Text Area Question
Not sure if this is the right sub-forum, but I was wondering if there was a way to change the size of the Text Area? I sometimes write for a while before I need to ask questions or roll dice, and would prefer it if the Text Area was a bit larger. Or at least on the top of the screen, rather than the bottom.
Currently there is no way to resize the text area. Good idea though. I'll look into it.
The Text Area now has a new size option.  See here for more details https://www.rpgsolo.com/forum/Thread-Change-log
Fantastic! THANK YOU!
Hey Mark, any chance you can do something similar with the side bar area except make a smaller option? Having a thinner area would be great for mobile. Also having the “save story” link visible on mobile as well.

Thanks mate!
Added a new "Mode" to side bar  https://www.rpgsolo.com/forum/Thread-Change-log

Probably not going to add save to the mobile page.  It's not really meant to be a full mobile version of the main Play page -- just something to fool around with.
Mark, that’s heaps better than it was. Thanks!

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