The Bounty Hunters Story (StarWars)
This is the story of Bounty Hunting Droid XB11
Am I a Male AI unit?
(50/50) Yes, and...
And....Im a soldier AI?
(50/50) No, but...
I am a combat Ai?
(Likely) Yes.
So XB11 is a male combat AI driven Bounty Hunter
I approach a planet known as....
a semi-arid planet known for its rich savannas, continually bombarded by lightning storms. The rocky outcroppings which broke the plains were charred black from being hit by lightning. This charred rock later served as a form of sustenance for unusual, bioluminescent moss that made the rocks glow with an eerie light.
I am on a mission to...
Arrest the king at the Bakura.
and he has fled his planet here in an attempt to escape me thinking the lightning would be detrimental to my robotic body. I am now analyzing if the lightning really does pose a threat before I proceed further...I have launched a scan and it appears that it...
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but... +Twist: NPC / Appears
It appears that the lightning could indeed cause me problems but I have just received a com call from..
Attentive female criminal.
is she offering assistance?
(Likely) Yes, and...
And she wants to ask for my help in another job in return?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
I agree to the terms and ask if she has any info on the targets whereabouts?
(Likely) No.
She appears to not have any information currently but I assume she is offering to track him and provide the location?
(Likely) Yes, but...
but what?
Transform / The intellectual.
She wants a cut of my bounty to do so?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
So she wants a piece of my bounty and assistance with another job....I ask her what this other job is and to give me a visual feed so I know who I am being offered this deal by
does she agree?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, and...
She is someone I have met before?
(50/50) No.
She is a droid?
(50/50) No.
she is well known among bounty hunters?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No.
She is attractive for a living being?
(50/50) Yes, but...
she is young?
(Somewhat Likely) No.
She is older?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, and... +Twist: Item / Ends the scene
I see an older woman lit by a Fusion Lantern and determine her species to be..
What does an older woman such as yourself Human have to offer me that I could not chance myself and is deserving of a cut of the profit for the work I myself have commenced??
What is your next course of action?
do I close the com and refuse the deal?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No.
I decide to accept the womans help but attempt to haggle down the cut she wants
She appears to consider my offer and proceeds to negotiate
Do i reduce the price?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No.
.....frustrated I accept the woman's offer in order to proceed with my mission....after all...a smaller bounty is better then no bounty at much of my cut does she want
60 = 60[d100]
60!!! this woman is brash to ask such a cut of my bounty....
I explain to her that that cut it highly preposterous! I have done the majority of the tracking work and have faced countless guards to get the Bakura king to flee his home planet to this dangerous planet... Do I get through to her?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No.
I accept her offer......I then close my com.....I will share the bounty with her....until It is time to pick it up and then I will sell her into the slave trade and make a profit....she could be a good maid and some species may find her attractive. one messes with my profits to that extent....robot or not.
I prepare my ship and search around for a suitable weapon to complete my mission....I stumble upon many things such as
Energy Balls 10.
Made for my energy sling
which I use to distract various creatures during a hunt...the smell is a good scent cover.
NPC Action.
The Npc begins her search for the errant King. Does she succeed quickly?
(Unlikely) No.
Does she report to me that same day?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No, and...
It is late into the next day?
(50/50) Yes.
...I attempt to contact I successful?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
What is her report? Did she locate the target?
(Somewhat Unlikely) Yes, and...
She has his exact coordinates!?
(Likely) No.
He has entered a building limiting his movement?
(Likely) Yes, and...
its a place to easily blend in and attack?
(Likely) Yes.
I confirm the information and launch my away I enter the atmosphere of Thule with no issues?
(50/50) Yes.
I enter the atmosphere in my shuttle and land near the location. Is it a well populated area?
(50/50) No, but...
but it is not small?
(50/50) Yes, but... +Twist: Emotional event / Changes the goal
Neglect of the ship causes me to start to crash towards the planets surface....My goal is now to prevent my own termination....Do I have emergency power?
(Somewhat Likely) No.
....the emergency power has gone out on the ship and I feel the current threat before me.....Do I have any backup power cells??
(Somewhat Likely) No.
Can I cobble together something out of what I have?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
I begin to tear up the control console and assemble a rudimentary power supply from the materials and gadgets that line the console while avoiding critical function controls....Do I succeed??
(50/50) No.
...I manage to cobble together a power supply but in doing so I have lost a system.....I plug in the new power source and attempt to determine the effected it the...
Landing Gear?
(50/50) Yes. chances of survival are currently
51 = 51[d100]
51%.....I try and come up with a plan to avoid cease long do I have?
108 = 26[d100]+24[d100]+47[d100]+3[d100]+8[d100]
....I have essentially 1 and a half minutes to come up with a solution before I enter the danger zone...Do I succeed?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No.
My ship alarms begin to announce an imminent crash landing and without the landing gear it is going to be a VERY bumpy ride....Do I manage to level the ship out some?
(50/50) Yes, but...
something else breaks?
(50/50) No.
I am going to crash into something?
(50/50) No, and...
I feel an explosion?
(50/50) No, and...
The shipe begins to fall apart?
(50/50) No.
I start being shot at by the ground guard?
(50/50) No.
I am going to be unable to land without damage?
(50/50) No.
My whole ship explodes?
(50/50) No, but...
I am thrown from the ship?
(50/50) Yes. +Twist: Emotional event / Changes the goal
I am thrown from the ship and in doing so expose myself to the King who was finally calming down and having a drink.....
do I survive the fall?
(Somewhat Likely) No, and... +Twist: PC / Alters the location
I explode into flame as my body crashes into a cavern near my target....I cease to function....
Does someone find and fix me?
(Unlikely) Yes.
......system reboot.....10....9...8...7..6..5.. System successfully reset...... Do I remember anything?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, and...
I have been saved by the woman who contacted me?
(Likely) Yes.
......well.....guess I can't kill her now....
Do I have all my functions?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No, but...
I have enough functions that I can continue hunting my bounty?
(50/50) No.
....but I can walk?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...
with a limp?
(Likely) No, but... +Twist: NPC / Appears
Virtuous reporter.
A Virtuous Trandoshan Reporter comes bursting into the cave attempting to get the story on what happened....Do I learn anything about my crash?
(Somewhat Likely) No.
Has my target left the area
(Likely) Yes, and...
....and he is currently untraceable?
(Likely) No.
He has left the planet?
(Likely) Yes.
....My memory banks are incomplete after the accident....and it appears from your questions you know very little about what happened next as well....
*turns to the woman* do we have any idea where the target has fled to?
(Unlikely) No.
....I suppose I owe you for fixing me....its not often one is thrown from their crashing ship......did any of it survive?
(Unlikely) No.
Any Collateral Damage??
(Likely) No.
She informs me that the ship crashed into an empty strip of plain and was apparently hit by a lightning strike on its entry to the planet after the power loss...
my systems appear to be in shambles...I can barely move and it appears other issues are present scanning now...
(50/50) Yes, but...
My targeting systems work but barely....
Self-Repair modules?
(50/50) Yes.
My Self-Repair modules appear to have full function and to have played a key role in my memory not wiping....
(50/50) Yes.
My shielding functions appear to still be intact as well....albeit slightly weakened...
Limb Functionality?
(50/50) Yes, but...
I appear to be able to walk but my..
(50/50) No.
(Somewhat Likely) No.
(Likely) Yes.
Upper limb functionality is severely hindered....likely heavy damage from impact.... I cannot make full use of my right or left arm...
The reporter begins asking what happened to the ship to make it crash?
am I honest?
(50/50) Yes.
I explain that as a robot I rarely think about the state of the ships systems since the probability of a concern is usually too low to justify the waste of energy cells
In doing so I did not keep track of the ships backup power supplies and after being hit by an errant bolt of Lightning I experianced total system failure and lost the use of my landing gear and stabilizers
The woman angrily grabs me and pushes me into a cave wall.....she is apparently very upset I have ruined her chance at a cut...

