makes the Mythic line of products).  To start, I'll need to put the following themes in order from most important to least important: Action, Tension, Mystery, Social, and Personal.  This order will determine how often certain themes come up in the Opening Scene when I start rolling.

Since I want something straightforward with some social interactions (this isn't just about Spider-Man, after all) I've decided to put the themes in the following order: Action, Social, Personal, Tension, Mystery.  Now I'll roll 3d10.  The first d10 will determine the theme and the other two d10s will be used like percentile dice and used to determine what Plot Point occurs based around that theme.  Certain Plot Points will necessitate the introduction of new characters, which I can also generate using the Adventure Crafter's character creations system.  Most of the NPCs I use will be canon characters - so I'll choose characters that fit the descriptors it gives me.  I'll do all the rolling now, and we'll see what sort of opening scene the Adventure Crafter creates for me.


Plots Points
Sudden Cessation - Whatever is happening in this Turning Point will suddenly cease.
Welcome to the Plot - A Character learns that they are connected to this Plotline in a personal way.
Victory!: A Character achieves victory over another Character in this Turning Point.
Dealing with a Calamity: This Turning Point involves a Character having to "fight" a calamity of some kind.

Characters Attached to Plot Points
Spider-Man (Welcome to the Plot!)
Capable Hunter - Kraven the Hunter (Victory!)
Inept Exotic - Namorita (Dealing with a Calamity)

As you can see from the results, the opening scene will involve Spider-Man becoming involved in a personal way.  A Capable Hunter, who I decided to make Spider-Man's long time enemy Kraven the Hunter, will achieve victory over another Character.  And finally, an Inept Exotic (I decided to make this Namorita due to her youth and her exotic origin as an Atlantean) must "fight" a calamity.  After I distill all of this into an opening scene, I'll be ready to play!

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