Testing this out for the first time-- looks awesome!
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I really wanted to sink my teeth into the mechanics of solo-roleplaying with this engine, and I was very impressed! This well-designed system/interface for solo-roleplaying makes gameplay way more fun than it would be on your own. I love how the game adjusts to your desires since you have a heavy influence on it, but you still have limitations. I just picked a genre, and rolled with it, because I was antsy to start playing. Since zombies aren't my main thing, I'd like to try some other genres. However I enjoyed these results well enough, I'd like to preserve it somehow. Thanks!  Blush


Travel to the rodent infested water treatment plant.

I pull on my mud-encrusted boots, and begin to trek towards the water treatment plant. It was where I last saw my beloved sister, Grace. It's a long shot, but if I see her there, I may be able to reunite with her. I clutch the vial of green bubbling liquid, with its strap tightly wrapped around my wrist. Unless that scoundrel, Grue, lied to me about the properties of this solution, this could any zombie back into a human. In my case, Grace. That is, if she's a zombie. I don't even know at this point.

I happen upon a wide, rushing stream. It's in the way of my path to the water treatment plant. There's a fallen log that could serve as a bridge, but it looks flimsy. It's too far to jump, but you may be able to swim across.

I try to walk across the log.


The log snaps, and I tumble into the water. I am 5 feet from the surface, with the log bobbing above my head, and a strong current carrying the log (and myself) along. I attempt to swim to the surface beside the log.

No, and...

I bump my head on the log, a nasty bruise and cut forming on my skull. I'm knocked further underwater in the process. Great. I thought everything was going swimmingly, (no pun intended), until this stupid river tried to kill me. No sense whining, I guess. Let's try again. I try to swim up to the surface again.

No. +Twist: NPC / Appears

Beautiful female professional wrestler.

I'm knocked down by the large, ungainly log yet again. I thought all hope was lost, until...
Strong hands lift me up out of the water, deftly avoiding the lumber, and I'm greeted by a pair of wide, sapphire-blue eyes, framed with golden tresses. I try to say "Thank you.", but my lungs are too filled with water. She sees this, lays me on the ground, and pounds my back with surprising strength. Coughs rack my body, and water spills from my lips. She greets me, saying "Name's Ariana. 'Welcome."

"Thanks..." I manage. Does Ariana act friendly towards me?


Does she see and tend to my wounds?


I politely ask, "You wouldn't happen to have any kind of first aid, would you?" I ask. She replies, "Yeah, but it's reserved for Alliance members only." I reply, "Oh." She begins walking away. I call out, "You aren't just going to leave me here, are you?"

Does she stop walking?

No, and... +Twist: Physical event / Hinders the hero

"Enough!" Ariana screams, and with a sharp twist of her waist, throws a concealed knife at my neck. As the knife approaches my throat in slow motion, I can't help but notice the crazed look in her eyes. She's clearly mentally ill.

Does the knife hit?

Yes, but...

... it only grazes the side of my neck. I have little strength left, as I still have some water in my lungs, a huge gash on my head, and a slashed throat. I'm not dead, but not far from it.

Ariana screams again, "Just shut up, okay?! I-- I can't take another leech!" I try to calm her down, long enough to get away from this maniac.

No, but...

... "I'm not trying to 'leech' off you, I promise. Really, just a bit of blood. I can manage myself. Just put down the knife, and everything will be okay..." I say in a soothing tone.
"You think I'm crazy! Don't you?! Just never come back to this part of the woods again, and you might stay alive." She dives into the stream. She's gone.
I tear off a strip of my shirt, and wrap it around my neck. Another strip I apply to my head. Am I on the same side of the stream as before?


With dismay, I turn away from the stream, and head in the direction of home. Or, at least, the collection of abandoned building some survivors have come to call home. I know it's not the best "village", but we actually have several completely intact buildings. That's luxury, if I've ever seen it.
Do I run into anything on the way home?


I approach the cluster of "abandoned buildings". In reality, they aren't abandoned. Most of the time. With constant zombie attacks, and super-natural disasters happening so often, most people abandon buildings whenever something drives them out, and just find a new home elsewhere.

I enter the main hub of activity in the ever-changing community: a factory. The sparse crowd inside pays little attention to my wounds. Wounds are normal. Quickly, I spot Joe, the unofficial owner. He moderates the hubbub, and generally ensures there's a method to the madness. I run over to him, and plead, "Joe, Joe, you've gotta help me. I was in the woods, when I almost drowned in a stream, and this girl saved me, then almost killed me--"

"Stop-- I can literally see what you're asking." He said, gesturing to the makeshift bandages. "Go see Sage. She's collecting some herbs by the stream in the woods right now, I think."

"I can't go there! Is there anyone else?"

"My wife. She's in the blue house with a missing window around the corner. She's not as professional, though..."

"Thanks!" I call as I stumble back outside. I grimace from the pain in my neck as I run. I see the blue house with a huge hole where the window should be. Yep, that's the one. I approach the window-hole, and call inside, "Hello? Is Joe's wife here?" Is she here?


I look upon a mother with dark hair cradling her baby, sitting in the corner. "I am she. How may I help?" She speaks with quiet tone, unlike her husband. "I got attacked in the woods. Can you heal me, please?"
Does she agree?


"Absolutely. Sit down, and stay still." I obey her orders. She retrieves some rags and water, washes off my wounds with the water, and dresses them with the rags. "There. Now as for payment..."

Hunt for infected at the burned-out amusement park.

"... I want you to slay the infected at the burned-amusement park nearby. My daughter (she's at the factory right now), wants to see the carousel, but it's not safe with all the infected in that area. Will you clean up the area, so we can safely visit?"

"I wasn't aware I'd have to pay."

"Please? For little Clover?" She says. Despite her wide, innocent eyes, I can tell she's not letting me go without "paying".

"Okay. I have to kill all of them?"


I say goodbye, and head out, following the Ferris Wheel you can just see in a valley below the village.

Do I run into anything on the way?

No, but...

... it was a safe trip completely devoid of snapping logs and psycho ladies. How many zombies are in the amusement park?

8 = 3[d7]+5

Can I see any?


Is he nearby?


Does he see me?


Where is he?

Frantically / Cold.

A zombie is swimming amongst ice chunks in the fountain, (icy due to the recent frost), and frantically trying to escape.

Are there any other visible zombies?


I realize I don't have a weapon. I am an absent-minded person, unfortunately. However, I'm fortunate enough to only be faced with an already-stuck zombie. I search for something nearby I can use as a melee weapon. Do I find anything?


I exit the amusement park, and search again for something I can use as a melee weapon. Do I find anything?


What is it?

First aid kit.

Among the rubble, I find a scraped-up first aid kit. It's a blunt weapon for sure, but doubles as a tool for healing. If only I'd had that earlier!

Is there anything more weapon-like in or around the first aid kit?


What is it?

Motion detector.

The materials appear have been abandoned by people attacked by zombies, and are lying outside a house. Lying next to the first aid kit is a motion-activated garden protector: a device that sprays water at pests entering your garden. It's short and heavy, but has a stand I can use as a handle, and swing at zombies. Ineffective, but my only option.

Can I strap the first aid kit to my waist?


I strap it to my waist, put the vial in my pocket, and wield the garden protector. I re-enter the amusement park. Is the zombie still stuck in the fountain?

No, but...

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