The Zombies
(A Minecraft story)

Slomo pressed his back tightly against the cold, stone wall trying desperately to disappear unseen into the corner. The light of his torch was casting flickering shadows around the small cavern, but it was dimming quickly. The black, acrid smoke it produced was swirling lazily below the rocky roof slowly filling the cramped space with thick, burnt oil, smell.

It was a dead end... and there was only one way out. Why had he been so greedy for diamonds that he had ventured in the mines alone? The growling, hungry-sounding noises of some unknown creatures reached his ear again... and the sounds were getting closer now. He knew his escape from this bedrock tomb was cut off by the snarling mobs beyond.

The fear grew inside him with each echoing guttural growl. They could sense his fear he knew but he was unable to control it. The sweat began to build on his forehead and roll down his face, dripping from his chin as he stared wide-eyed into the darkened entrance to the room, that was just beyond the glow of his rapidly failing torch.

The torch sputtered briefly splashing the cave with light and darkness like some 80's disco, then went out completely as the last vestiges of fuel were consumed by the hungry flames, plunging the room into utter darkness. Panic spread over him like a wave cresting on the sandy beach.

"Oh no!" he cried out inadvertently before clasping his hand over his mouth, but it was too late. The mindless grumbling outside began in earnest, rising to a fevered-pitch, as the creatures renewed their search for prey to sate their ravenous hunger.

The unseen noises in the darkness were definitely drawing closer with each grunt and snarl. He felt his knees buckled involuntarily and he dropped painfully to the floor. He scrambled to his feet again in the darkness groping around for a place to hide.

Panic gripped him and his heart pounded wildly in his chest. The darkness seemed to move so he failed his arms at the blackness surrounding him vainly trying to beat it back. He struck out and kicked and screamed and screamed...

His screams echoed throughout the rocky chambers as they overwhelmed him! The zombies... it was always the zombies...
Okay, you've convinced me!

I've been meaning to try Minecraft for a long time now - I do like sandbox-type games, but what really sold me is the zombies - I'm a sucker for zombie games :]


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