I assure you miss that I am a machine and in term take very little damage from being pushed into a wall...

She shakes her head and talks about what a bad idea it was to work with a I sense an anti-machine bias?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes.

...apparently she has had bad run-ins with machines in the past....does she appear to me to have been alive during the Clone Wars?

(50/50) No.

I determine that she is still too young to have been around during the clone wars and in turn am not sure where he hate has come I inquire....does she tell me?

(Somewhat Unlikely) No, and...

She leaves me there?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes.

.....well that is a very unagreeable woman....

do I pursue?

(Unlikely) No.

I decide her fleshy meat problems were not my problem and in turn decide to go my separate way...does she stop me?

(Somewhat Unlikely) Yes, but...

She apologizes for her attitude?

(Unlikely) No.

She calls off the Deal?

(50/50) Yes.

The woman approaches me and tells me that the deal is off and that I was not worth her precious time....and not what she needs for her other problems


She abandons me there on the planet with no credits and no ship....

I begin to search for someone who can tweek my targeting I find someone?

(Somewhat Unlikely) Yes.

I ask them if they could tweak my targeting and I will pay them back by assisting them in any task they may need for a they accept?

(50/50) No, but...

They offer me a way to earn the credits before they fix my targeting?

(Somewhat Likely) No.

They invite me to charge my internal battery at their home?

(50/50) No, but...

They tell me of someone else needing work?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes.

I approach the individual recommended to me by the couple and ask what their problems they tell me?

(Somewhat Likely) No, and...

They remove me from their location?

(50/50) Yes, and...

I am thrown out the door into the mud only to turn and read a sign that Droids....

.....I am unable to think of any way to get around this predicament.. do I approach the earlier couple again?

(50/50) No, but...

I do look for another individual to help me?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes. +Twist: Physical event / Hinders the hero

Deceive / Legal matters.

I am suddenly approached by someone offering to assist me for a share of the credits from the job....

is it a man?

(50/50) No.

A woman approaches me and offers to help...she appears to be a


She explains that she will get the job for me if I...

Assist her in another matter?

(Somewhat Likely) No. +Twist: Emotional event / Changes the goal

Offer myself as an escort for her?

(50/50) No.

....whore to her?

(50/50) No.

Kill someone?

(50/50) Yes, but...


(Likely) No.


(Likely) Yes. +Twist: Physical event / Hinders the hero

Commando unit.

The woman asks me to kill a Commando who has been causing her problems over a legal matter and she wants him to die violently....afterwards she wants a share of the credits from the job

....I accept and prepare to kill the I still have my weapon?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...

it has limited ammo left?

(Likely) No. +Twist: Item / Ends the scene

Burned Book.

The weapon has obtained bad burning and could have lost effectiveness or accuracy...I accept the quest.
Was doing a play through and thought some folks may enjoy the story if I posted it up....So far my poor bounty hunter has had a VERY bad day LOL

Thanks for posting. Do you know that on the Play scree if you click the Encode link at the top of the page it will format your text so that the colors display when you paste it in your post?
(12-02-2015, 09:18 AM)Mark Wrote: Hey,

Thanks for posting.  Do you know that on the Play scree if you click the Encode link at the top of the page it will format your text so that the colors display when you paste it in your post?

nope didn't know that! thats cool, will have to do in future! will edit myoriginal post

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