Supported Genres?
Just purchased five more game slots. Smile 

How are the supported genres created? I know it's a server-side app. Any plans to open it up to allow us to create our own? Create and share would be cool too.

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Hey Jingo, thank you for your purchase.

The setup of genres is kind of complicated. In fact I think I only created two or three but a very enthusiastic and helpful friend designed the rest and then I imported his work into my database.

I've struggled with ways to make this process into a publicly available and shareable feature but the size of the effort has kind of discouraged me from pursuing it. That is why, as an in-between feature, I created the Custom Lists (just updated to 8 by the way).

I'll start ruminating about it again and see if I can come up with some new ideas on the matter.

Thanks again!
Good .

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