Superheroes Worlds in Peril: A story of Dark Hope
A superhero game using a Powered by the Apocalypse hack called Worlds in Peril. If you have any questions about the system and/or character sheet let me know. I won't include any of that for the sake of cleanliness.

PROLOGUE: A Hero is Born

Kory Golding is a new superhero, not by choice but because he wants to find out who killed his brother. He was a scientist and finding out about him is how Kory got his powers. He's an independent journalist by day and a "Dark Hope" by night. He's not really known in the city but he's helped once or twice with petty crimes in Westfill City.

His mission is to investigate the murder of his brother. Where did it happen?

Hidden base

Kory's brother worked for the government outside the city. His brother had taken some sample vials home of what he was working. A couple of days after he died, government agents stormed inside the house and in the ensuing struggle, Kory got his hands on one of those vials and it exploded on his body.

He immediately went into a coma and woke up several months later inside a hospital room. Kory managed to escape into the city and through several tribulations learned that he had gained powers. He goes home and his parents don't question it, since they thought he was never waking up. Couple of weeks pass by and he decides to get a job and move out of his parents home.

To honor his brother's memory, Kory decides to try to use his powers for good and protect the city. And this is where his story begins...

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