Tools for the Adventurers! Ruleset
Adventurers! is a free rule set that I discovered several months ago. Since I've been posting my actual play that uses this system, several other roleplayers have adopted it for their own stories. One of the challenges of using this system solo is that it leaves a lot up to the GM to interpret, devise and develop. For that matter, I offer the following tools that I personally have found useful to anyone looking to give Adventurers! a try.

1. I would recommend buying any of the additional Adventures! add-ons or scenarios that are relevant to the genre you are playing. They are cheap (many being under $2) and they add additional gear, skills, powers, adventure ideas, and concepts for handling a variety of situations. Most importantly, however, each add-on includes more creature cards which bulk up the list of available foes and monsters (which is very small in the base game) and helps guide you in creating new monster stats when needed.

2. I have created several tables and rules (loot, character stats, reactions, morale, death, etc.) that I use when solo'ing. Many are specific to Adventurers! and others can be used with any system. I am often adding to or revising these tables and have compiled them in a Google Spreadsheet. Feel free to use it in your own games. It is located here.

3. Finally, perhaps you can help me. If anyone has a good system for currency conversion from other systems to Adventurers!, I would be happy to hear it. This would come into play when referencing treasure tables, modules, or other random generators made for other systems where money is involved. For the most part, the economy in Adventurers! seems much lower than most other rule sets, meaning things generally cost less. For example, a suit of heavy armor with several upgrades costs around 200 coins (g.p.) in Adventurers!, whereas a base set of plate mail starts out in the 500 g.p. range in many other systems. Unfortunately, it's not consistent. (i.e. a basic sword costs 7-8 g.p. in both Adv! and other systems). If Adventurers! characters gain treasure using rates appropriate for other systems, they could end up disproportionately wealthy. While I haven't actually had to deal with this issue yet, I'm toying around with the idea of reducing prices and treasure from other systems by approx. 75%, reserving the right to adjust as seems appropriate. If anyone has come up with a better system, please share. 
(P.S. I've already instituted a 10 s.p per 1 g.p. ratio to use when 1 g.p. seem too pricey for the item being purchased [i.e. a mug of ale])

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